How To Attach A Pendant To A Pearl Necklace Quickly

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Pearls are a simple yet sophisticated piece of jewelry and more and more designs keep being developed. Among them are pearl pendants and charms which go well on metal necklaces and bracelets.

This is a great choice if you want a touch of class without the entire string of pearls. But have you ever thought about adding glam to your pearl necklace by adding a pendant?

With pearls, pendants might be tricky to incorporate because of the size of the pearl beads, but that’s not to say it is impossible.

In this post, we share with you how you can attach a pendant to a pearl necklace. We will also share with you a few clip-on pearl pendants that are easy to use on any of your necklaces.


Can You Put A Pendant On A Pearl Necklace?

How to attach a pendant to a pearl Necklace

Yes, it is possible to put a pendant on a pearl necklace. By doing so you will be adding new life to your string of pearls. Adding a pendant to your pearl necklace is a great way to spice up your classy look. It’s a step up from the traditional set of white pearls which can be boring for some people. The pendants can serve to add more color or sparkle depending on their designs.

There are, however, certain things you should keep in mind when thinking of attaching a pendant. The first thing to note is that pearls are soft and delicate and therefore would scratch easily. So be sure that when storing or putting on your necklace, the pendant doesn’t rub against or scratch your pearls, especially if there are diamond elements in the pendant.

Another thing to note is that pearls are usually strung together using a silk string which tends to weaken over time. So, when picking a pendant for your pearl necklace, ensure it’s light. That way it won’t weigh down the silk string and possibly weaken or cut it.

Lastly, when it comes to pearls simplicity is the safest route. Avoid bold statement pendants that will steal the spotlight from your string of pearls. Choose instead, a pendant that would best compliment the pearls.


How Do You Attach A Pendant To A Pearl Necklace?

How to attach a pendant to a pearl Necklace

While it is possible to attach a pendant to a pearl necklace, how it is done is a little trickier than with other necklaces. Normally a pendant is attached to a bail where the necklace or chain is passed through. The difficulty with using bail for a pearl necklace is that the width of the pearls may be too big to pass through the bail.

There are, however, ways around this difficulty. If you still insist on using a bail, the one-way to attach the pendant would be while stringing the pearls. That would mean you string the first half of the pearl necklace and then pass the string through the bail before stringing the remaining half of the pearls. This is a permanent method, ensuring that the pendant will not move around when you wear the necklace. You would have to restring the pearls if you want to change or remove the pendant.

Another alternative would be to use an enhancer. This is a type of bail that hinges open at the back so you can easily clip it right onto the middle of your pearl necklace. The enhancer will sit right between the pearls.

The beauty about enhancers is that they are easy to use and increase the versatility of your pearl necklace. With an enhancer, you can choose to wear your pearls the classic traditional way or clip on a pendant and turn your string of pearls into a fabulous statement piece.

How to attach a pendant to a pearl Necklace

You can also change the pendants easily, so it would seem like you have many sets of pearls when in reality it’s just one pearl necklace. Clasps like lobster clasps or spring clasps also work well as enhancers. You can connect the pendant and clasp through a jump ring and then easily clip the pendant on your pearl necklace.


Some Clip-On Pendants For Pearl Necklace.

Now that you know how to attach a pendant to your pearl necklace, the following are a few easy-to-use clip-on pendants you can use:

1. Irregular White Pearl Pendant

If you’re looking for a set of pendants or charms for your string of pearls, then Spunky Charms has the best deal for you.

It offers you a set of 6 cultured baroque freshwater white pearls.

They come with a silver jump ring that acts as the bail, you can open it up, attach it to your pearl necklace and close it up.

It is a simple yet sophisticated touch. You can also use the pearl pendants on your bracelets or use them to make earrings.


2. Pearl Theme Clip-On Pendant

A pendant that would make a statement would be this themed pearl design from Quiges.

The design includes a white round pearl about 15mm wide. It is attached to a crown-shaped bail with a lobster clasp that’s 15mm long.

Both the crown and the clasp are made of sterling silver and plated with rhodium to ensure its durability.

Thanks to the lobster clasp, you can easily clip this pendant on your pearl necklace or a charm bracelet or anklet.


3. Cats Clip-On Pendant

Another themed pearl pendant from Quiges is this adorable piece.

The design features a circular white pearl, but instead of a crown-shaped bail, the bail is designed to look like a mini cat holding the pearl with its paws. Cute right?

The bail comes with a lobster clasp so you can easily clip on the pendant’s the perfect charm especially if you are a cat lover.

It would add a playful touch to your otherwise mature and classy pearl necklace.


4. Animal Theme Clip-on Pendant

Quiges also offers another beautiful themed pearl pendant from its animal theme collection.

This particular design features a bail shaped like a frog holding a beautiful lustrous round pearl. The bail comes with a lobster clasp that makes it easier to clip onto your necklace.

It’s perfect for you if you are an animal lover. In some cultures, frogs are also seen as a symbol of wealth and abundance, therefore this pendant can also be seen as a good luck charm.  


5. Cross Clip-On Pendant

If you’re looking for something that also represents your faith then this is the pendant for you.

The design features a round white pearl and a silver cross with small simulated diamond details for that extra sparkle. Both charms are attached to a lobster clasp also made of sterling silver and plated in rhodium.

This pendant would make a stunning addition to your pearl necklace or charm bracelet. You could even make a beautiful set of earrings with them.



Pearls have managed to remain one of the most popular gemstones when it comes to jewelry for over centuries now.

People remain intrigued by its uniqueness and how it stands out from the rest. And now that you know how to attach a pendant to your pearl necklace, you can spice up your pearls and increase their elegance and beauty.

With the clip-on pendants we’ve shared, you’ll have a lot of room to play around with different looks, so have fun with it.

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