A Guide On How To Afford A Cartier Love Bracelet in 2023

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Cartier’s Love Bracelet is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after and searched jewelry styles on the market, as it is loved by everyone, from teens to older women in their 60s or older.

The catch is that this very popular luxurious piece is also one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry from Cartier, and you would have to spend a good chunk of money to afford one. So, how exactly do you afford one?

And as one of the most counterfeited pieces, how do you make sure that you are spending your savings or that extra cash on a genuine Cartier Love bracelet?

Below, we are sharing tips and tricks that will make it possible for you to afford the Cartier Love bracelet much easily.


How much does it cost to make a Cartier love bracelet?

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

Cartier’s Love bracelet hit the jewelry scene more than 50 years ago, and since its debut, it’s remained one of the most popular and fashionable accessories fashioned out of the best quality gold and, in other cases, platinum.

But how much does it cost to make the love bracelet? Well, we may never know the exact production cost of the bracelet, and of course, Cartier will not disclose this kind of information, but there are some things that would guide you in determining the cost of making the Cartier Love ring.

Overall, the value or the cost of the Love Bracelet varies depending on the metal used to make the ring, but in general, white gold costs more than pink gold and yellow gold.

The width of the ring matters as well, with the classic 6.1mm width of the ring being valued higher than the smaller width 3.65mm Love bracelet.

The value of the love bracelet also goes higher in cases where the bracelet is bedazzled with diamonds, among other gemstones, but this doesn’t mean that the non-bedazzled Cartier love bracelet will be dirt cheap.

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

You also have Love bracelets with single diamonds and the ones with up to 10 diamonds – the bracelet with just one diamond is often priced from about $5,300, with 4 diamonds, it costs anything from $10,100, and the diamond Love bracelet with up to 10 diamonds starting from $24,900. The love rings that are all blinged out would be priced at a minimum of $56,000.

Of course, the cost of production of the Cartier Love bracelet is lower than this, and the added costs are because you are buying from luxury brands, whose marketing and branding costs have to be incorporated in the bracelet for the final pricing and for higher mark-up.

So, with prices starting from as low as $5,300, you see why the Love bracelets are very pricey; and why you would have to find smarter ways of affording the jewelry, especially if you cannot fork out the full amount at once.

One of the easier ways for you to afford the authentic love bracelet would, therefore, involve buying a pre-owned Love bracelet. We’ll share more on this later in this article.


What is the cheapest Cartier love bracelet?

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

The cheapest version of Cartier’s Love bracelet is the pink or the yellow gold Love bracelet with no diamonds. This bracelet costs a rather steep amount, $4,500, and the pink or white gold diamond love bracelet.

Generally, the classic Cartier Love bracelet goes for anything from $5,000 to over $8,000. Most of the yellow and pink gold Love bracelets cost about $6300 on average, while the white gold Love bracelet costs $6,750.


Can you finance a Cartier love bracelet?

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

While this would be the best thing to happen to anyone, you cannot finance your bracelet or even pay for it on a split payments plan. If you wish to buy the Love bracelet from Cartier’s site or stores, you have to pay the full amount of the bracelet at once for your bracelet. You have to pay for each complete order individually.

However, you could pay for the Cartier love bracelets in 4 installments over a period of about 6 or so weeks, especially when working with third-party sellers like Zip, among other brands.

So, if you are thinking of buying the Cartier Love bracelet on a financed basis, you should know that Cartier does not offer ant first-party company financing.

The Cartier resellers do, however, offer some financing options for Cartier’s products. There are several other platforms offering payment plans for high-value products, which means that technically, there are stores that offer some forms of product financing options you could take advantage of. That said, you must do your due diligence to ensure that the site is legitimate, reputable, and worth your money.


Can you get a second-hand Cartier love bracelet?

Yes, you can find second-hand Cartier love bracelets on the market today, and you will be happy to know that some of these pre-owned pieces are in perfectly good shape and worth every penny.

There are several sites that sell several high-quality pre-owned Cartier love bracelets, and if you take a good amount of time researching, you will find that there are many well-priced options for the Love bracelet.

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

How to afford a Cartier love bracelet

1. Revisit your financial goals

At the end of the day, the best thing for you to do to live a comfortable life and to afford any piece of luxury you may be interested in, you have to reassess your financial goals.

Essentially, you shouldn’t be planning to buy something like the Cartier Love bracelet if your finances are not in order yet. You should have a good amount in savings and at least $1,000 in your emergency fund.

You need to focus on growing your wealth, and once you have gained some level of financial freedom, then you can start putting some money aside for the love bracelet. This means embracing delayed gratification.


2. Create a savings plan

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

At the end of the day, the only way for you to afford an authentic Cartier Love bracelet is by saving enough money that will cover the cost of the bracelet.

There is no other way around it, especially if your bank balance is less than encouraging for you. So, if you want to eventually own the Cartier Love bracelet, you should start saving.

We recommend setting aside a fun or sinking funds account for splurges, especially for luxury pieces you may be interested in buying. Also, start saving for or only buy the Cartier bracelet after your emergency and savings accounts are well funded.

The other rule of thumb to keep on top of your mind is this – you should only spend $5,000 on the bracelet if you have the same amount or more saved up. Doing this will encourage you to make the best financial decisions.


3. Sell the things you don’t need

If you splurge on multiple things often and want to buy the love bracelet that you think you can afford, you should first consider selling off some of the things you don’t need or the things you no longer use.

Also, stop spending money carelessly and on unnecessary things, and put aside the extra money towards buying the bracelet.

how to afford a cartier love bracelet

4. If you have extra discretionary cash saved up at the end of the month, you could use that.


How to get a discount on Cartier love bracelet

For a discount, buy the bracelet from a third-party seller and re-sellers.



If you want to afford the Cartier Love bracelet, consider buying the used bracelets or just save up for it if you cannot afford it just yet.

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