A Real Quick Guide on How To Add Chains To Jeans

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Accessorizing can take different forms; it’s not just limited to the common items like necklaces and rings.

Over time new types of accessories keep coming up and old ones keep coming back. One of them is the Jeans Chains, which originated from Bikers not wanting to lose their wallets when riding.

Today, Jeans chains have evolved to a point that you don’t need to wear them with a wallet. They add that bold touch you need to make a statement, and they come in many designs to choose from.

The trick to rocking such a style is to know how to wear it. That is why in this article we will share with you useful tips to help you incorporate this accessory into your style.


How To Add Chains To Your Jeans.

Jeans chains are simple accessories. They involve a chain with hooks on either end to help you attach them to the jeans. That way you can easily take them off at the end of the day. Adding chains to your Jeans is super easy with these useful steps:

1.Pick the type of chain.

how to add chains to jeans

Like we mentioned before, the chains come in different designs.

This is in terms of the type of links, the thickness, and the material.

There is no standard chain you have to use, as long as you are comfortable at the end of the day.


2.Decide on the length.

This is also based on preference, there are no hard rules. It depends on how subtle or dramatic you want the chain to look.

The advised length however is between 20”-24”. This length is long enough to give you the perfect loop without getting in your way.


3.Add the hooks.

how to add chains to jeans

Most chain jeans use lobster clasps to attach to the jeans. This makes it easier to put on and take off the chain.

You could also use jump rings, although they would be more of a hustle to take out.

Also, the more you open and close the rings the looser they become, and you don’t want the chain falling off.


4.Attach the chain to the jeans.

how to add chains to jeans

With the hook, it is easy to add the chain to your jeans. Simply hook one end to the belt loop at the front, and the other end to the back loop.

This will drape the chain on your side.

If you want to wear the chain on your front, then attach both ends to the belt loop at the front, and vice versa if you want the chain to be at the back.

Alternatively, if you want the chain to be more functional, you can attach one end to your wallet, keys, or anything you do not want to lose.

If you are sure you’ll never want to take off the chain you could also sew them on instead.


Tips For Wearing Pants Chain For Daily Outfit?

The best part about jeans chains is that they are an easy accessory to incorporate into your daily style. The following are some useful tips that can help with that:

1.Pick your preferred chain type.

When it comes to accessorizing, there are no hard rules. It’s all about self-expression so what is important is that you feel comfortable with your choice especially if you will wear it daily.

If you are a minimalist then you may be more comfortable with a simple dainty chain, as opposed to something thick and bold for the more dramatic types.

As for length, shorter chains are best for a subtle look, but you can get longer ones depending on the statement you want to make.

how to add chains to jeans

2.Pick a durable material.

The type of metal the chain is made of is very important. It needs to be strong and durable for it to be suitable for daily wear.

The preferred metals would be gold or platinum.

They are strong, are non-reactive, and require little maintenance.

These metals, however, have high value and not everyone may afford them, so other alternatives could be brass or sterling silver.


3.Pick the appropriate placement.

There are many ways you can place your chain. The most common way is on the side, although some spice things up by placing the chain at the front or back.

The choice is yours just make sure it doesn’t get in the way given that the chain will be on every day.

If you attach the chain to something you don’t want to lose, then you might want to drape the chain on the side where your dominant hand is. You’ll be able to reach out to the chain easily.

how to add chains to jeans

4.Multiple layers.

This is a great way of increasing the appeal of the chain, by wearing multiple layers.

Some chains come in layers but you could also get chains of different lengths and layer them up.

It makes for a bold statement. The recommended layers are between 2-3, any more than that and the chains may be a bit heavy to carry around all day.


5.Match your accessories.

how to add chains to jeans

Your jeans chain is probably not going to be the only accessory you have on.

That is why it is important to match the chain with the rest of your jewelry, be it earrings, necklaces watches rings, and so on. Your whole look must come together cohesively, otherwise, your chain will be sticking out like a sore thumb.



While Bikers were the ones who started the chain trend, it was the 70s punk that popularized it as a fashion accessory. It soon became, like other accessories, a form of self-expression.

It adds a touch of coolness to your look and can be practical if you are the clumsy type who’s always losing their wallet, keys, or other important items.

Over the years, this trend keeps popping into the scene, having been adopted by different groups in different ways.

It is an accessory that is likely never going to be out of style permanently. Once you master the tricks of wearing it, you can rock the look daily, no matter the occasion.

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