How Much Can I Sell My Cartier Ring For?-Quick Tips

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Do you have a Cartier ring from your ex that you no longer cherish? If yes, you should consider selling it. Selling such valuable jewelry is challenging since most people don’t know the resale value. This ranges between $1200 and $13,000.

We came up with this post to help you understand all the crucial aspects regarding selling Cartier rings.

You will not only learn how much your Cartier ring may be worth but also where to sell it and valuable tips that can help while selling this piece of jewelry. Enjoy!


Does Cartier buy back jewelry?

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

Cartier has an excellent reputation for producing beautiful jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings.

This superior brand has existed for years due to creating high-quality and valuable accessories that retain their high value over time.

Unfortunately, Cartier does not purchase its jewelry back.


Can I sell my Cartier ring back to Cartier?

One of the problems that people experience when selling Cartier rings is identifying where to sell them.

Though many stores allow you to sell such valuable pieces, Cartier is not one of them.

According to the company policies, it does not purchase its jewelry pieces back.

Cartier does not even take returns after thirty days of possessing such items. This should not discourage you from selling a Cartier ring since you can do this from other reputable jewelry stores.

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for?

As you look forward to selling a Cartier ring, you should aim at selling it at a high cost. Most Cartier jewelry, including rings, have more value than luxury pieces from other brands.

Since Cartier rings do not lose their value, they often sell for more than 70% of their initial prices.

The resale price of a Cartier ring should also be high due to the elegant construction of this piece. It often ranges between $1200 and $13000. Some of the things that determine the sale cost of Cartier rings include the following.


  • Gemstone

While some Cartier rings come with one gemstone, others have numerous gemstones that replace all screws. Some people also own Cartier rings that feature a band covered in different pave diamonds. The cost of reselling such Cartier rings is not the same.  Before you sell your piece, you should assess the type of gemstone and know its carat weight.

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

  • Metal type and model

The type of metal utilized to make the Cartier ring also determines its worth during selling. While some Cartier rings come in platinum, others come in white gold, 18k yellow gold, or rose gold.

Since the value of such metals is not the same, so are their resale prices. Apart from the metal type, potential buyers also pay attention to the model before buying Cartier rings.


  • Official materials

Cartier rings come with specific papers containing helpful information regarding the type of metal used to make them and their gemstones.

As you sell a Cartier ring, providing such papers can help you get a higher offer since it shows the genuineness of the pieces.

You should also offer a jewelry bag, box, and receipts. The lack of the papers and box could lead to a lower offer during selling.

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

  • Condition and age

The condition of the Cartier ring can also determine how much the ring is worth when you are ready to sell.

You can help a potential customer get an idea of the condition of the Cartier ring by sharing its pictures.

A Cartier ring in excellent condition is likely to have a higher resale value than one in poor condition. The age of the jewelry and its history can also determine its value during selling.


Where can I sell my Cartier bracelet or other Cartier jewelry?

To get the best price for Cartier jewelry, you should work with professionals that understand the value of such pieces. You can sell a Cartier bracelet or ring on the following marketplaces.

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

Online auction sites

Some reputable online auction websites that allow people to sell Cartier jewelry include and Most people choose when selling Cartier rings since it is fast and gives one access to numerous potential buyers.

This can connect you to potential customers who can bid on the Cartier ring. Once you manage to sell the Cartier ring through the online auction site, you must pay a particular commission for their help. This option may also need lab certification.


Jewelry dealer

If you don’t want to pay a commission, you can also sell the Cartier ring directly to a jewelry dealer. You can talk directly to customers that buy such jewelry through auction sites. Choosing this option can help you sell the ring fast since you will not have to wait for any auction to run.



Some people also choose to sell their jewelry at pawn shops. If you are in a hurry to sell a Cartier ring, you can choose this option. You may not get a very high price for this piece at a pawn shop. Most pawnshops pay less than 20% of the piece’s initial buying price.

How much can I sell my Cartier ring for

Tips for selling Cartier jewelry for the most money

Selling a Cartier ring that you no longer need can help you get the extra money that you can use for something else.

To get the most money when selling this jewelry, you have to do some research. Spend some time learning the selling process and finding the right buyer.

You should also try eliminating middlemen between you and the buyer to reduce fees or commissions.



Cartier rings have a high resale value. If you own such jewelry and would like to sell it, you can do this from different stores.

Though Cartier does not buy back Cartier rings, you can sell them through online auction sites or directly to a jewelry dealer.

The resale cost of a Cartier ring ranges between $1200 and $13,000. This varies based on the condition, metal type, age, and condition of the ring.

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