A Detailed Guide On How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

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Choosing the right Cartier bracelet is a necessary yet challenging process that you have to engage in because even just one wrong move would mean risking your money.

And as you know, the Love bracelets don’t come cheap. And so, we’re here to offer some tips on everything you need to know about getting the size and the fit of your love bracelet right.

Keep in mind that in addition to the fascinating story around the creation of the Love bracelet by Cartier’s Aldo Cipullo, this bracelet also has a unique oval shape/ design. It also has a screwdriver which you need for opening and tightly closing the Cartier bracelet in place.

 How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

The oval shape and the presence of a screw or screws mean that the bracelet must offer the right fit because this is not the kind of bracelet that you take off and put on several times a day.

The screw locking mechanism also means that you must be keen about the bracelet’s fit for maximum comfort when sleeping, showering, cooking, traveling, etc.

So, how do you get the right fit for the love bracelet? You guys also can read this post: Tips for wearing Cartier Love Bracelet


Choosing between the Small and the Regular version of the love bracelet

The Love bracelets offered by Cartier today are some of the best luxury jewelry products that you could invest in, and the brand has also made it possible for you to choose the bracelets based on your style and overall personal preference.

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

And for all bracelets of the same wrist size, say the 16cm love bracelet, there is a small and a regular-sized bracelet whose difference is the fact that the small model is more of a dainty piece that you would quickly wear and look stunning in if you are looking for a dainty Love bracelet or if you are looking for a lightweight solution, with more diamonds on them.

Unlike the regular model, the small bracelet model is ideal for persons with a smaller frame. On the other hand, you have the regular-sized love bracelet, which is essentially a statement piece that holds fewer but larger diamonds.

 How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

In other words, the main difference between the two types of bracelets lies in their width and thickness and the fact that the small bracelet is much thinner than the regular bracelet models – 3.6mm vs. 6.1mm or 6.2mm. Generally, all the regular-sized bracelets are 6.2mm in width and 2mm thick.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s take a look at the sizing of the Love bracelets with regards to the wrist size.

Essentially, the bracelet sizes range from 15cm to 21cm, and you may need to speak to the retailer if you need a custom size, say one below 15cm or above 21cm.

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

The size of the love bracelet depends on the size of your wrist. But Cartier recommends adding 1cm or 1.5cm to your wrist size for the right fit from the bracelet, which is essential to always keep in mind because the love bracelet needs to fit slightly loosely for comfort. A very tight love bracelet will feel a tad uncomfortable, even despite the oval shape. So, give it some allowance.

For example, if your wrist is 15.5cm, you should add 1.5cm to the bracelet size, which makes the size 17 Love bracelet the ideal one for you. But if you’d rather have a tighter fit, you would add 1cm to the wrist size.

If, however, you prefer a very loose fit and a bracelet that somehow moves around the wrist quickly, you could add 2cm to the wrist size for the desired loose fit from the bracelet.

Remember that you can quickly determine the correct bracelet size by getting the size of your wrist right. And to do this, you could either use a measuring tape or a stand.

You could also use the size of an older bracelet to determine an ideal fit for you.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Sized Cartier Love Bracelet

So, what are some of the things you could do to ensure the right fit from your Cartier Love bracelet?

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

1. Learn more about the two main types of the Love bracelet

As mentioned above, the love bracelet can be the Small Model or the One with a Regular fit. And the difference between them is their thickness – the Small model is a thinner, daintier option than the Regular Love bracelet, which is thicker and more of a statement piece.

Choosing between the Small and the Regular love bracelet, for instance, will depend on your style preferences and your frame. The small love bracelet is generally more suitable for persons with smaller wrists and a small frame.

 How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

2. Get the wrist size right

Although you cannot wear a love bracelet that is the same size as your wrist, knowing your wrist size is the key to finding the perfect size of the bracelet.

Use a tape measure or the Cartier Wrist Sizer to determine your wrist size if you are not sure. The latter is the preferred option because of the Page Scaling feature and the fact that it is easy to use.

You only need to cut out the sizer from an A4 paper carefully. And bear in mind that if the measurement you get is between the two sizes, you should use the larger size, especially if you are doubtful.

To get the right size, you may also have to add between 0.5cm and 2cm to the bracelet.


How should the bracelet fit on your wrist?

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

After taking the measurements mentioned above, you’d have to settle on one kind of fit for the love bracelet – a tight, loose, or a regular fit. You guys can read this post in detail: Cartier bracelet size 17 or 18, How to choose?

You’d only add 1cm to your wrist size or measurement above for a tight fit from the bracelet.

Add 1.5cm to your wrist measurement for an exact or regular fit.

And for that loose fit, you’d want to add 2cm to the measurement of your wrist.

 How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

Cartier Bracelet Sizing Chart

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the elusive Cartier sizing chart. And bear in mind that the chart is elusive because the sizing details are different from what you’re used to.

So,  a 16cm or lower wrist size and bracelet, for example, would be ideal for anyone going for a tight fit, especially if they have a small wrist; while the regular-sized bracelet fir for anyone whose wrist size is less than 16cm will be a 16cm or a 17cm bracelet. A tight fit for a 17cm wrist would be 17cm or 18cm for regular and 18cm or 19cm for the loose fit.

Note that if your wrist size is somewhere in the middle, say 17.5cm, you should choose the regular love bracelet fit, which has 1.5cm added to the wrist size.

How Should Cartier Love Bracelet Fit

Other considerations to guide sizing and bracelet fit:

Temperature – the wrist expands when it gets hotter, so the tight-fitting bracelet will fit even tighter these days.

Weight Loss – if you wish to lose or add weight, it can be hard to settle on the size of the suitable bracelet, but you should choose a regular fit to be safe.

Comfort – this is the most important thing to consider when buying a love bracelet. And we recommend regular or loose fit for the bracelets for a nice feel on your wrist. A slightly loose fit also makes it easier to work on the screw motifs.



Unsure about the correct bracelet size, use the information above to ensure the perfect fit.

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