How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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You’ve got to pay a good chunk of money for the best of solid gold jewelry, but how much will you pay for the best of 18k gold rings? What determines the value of 18k gold, and is the 18k ring really worth that much?

In this article, we’ll share important insights into 18k gold rings and everything you need to know about the actual value of your 18k gold ring.


How much is an 18k gold ring worth?

Before we look at what an 18k gold ring is worth, let’s start off by noting that 18k gold is regarded as the purest form of solid gold used to make durable jewelry.

This is because 18k gold is made of 75% pure gold, and the remaining portion is made of only 25%, which is made of metal alloys that range from silver and palladium to copper or zinc.

The high proportion of pure gold raises the value of any ring made of 18k gold, and it makes sense that most of the 18k jewelry on the market is quite pricey.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

Notably, the 75% pure gold in the 18k rings means that these are not the most expensive variants of gold jewelry, and it could be scratched much easier than 10k or 14k gold – but it’s much more durable than 22k or 24k gold.

However, 18k is the most lustrous gold alloy used in jewelry making, and it makes the best of high-end jewelry, with or without gemstones. Whether you choose 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, you are guaranteed the most unique color and finishes.

Thanks to the high purity level and the highly desirable color and feel of the 18k rings, such a ring is significantly expensive, and you will pay a lot more if you are buying a ring that is embellished with gemstones.

Generally, you’d spend between 50% and 150% more on an 18k gold ring than you would a 14k ring, even if they look pretty much the same.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

Theoretically, the weight of the ring determines its total price. If, for example, your ring weighs 1oz (31.3g), then its worth is 75% of the current spot price of gold.

If the price of an ounce of gold is currently $1,000, the value of the gold ring is $1000×75% or $750. But, this price would be higher if the ring has any gemstones incorporated, but also the type of 18k gold you are buying matters. 18k yellow gold is the priciest of the three options because the 75% pure gold is often alloyed with 25% of silver – a precious metal that is also pricey, which means an increase in the total cost of the gold ring.

Rose gold might be cheaper because it’s alloyed with cheaper metals like copper, while white gold is priced between yellow and rose gold thanks to the use of white metals, copper, and rhodium plating.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

On top of that, the value of the 18k gold ring would be higher depending on the jewelry store you are buying the ring from.

So, for the actual value of the ring, take into consideration all these features, and remember that the weight of the gold ring, the type of 18k gold, metal alloys, and where you buy the ring from, determining the total cost of the ring.

Also, the spot price of gold is very variable, and there are days when the price will change hourly depending on market speculations and the corresponding currency values.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

4 Tips for calculating your 18k gold ring value

These are the considerations you should keep in mind to determine the actual value of 18k gold.

  • First, the value of 18k gold is determined by the spot value of gold. This is the overall market value of gold, and it’s variable, changing every day and sometimes every few hours. However, this is not the only thing that determines the value of the 18k gold, and the jewelry store you buy the ring from will affect the ring’s price. How the ring is cared for, and its age is also important, as is the type of gold.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

  • Gold alloys are priced differently based on the type of metals that are alloyed with pure gold. So, as mentioned above, 18k yellow gold would be worth much more than that 18k rose gold ring because the yellow gold not only features the perfect hue of yellow but also because it’s made from two precious metals, gold, and silver.
  • A designer 18k ring will cost much more than an 18k ring sold at a local, non-designer store, even if the rings have the same features. Generally, you always end up spending more on designer products.
  • The value of 1g of pure gold is currently valued at less than $25/gram.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

Buying 18K Ring’s Price

As mentioned above, 18k gold is 75% pure gold, which is considered the highest level of purity for durable solid gold jewelry since it’s made of 18 parts out of the 24 parts that make up pure gold.

However, there is no fixed buying price for 18k gold rings, which means that the price of your 18k gold ring is determined by things like the type of gold, the weight of the ring, size of the ring, the jewelry store you are buying the ring from, whether it’s embellished with gemstones or not, and the fact that different jewelers will mark up their prices depending on their operational costs. Then there is the variable market price of gold.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

But with the cost of 1g of 18k gold valued at less than $25, you can come up with a budget for the ring easily. Specify the features you’d like for the ring, and also compare prices online before buying the ring.

For the best deals, consider buying the ring online, especially if you know your ring size and you are buying from a reputable online store. This is because jewelry prices are up to 30% lower than online jewelry stores. Just make sure to read the return policies of the brand, and also go through the reviews of the company to make sure that they are trustworthy.

Also, you must have a specific ring in mind, especially when trying to settle on a budget for the ring. There is no fixed price for the ring, and the pricing differs from one store to the other, but having specific features in mind make it easier for you to compare the product prices.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

Selling 18K Rings – Price

Though the ring is inherently valuable, you first need to reconcile yourself with the idea/ knowledge that you will not get the full price you bought the ring for, regardless of how good the ring looks, and even when working with a verified dealer. In most cases, however, you will get about 70% of the ring’s value.

This is the case because the ring’s value goes down once you take it home, and the best price you get is what the buyer offers after they take their margin/ fees.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

To ensure a good price, sell the ring at a well-known store and always request paperwork to verify the legal sale of the ring.

Note that you can determine the actual value of the gold using the online calculators that give you the value of gold. You only need to know the ring’s weight (this should be specified in the documents that came with the ring when you bought it).

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

Why is an 18k gold ring much expensive at a jewelry store?

As mentioned above, you pay more for your gold ring in the jewelry store because you are paying for the brand name, the convenience, and the fact that the store has to incorporate its overhead costs into the cost of each ring they sell. Perhaps even the cost of the peace of mind that comes from shopping from a physical store may not be scrubbed off the face of the earth in an instant.

How Much Is A 18k Gold Ring Worth

How much is an 18k gold ring worth at a pawnshop?

Again the ring’s price is determined by the gold’s value. But because you are buying it from the pawnshop, the ring would be worn, which means that it’s cheaper than a new ring bought from a jewelry store.



18K gold rings are among the most beautiful and expensive gold rings, but they are worth it – the luster, elegance, and timelessness of the rings are worth the price tag. For the best deals, however, shop from a reputable online store.

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