How Much Is My White Gold Chain Worth?-Detailed Answer

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Are you looking to sell your white gold chain, but can’t figure out its true worth? That is okay. Like the other varieties of gold, white gold is equally valuable and a better choice for fairer skin tones than yellow gold.

We can however understand that it can be difficult finding the right price given the multitude of chain designs available.

Many people commonly ask, what is the value of white gold? Is it the same as yellow gold? How do you calculate the worth of a white gold chain? How do you compare prices? If you’re here it means you are also asking yourself one or two of these questions.

Not to worry. In this article, we will provide all the answers you seek and help you find the best price for your white gold chain.


How Much Is My White Gold Chain Worth?

how much is my white gold chain worth

While attempting to determine the worth of their white gold chain, most people wonder whether white gold is valued the same way as yellow or rose gold.

So, before we proceed, let us clarify that all forms of gold are valued based on their gold content and not the other alloys included in it.

So, yes, the value of 14k white gold, for example, will be the value of 14k yellow gold.

Now for the main concern, how much is a white gold chain worth? The value will be dependent on various factors. To start with you would need to know the content of pure gold it contains. The spot price for gold at the current time also matters, that is what gold is valued at in the market per gram.

These two factors are the most important, but other factors are included in the overall value. One of them is the cost of other metals or stones included in the design of the chain.

The brand you bought the chain from also matters in terms of how well known it is. The state of the gold chain is considered too, that is, how scratched up is the chain, or if there are any damages to it. Such things could reduce the value. Some people also considered the price you bought the chain at in some cases.


How To Calculate The Value Of White Gold?

how much is my white gold chain worth

Considering the factors, we just mentioned above, it goes without saying that there is no standard price with which you can determine the worth of your chain.

For that, you would have to calculate the value.

The calculations are not anything too complex, but they can be confusing. So, we will try to make it as simple to follow as possible, through the following steps:


Step 1: Measure the weight of the chain.

This step is easy. All you need is a weighing scale that is functioning properly. Once you measure the chain in grams, note down the number before proceeding to the next step.

For the sake of calculations, let us assume the weight of the total weight of the chain is 7 grams.


Step 2: Calculate the content of pure gold in grams.

For this first check the hallmark of the chain for the karat indicated on it, so you can figure out the percentage of pure gold in it.

Let’s say the chain is 18K, that means that the percentage of pure gold is 75% (i.e. {(18/24) *100} =75%, where 24=100% pure gold). 75% of 7 grams is 5.25g.

That means that the amount of pure gold in grams in your white chain is 5.25g.

how much is my white gold chain worth

Step 3: Calculate the value of pure gold content in your chain.

For this, you will need the current spot price for gold per gram in the market. At the time of writing, the spot price is about $60 per gram.

To determine the value of the gold content, multiply the weight of gold with the spot price, in this case ($60/g*5.25g=$315). That means that the base value of the gold in the chain is $315.

To get the true value, you need to include other factors like the brand of the chain, and the state of its state.


How To Compare Prices For White Gold Chains?

how much is my white gold chain worth

When it comes to buying white gold chains, it is important to take your time. Do your research, and look around comparing the different prices before settling on one. The following are tips on how to compare different prices for white gold:

Compare white gold chains with similar karat.

When comparing the same karat gold, the calculation should be more straightforward. Since it is the same karat, the base value of the chain would be the same.

What would make a price difference would be the brands, design of the chain, and cost of other materials used in the chain.

how much is my white gold chain worth

Compare white gold chains with different karats.

This comparison may be a bit lengthier and require more calculations. Based on the karat gold, you will have to calculate each of their base value.

From there you can factor in all the other factors like brand difference and so on.



Now that you know how to calculate the value of your gold chain as well as how to compare the prices, you should have no problem buying or selling your chain.

The information we’ve shared also applies to the different types of gold as well, meaning yellow and rose gold chains.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!