How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms? – Detailed Answer

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The first thing that stands out about Pandora is their charms and the fact that this brand offers some of the best charms for their bracelets. Oftentimes, most people will buy the Pandora bracelets with charms, then add on to their collections of charms over the years.

But then, how much would you have to spend on the Pandora bracelets with charms and for the individual charms?


With Pandora offering a wide range of charms that you can choose from, it’s important for you to make sure that you make the right jewelry choices, especially because Pandora’s charms and charm bracelets are rather pricey.

To learn more about the pricing of the Pandora bracelets with charms, this article offers a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the charms and the bracelets by Pandora. So, let’s get right into it!


You Need To Know The Different Types Of Pandora Bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Pandora boasts a wide variety of bracelets that are not just stylish but also easily customizable.

These bracelets are designed in a way that allows you to express your creativity in the best way, thanks to the variety of bracelet styles that you get to choose from.

You also get to add charms on the bracelets, but only the charms that reflect your personality in the best way.

You also get to choose the bracelets depending on the materials they are made of, but in most cases, you get to choose between the sterling silver, gold, and the Pandora Rose bracelets.

So, which are the types of Pandora bracelets on the market today?

Well, Pandora boasts 6 main categories of bracelets made in different designs using different materials from the simplest, modest fabric cord bracelets that are quite affordable and retail from as low as $39 to as high as $2,500 for their solid gold and more sophisticated bracelets. These types of bracelets are as follows:


How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Pandora boasts a range of trendy bangle bracelets that are well-designed, and you can wear the bracelet as a solo piece or even stack the bracelets together for a bold statement look.

Most of the bangles are made of 925 sterling silver, and they are available in different styles, including open bangles and wishbone-shaped Pandora bangles. These bangles can also be worn with or without the charms.

They are priced reasonably, prices starting from $55 to $225. However, you will pay more for the 18k gold-plated sterling silver bangles, especially the ones embellished with high-grade cubic zirconia stones.


2.Bolo Bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

These are the adjustable chic and sliding bracelets whose prices range from $55-$200, depending on the materials they are made of. These bracelets are often made of sterling silver or plated with 18k Pandora Rose.


3.Chain Bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

If you are looking for the kind of Pandora bracelets that make fashion statements seamlessly, the chain bracelet may be ideal for you.

The bracelet often features special embellishments, including stars, beads, and butterflies, and they also fall in different price ranges, with the cheapest ones priced at $55, while the more elegant and pricier pieces like the heart-shaped clasp padlock bracelets plated with 18k gold sold for about $250.


4.Charm Pandora bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Pandora has what can only be described as a plethora of charm bracelets. These bracelets come in a wide color and style array, and there is a bracelet for everyone.

This category of bracelets by Pandora features the cheapest and also the most expensive charm bracelets, and the options range from the $49 leather wrap bracelets and the $2500 14k solid gold charm bracelets.


5.Leather bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

These are sleek and super cool bracelets that will complement every style and also can be worn by men or women.

The leather bracelets also ooze a great level of versatility in terms of the designs, and Pandora offers the single-strand slider leather bracelets, woven or braided leather bracelets, double leather bracelets, and other options of the leather bracelet in up to 7 color options.

These bracelets are in the affordable category as prices range from $49-$90. The designs of the bracelets and the features of the elements added to the bracelets add to their prices.


6.Pandora’s Reflexions Bracelets

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

This collection of Pandora charm bracelets is also quite popular, and you may want to get a piece or more from this collection.

It features flat mesh bracelets with a classic and modern design. The bracelets are made of 18k gold plating, Pandora Rose, or sterling silver, and prices range from $65- $200.


You need to know the Types of PANDORA Charms

Now that you know more about the main types of bracelets offered by Pandora, let’s take a look at the main types of charms by Pandora for the bracelets above.

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Types of PANDORA Charms

Pandora boasts a large collection of charms that have been crafted expertly and made using genuine and high-quality materials to fit every woman’s personality and style.

The charms are made of sterling silver, gold, Pandora Rose, two-tone with gold and silver, Murano glass, Pandora Essence, as well as themed Disney, Football, and Baseball Charms. Below is a breakdown of the main types of charms offered by Pandora.


1.Pandora Sterling Silver Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

These are the most popular charms that Pandora is known for, and it’s likely that anyone who has a Pandora charm bracelet will have one or more charms made of 925 sterling silver.

These charms are popular in all collections, and they range from the simple designs of bracelets to fancier charms.

Some of these charms also come in ornate designs, and you will be happy to know that thanks to Pandora’s collection of about 200 charms made of sterling silver, you will be spoilt for choice but won’t miss charms that match your style/ personality.

These charms are also hypoallergenic and nickel-free, meaning they are ideal for individuals with sensitive skin too.


2.Pandora Gold Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Pandora also boasts a wide array of charms made of solid 14k yellow gold. These charms are also available in simple and in more elegant or ornate designs, with versatile style options that you can easily choose from.

There are plain gold charms, but Pandora also offers gold charms embellished with precious stones, cubic zirconia, pearls, and there are a few gold charms that have the brightest diamonds on them.

So, if you cannot get enough gold jewelry and are building your small collection of gold charms for your gold Pandora bracelets, there are more than enough options for you to choose from on Pandora’s site.


