How Rare Are VVS Diamonds in this World?(Expert Answer)

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Diamonds have a system of grading and valuing that involves the cut, carats, color, and clarity. VVS Diamonds are top-ranked in terms of clarity.

You are probably wondering what clarity means in diamonds. Clarity is determined by the blemishes, scratches, and mineral deposits within or on the surface of a diamond.  

You have also heard that the VVS diamonds are so rare and wondered why. These diamonds have microscopic inclusions and cannot be detected even with 10 times magnification.

In this post, we are going to look at the VVS diamonds and why they are so rare. You can expect to walk away with great knowledge of the VVS diamonds.


VVS Diamonds Definition

In 1940, the Gemological Institute for America invented a diamond grading system and named it the 4Cs. This method has become the pillar of diamond trading worldwide.

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The 4Cs stand for color, cut, carat, and clarity. Our interest is in the clarity bit as the VVS diamonds are centered on clarity. VVS simply means Very Very Slightly Included.

This means that this type of diamond has traces of microscopic inclusions that require a powerful microscope to be seen. The VVS diamonds are among the 11 clarity grades in the world.

In another classification, the VVS has plenty of tiny inclusions that have zero effect on the general appearance of the diamond.

The VVS diamonds are divided into two sub-categories which include; VVS 1 and VVS 2. The VVS 1 I considered clean to the eye and its inclusions can hardly be seen even with 10 times magnification.

This is the most valuable VVS diamond. The VVS2 on the other hand has traces of inclusions that are visible on a microscope. Although they are also considered clean, they rank slightly lower than the VVS1.


Are VVS Real Diamonds?

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Yes, they are. These are 100% real diamonds and are immensely pricy and valuable. The inclusions on these diamonds are usually inconsequential, making them valuable.

These inclusions can be internal graining, clouds, feathers, or pinpoints. These are not the most valuable diamonds since we have the flawless and the internally flawless categories. Nevertheless, they come third in rank making them immensely valuable.


How rare are the VVS diamonds?

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These diamonds cannot be considered extremely rare. They can be termed as mildly rare as compared to their counterparts in lower grades.

This is not to mean that they are easy to find; no, they aren’t entirely impossible to find, but they are not everywhere.

You might struggle to find them in the market compared to the lower grades and when you do find them, you are likely to pay much more than other more common grades. The clarity grade is rare in general as it constitutes only 15% of all diamonds in the world.


Why are VVS Diamonds Considered Rare?

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Diamonds with few or no inclusion are considered to be rare. As we now know, the VVS are slightly included, making them a rare clarity diamond grade.

When we put them on the same scale with lower diamond grades, the VVS takes the lead in rareness. However, they aren’t entirely impossible to come across, and they aren’t the highest-ranking diamonds as we had mentioned earlier.

If, for instance, you look at the ‘I’ clarity diamonds and think that the VVS clarity is equally as available as the former, you will be highly mistaken.

However, if you put the Flawless on the same clarity scale as the VVS, you will find that the latter is much more available than the former.


Pros and Cons of VVS Diamonds

Everything under the sun has its good side and bad sides, even diamonds. Let’s start with the good news.

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The prestige that comes with the VVS can only be compared with the FL clarity diamonds. The VVS diamonds are very close to the top-ranking clarity diamonds, and we all know the importance of prestige when diamonds are involved.

You will be rocking a diamond close to the highest ranks without paying as much for them. Sounds good?

Another great advantage of the VVS is that they appear flawless to the naked eye. The only person who can burst your bubble is a trained jeweler and even then, they would need a high-resolution microscope.

The VVS inclusions can fail to be seen even on a 10 times magnification. You will more than likely receive compliments on the clarity of your diamonds.

Finally, the VVS diamonds are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike the lower grades that limit designs and shapes due to the visibility of inclusions, the VVS diamonds allow for creativity as the inclusions can never be seen with the naked eye.



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On the flip side, the VVS diamonds are pricy. These will break your bank. This, however, should not be a problem if you are not on a budget.

If you have financial constraints, consider diamonds of lower grade; they are still diamonds and are still good. Besides, there is not much visible difference between the VVS and other less expensive lower grades.

This is a bummer, but there is no other way to say it. Unless you are showcasing your VVS diamonds to expert jewelers, normal people will just view them as any other diamonds.

They will still be awed by someone wearing a lower grade than you. The only people who will be aware of the value of your VVS are a trained person and you.

Experts have also warned against the resale value of the VVS diamonds. Like any other retail product, VVS diamonds cannot be categorized as investments.

These are simply luxurious jewelry that is only highly valuable to the wearer. Clarity diamonds have a low resale value; you are less likely to sell your VVS anything higher than your buying price.


Are VVS Diamonds worth it?

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Absolutely! The luxury of owning VVS diamonds is unmatched. While they are expensive compared to lower grades, they still compare well with the high ranks such as the Flawless. Some people might think you are wearing a flawless grade.

Again, the VVS is clean to the eye. This means that their sparkle is unobstructed. Although the sparkle of a diamond is determined by the cut, the presence of impurities could interfere with it. If you are wondering whether they are worth the money, the answer is yes.


Should you buy VVS Diamonds?

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If you have the money, why not? The VVS diamonds are undeniably stunning and the elegance they bring to any occasion is unmatched.

However, if you are on a tight budget consider the lower grades. They are equally sparkly and ooze the same elegance. A diamond is still valuable no matter its grade, so don’t break the bank trying to get a grade that is unaffordable.

The greatest advantage of the VVS is the clearness to the eye that almost matches the flawless. This clarity is distinctive to other lower grades.

In a nutshell, the decision to buy the VVS  or not boils down to individual preferences, but if you were in doubt about buying due to the quality, then you should know that the VVS diamonds rank high in the clarity rank.



The VVS diamonds are popular among diamond lovers. They are great for rings and other jewelry. As we had mentioned earlier, the 11 grades of gemstone clarity only make up 15% of all the diamonds mined worldwide.

This means that the VVS and other clarity grades are rare. Do not be deceived that the clarity of a diamond can be determined with the naked eye.

You have probably seen jewelers pick up a microscope and wondered what they are looking for. Now you know that they’re looking for clarity of the diamond.

If you appreciate a valuable item even when it is hard to notice by others, the VVS diamonds might be your best choice.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!