How Much is a Cartier Love Bracelet in Paris?-Quick Answer

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If you are looking to buy a love bracelet by Cartier, you may also be looking for the best prices you can find for the bracelet.

And despite looking for the bracelet all around, you may be forced to look and shop abroad.

How Much is a Cartier Love Bracelet in Paris

But would you save money by choosing to buy your Cartier love bracelet in Paris?

With the bracelets made in the European country, do you save money in purchasing the bracelet from Paris?

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Is the Cartier love bracelet cheaper in Europe?

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris

Generally, shopping for luxury products in Europe is cheaper than shopping in other world markets.

This is the case for the Love Bracelet because the jewelry is manufactured in Paris, which means no added shipping or transportation costs, hence an overall lower price tag than the rest of the world.

The exchange rate is also essential, and you need to take this into account by shopping using the local currency.

So, if you are traveling to Paris, you should think of buying the Cartier love bracelet in Paris rather than locally.  

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris

You may also enjoy a tax refund when you buy the love bracelet from Paris or other European countries.

In most cases, you may end up saving up to $500 from a purchase made abroad, especially if you shop from Europe and get a tax refund.

Note that the state taxes would also increase the cost of the Cartier love bracelet if you were to buy it locally.


Is a Cartier bracelet cheaper in Paris?

Because there is zero shipping and high marketing costs tagged into the love bracelets in Paris.

Because of the low cost of logistics in Paris and other European countries, you will spend less money on the love bracelet by buying it in Paris.

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris?

Today, a 16mm Cartier love bracelet is valued at $6994 (5940€) in Paris. This price is not inclusive of the tax refund of 810€.

So, without considering the tax refund, you may spend 6,750€ on the love bracelet.

Note that the love bracelets cost a little less when you buy them from Paris.


What country is the cheapest to buy Cartier jewelry?

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris

Europe is generally the best part of the world for you to buy cheaper Cartier jewelry like Cartier’s love bracelets.

So, if you are looking to save money on major jewelry shopping, consider making that trip to Europe.

When it comes to brands made in Europe, you will generally save more if you buy that product from the country it is made of, rather than from a country out of Europe.

How Much is a Cartier Love Bracelet in Paris

In Europe, specifically in the non-touristy towns, the jewelry is a little cheap because the shipping costs and other costs have not been factored into the final cost of the jewelry, which means that you often end up saving a few hundred bucks when you buy the Love bracelet or any other Cartier jewelry from a European country.

At the same time, Cartier jewelry qualifies for a tax refund when purchased from Europe, as long as you spend at least 100.1 Euros.

Since you will be buying a Cartier piece of jewelry, this shouldn’t be a high low limit for you to reach.

How much is a Cartier love bracelet in Paris

Besides Paris and other European countries – Cartier jewelry is the lowest in these parts of the world.

That said, buying Cartier jewelry would also be a little cheaper in France or even in Turkey.

But before you make a purchase, consider the taxes and other additional costs that may affect the overall cost of the piece of Cartier jewelry.

Buying Cartier jewelry from London may also save you some cash, but there isn’t much of a difference in Cartier jewelry prices in London or Paris.

How Much is a Cartier Love Bracelet in Paris

Consider checking out prices for the Cartier love bracelet or any other Cartier piece of jewelry on the local/ American Cartier site to be sure that you get the best deal.

There also are cases where third-party sites offer discounts on Cartier jewelry pieces, and you may get lucky.



Generally, there are many price differences between jewelry sold in Paris and the rest of the world markets, especially the US.

The lower prices in Paris and most of Europe come about because of the lower shipping and logistical costs, and the jewelry is manufactured there.

How Much is a Cartier Love Bracelet in Paris

To save money on jewelry, you should consider buying Cartier jewelry from Paris or any other European country.

Also, be careful to consider all other factors before purchase. And when there is a tax refund to be enjoyed, take advantage of it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!