How Much is a Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth? (Expert Answer)

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

How much is a tungsten ring worth? How much is a tungsten carbide ring worth? How much does a tungsten carbide ring cost? These are very frequently asked questions by some buyers like you. Why? Because tungsten carbide rings vary greatly in price. ( if you want to know the reason, click here to read this post: Why Do Tungsten Rings Vary in Price?) If you want to know more about tungsten rings, read Why Are Tungsten Rings So Cheap on Amazon/eBay?and Why are Tungsten Rings so Expensive at Jewelry Stores?

I did a little research online, I found no answer. So, today our topic is:

How much is a tungsten carbide ring worth?

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Before answer this question, you really should know the difference between tungsten ring and tungsten carbide rings.

Actually, there is no difference. Most of the tungsten rings on the Market are tungsten carbide rings. Jewelers like to label tungsten carbide rings as ”tungsten rings” for simplicity.

Tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten and other metals, such as predominantly carbon, nickel, titanium and more other metals.

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How much is a tungsten ring worth?

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This is a very hard question to answer.

As a tungsten ring manufacturer, a tungsten ring is worth $5. YES. The average wholesale price is 5 dollars. ( the factory price is less than $5)

You will not believe it right? You want to see the evidence.

Here is the evidence. Follow my steps:

1. Go to the biggest wholesale market in the world)

2. Type tungsten rings in the search box. This is what you gonna see. The average price is about $5.

3.If you still do not believe it. You can contact the supplier buy click the (Chat with me) button. Ask the real price of the tungsten ring.

$5 dollar is the only the wholesale price. But not the real price or worth.

NOTE: The true value of a tungsten ring depends on how you use it or depends on what kind of services you want to get


Let me explain in detail.


1. Tungsten rings for daily use.

If you only want to buy a tungsten ring for a daily outfit. I really suggest you guys buy on amazon or Walmart. I do not recommend buying on eBay. The price range is about $20-$30.

Go to and search the tungsten rings in the query box. This is what you will find.

Most of the tungsten rings on Amazon are made with jewelry grade tungsten( not industrial grade), so, you got no problem with the tungsten rings. The rings will not tarnish or blacken your fingers. Therefore, buy the rings with confidence.


2.Tungsten Rings as a gift or an important ceremony Gift.

If you want to buy a tungsten ring as a gift. Then the value of a tungsten ring will worth more.


Because you need to pay more for a better service and warranty.

For examples, please visit this website:

The price range is 50$-$60.

Actually, they are the same rings on Amazon. But why they are more expensive?


Because the seller provides a lifetime warranty for size exchange and any. If your tungsten ring is broken( the chance is slim, but it could happen) or the wrong size, you can get a free replacement. You just can contact the seller at any time.


3. Tungsten rings as a wedding band.

Let me answer this question first.

Is tungsten carbide good for wedding rings?

YES. More and more people love to buy tungsten rings as a wedding band, engagement bands and anniversary gift.


Due to its high hardness, ( 8-9grade ) the diamond is 10( the hardest). 10 times harder than 18K gold, 5 times harder than stainless steel and 4 times harder than titanium. So, it will not be scratched or lose its luster. Your tungsten ring will retain its shape and last longer than other metal rings.( it can last at least 30 years without losing its luster). So the tungsten carbide ring is a perfect symbol of love.

Let’s check this website:

You will see the price range: $190- $600.

Why so expensive?

Really worth that money?

If you buy it as a wedding band, The answer is Maybe YES.


1.The unique rings. ( some tungsten ring brands are very unique and exclusive design)

2. Better craftsmanship.

3. On this website, you will find that Tungsten InfinityTM rings come with the industries most comprehensive warranty and highest quality. Give one of our tungsten bands a try and we will do everything we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money. Guaranteed!




Because you buy a ring for the wedding band, you want it to last or you want to get a lifetime warranty. So, you should pay extra money to get awesome services and lifetime warranty.

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Wrap up:

What did you learn in this post? How much money you pay for a tungsten ring? I do not encourage you to buy expensive tungsten rings. But, you can pay less to get a ring for daily use. But you can pay more for an important ring.

If you have any questions, you guys can contact me at any time.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!