3.Pandora Two-Toned Silver & Gold Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

If you cannot pick between gold and silver charms because you love both metals, but you don’t want to get individual gold and silver charms, you may like the two-toned charms.

These charms are uniquely designed with a charming mix of beautiful gold and sterling silver metals. Y

ou could also choose the charms with a unique shimmer that will look great with any of your Pandora bracelets or even as pendants for your necklace.


4.Pandora Rose Charms

These charms are made of a new and lush metal blend that adds a nice touch of pink to the bracelet or the necklace.


5.Pandora Murano Glass Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

These Pandora charms are made by hand from Italian Murano glass and are often designed to look like beads. They are colorful and will give your bracelet or necklace a nice pop of color.

Interestingly, the designs and colors of the Murano glass come from the actual glass rather than a painted finish, as would be expected from other brands.


6.Pandora Essence Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

These charms belong to Pandora’s Essence collection, featuring a collection of bracelets and charms that symbolize the wearer’s inner values, desires, and hopes in life.

These bracelets are generally slender and more delicate than other types of charms, and they are also considered petite.

Also, the charms from the Essence collection are all handcrafted and made from high-quality and genuine materials.


7.Pandora Disney Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

This is the other category of charms that is considered one of the most popular ones.

These charms are beautifully designed, and they capture all the magic and the imagination you have of your favorite Disney characters, especially the ones that have inspired your life.

There is a wide array of Disney-inspired charms, including Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, Winnie The Pooh, and Snow White, and about 80 other Disney-inspired charms.


8.Pandora Pet Charms

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

The lovers of animals have also been covered thanks to this elaborate category of pet-themed charms.

These charms allow you to share and celebrate your love or animals through the Pandora pet charms crafted into the cutest dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.

This charms collection features pieces made of sterling silver, and many of the charms have accentuation from the most colorful gemstones or enamel.

So, if you love the cute pet charms by Pandora, you will be happy to know that there is an entire collection with charm bracelets for you to choose from.


How much does a PANDORA charm cost?

Now that we have shared the lists of the Pandora bracelets and charms that you could choose from let’s look at how much it would typically cost to buy Pandora charms.

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

Well, the prices for Pandora’s charms start from as low as $25 to as much as $600. But the prices will vary depending on the materials used to make the charms, the design, and also the value of the embellishments added to the charms if any.

Pandora’s most affordable charms are often the openwork sterling silver charms such as the Motherly Love charm, which is quite popular and costs only $25.

But the prices for the charms go up as the elements they are made of becoming more expensive and complex. So, the charms made of colored enamels and gemstones will cost much more, not just because of the value of the added embellishments but also because of their high cost of production.

The addition of these embellishments often increases the prices of the bracelets by $30-$70, depending on the gemstone and the details added to the charms.

The Murano glass beaded charms, for example, cost about $55, and this mid-pricing is why the charms are more popular than the charms with diamonds, for example.

That said, the most expensive Pandora charms are the charms made of 14k solid gold, and the prices are even higher for the 14k gold charms that are paved with gemstones, for example, the $620 Pave Brilliant Heart Gold Pandora Charm.


How much is a Pandora bracelet with charms?

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

So, what will it cost you to buy a Pandora charm bracelet?

Well, just like the individual charms, the cost of the Pandora bracelet varies depending on the bracelet style and the materials it’s made of.

Note that before the addition of the charms, the cheapest Pandora bracelet would be the $35 black multi-strand bracelet, while the most expensive one is the $1415 gold Pandora charm bracelet. Most of the charm bracelets are, however, priced at between $45 and $80.


Why Is Pandora bracelet So Expensive?

The first reason why Pandora bracelets are expensive is that the jewelry is made of precious metals such as gold and sterling silver. These are valuable metals, and the charm bracelet is crafted out of sterling silver, 14k gold, or 19k gold, the value transfers to the jewelry, hence the high price tag.

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

In addition to the metals, Pandora also used valuable gemstones like quartz, diamonds, cultured pearls, topaz, and amber in some of their jewelry designs, which also makes for expensive jewelry.

The other high-end materials that are used for Pandora jewelry include Murano glass, leather, and cubic zirconia crystals, and these make the jewelry more expensive. So, with the use of fine and high-value materials, the prices of jewelry will be high.

The brand’s popularity and presence also account for the high price tag for their jewelry. Ass one of the mid-level luxury brands that spend a lot on marketing, the prices of their bracelets will remain high.


Is the Pandora bracelet worth the money?

How Much Is A Pandora Bracelet With Charms

If you are into brand jewelry and their unique charm bracelets and don’t mind spending a big amount on the bracelets, then it is worth the money.

Unfortunately, their bracelets are made of simple and affordable materials, like sterling silver and gold-plated pieces, meaning that they may not be worth the very high price tag if you don’t buy into brands and don’t mind buying jewelry from other brands that make bracelets just like Pandora’s but for less money.



Pandora’s charm bracelets are not the cheapest charm bracelets on the market, but if you are into the brand and their jewelry, you may like what they have to offer, the prices notwithstanding.

Generally, you need about $40 to own the simpler Pandora bracelets, but you may need more than $200 for fancier Pandora charm bracelets, and in other cases, up to $2500.

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