How Tight Should A Choker Be?(Potential Dangers)

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How Tight Should A Choker Be?Are choker necklaces dangerous or bad?What problems can exist when wearing a very tight choker? If you want to know the answers, you come to the right place.

Versatile, stylish, and trendy. These are some of the adjectives that would be used to describe a choker. But there’s a catch; to avoid these three nice words being replaced by one word – tacky – you need to choose the right length for the choker necklace, and you must wear it with complementing outfits. And above all else, you need to make sure that the choker isn’t too tight. Actually, the choker necklace should never be too tight.

Today, we’ll look at everything you need to know about chokers, the risks around wearing chokers that are too tight and to wear chokers safely and appropriately.


But first, what is a choker?

How tight should a choker be

 A choker refers to a type of necklace designed to fit around your neck with a rather close fit. It is a versatile piece of jewelry, and it’s often made of different types of materials to match different looks. The choker necklace could also be decorated with different gems, charms, or pendants.

In the past, the choker necklace was used as a show of the high regard for high-end fashion, but this isn’t the case anymore, at least not 100%, and the and the choker is more often used to show off long/slender necks, and others just wear it because it looks good or brings out their jawline beautifully.


Are choker necklaces dangerous or bad?

Choker necklaces are not necessarily bad or dangerous, but the choker could be dangerous if it’s worn too tightly.

So, if you are looking for a choker necklace but aren’t sure about how tight it should be, we’d recommend that you choose a choker necklace that fits comfortably.

Just make sure that you find the perfect balance between a tight and a comfortable fit. This means that the necklace shouldn’t make it hard for you to breathe or leave tan lines; and if any of these happen, then it means that the choker is too tight and it could be dangerous.


Dangers of Wearing Chokers

There are several concerns around chokers, and if you are planning to add chokers to your jewelry collection or ensemble, there are concerns that you must be aware of.

It’s also important to note that while there are different choker necklace styles, their levels of tightness is crucial. That said, the point of the choker necklace is to fit around your neck snugly, without making you feel like you are choking or struggling to breathe.

If you are into chokers but don’t want to keep adjusting the length of the necklace, you may opt for the choker necklaces with a stretchy band. Such necklaces move freely.

However, you should know that the classic choker necklace styles lack the stretchy band, meaning then you must try out the choker necklaces to find the one with that perfect fit.

So, which are some of the dangers/ concerns around wearing chokers?

How tight should a choker be

Well, the primary concern around choker necklaces has to do with how often you wear it, and as mentioned above, how tight it is. For starters, you could forget and go to bed with the choker after a wild night out, which is why you need to always take it off before going to sleep, as you would any other necklace.

Sleeping with a choker can be quite dangerous because you could be injured, or worst, it would restrict your airways, and this could be potentially fatal.

But aren’t these risks part of the appeal around wearing choker necklaces? Well, yes, it is, and most choker wearers choose this accessory because of that dangerous feel and its provocativeness; you need to be careful and keep in mind that its attractiveness could be hazardous if you are not careful.


What problems can exist when wearing a very tight choker?

If your choker necklace is too tight to the extent that you feel a little out of the air and you instinctively want to remove it, you should do exactly that because that means that the choker is a little too tight.

If it’s too tight, it may leave some red marks around your neck.

In extreme situations, the choker could cause breathing difficulties because it’s too tight. So, in as much as chokers look very fashionable and the next best thing you could wear, you need to make sure that the necklace you settle on is loose and comfortable enough. Also, it shouldn’t irritate your skin.

Besides the risk of labored breathing and the red marks that form around the neck when the choker necklace is too tight, you also need to keep in mind that the choker shouldn’t be too tight because it would be unflattering.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the choker sits comfortably around the neck and able to move around easily. This way, the choker is flattering, comfortable, and safe.

How tight should a choker be

How tight should a choker be?

The choker should be tight enough to fit and sit at the center of your neck without falling, but not too tight to make breathing difficult or make you want to pull it off the neck.

Generally, you should be able to stick one or even two fingers through the choker and still be able to breathe.

If you find yourself trying to loosen up all the time, it means that the choker is too tight and uncomfortable for you. Just make sure it doesn’t fall to the base of your neck because that isn’t how or where the choker is supposed to sit.


How to wear chokers safely?

Though versatile and flattering, choker necklaces can be hazardous if worn incorrectly.

It may seem like the simplest accessory around, but most people wear the choker incorrectly and in ways that make the accessory a hazard. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

To make sure that you look and feel good with your choker on, here are some of the important safety tips you should bear in mind.

Find a choker necklace that suits you well.

Choosing the right choker for you means looking at things like the choker material, the length, width, color, and the style that best accentuates your neck and matches your personality.

  • Choker material

Chokers are made of different materials, but you need to choose the choker necklace made of materials that feel comfortable against your skin while also complementing your outfit.

Some of the skin-safe/ comfortable choker materials include velvet, lace, ribbons, or even a simple strip.

But there also are chokers made of leather, beads, metal, or plastics. Out of these options, leather and fabric are the most comfortable materials.


  • Choker length

The standard choker size is 16 inches, and it’s often the most comfortable length for most people. To be safe, measure the length of your neck, add 2inches or 5.1cm, then choose a choker.


  • Choose the appropriate choker width

The choker can be thin, delicate, structured, or thick.

The width you settle on depends on the look that you are going for. For that nice and simple, subtle look, opt for a simple chain choker made of natural materials.

And for a statement piece, opt for the thicker, embellished option.


  • Color

You can either pick a neutral-colored choker or a statement color. Metals are versatile, as long as they match your skin tone; bright colors are ideal for statement pieces, while white, black, or navy are ideal if you are looking for a fabric choker.

How tight should a choker be

  • Choker style

If you are going for a simple and a more versatile look, a delicate chain or thin strip choker would be a good option for you.

But if you need a statement piece, then a cake with accents would be a good option for you.


  • Closure

The other important consideration that you need to bear in mind for your safety is the choker’s closure type. Choker necklaces often feature hooks, metal clasps, or knots; but you’ll need to identify the closure type that works best for you because you need to be able to take it off as fast as possible.

If these closures don’t seem like the best options for you, you could opt for the plastic tattoo chokers that can fit over the head and also around the throat.

Also, remember to always tie the choker around the neck loosely.

You should also try out the choker before you take it home to ensure that it fits and to choose your preferred closure type.


  • How tight is it?

Next, check the tightness of the choker. The right-sized choker fits around the neck without falling, and you can rotate it easily. You know that the choker is the perfect fit if you can put two fingers under the choker comfortably.

And finally, remember to style it correctly.



If you need help choosing the right choker, we hope that this article helps you make the right decision.

Thanks for reading. For more fashion tips, please visit this page or visit this page for more.

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