How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys?

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There is a wide selection of real diamond earrings explicitly designed for men, but in most instances, searching for the best real diamond earrings means knowing exactly how much the earrings will cost.

The catch is that the real diamond earrings are quite pricey but knowing what exactly to look out for is essential. So, let’s look at all the important things you need to know about real diamond earrings for guys.

The best part is that you can find several options of high-quality stud diamond earrings in different colors, including the colorless/white diamond stud earrings, blue, yellow, and brown diamond stud earrings.


About real diamond earrings

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

Real diamond earrings are earrings crafted out of high-quality mined diamonds, often diamonds made of carbon atoms crystallized into one of the hardest substances on earth.

The real diamonds could also be made of lab-created diamonds, essentially those made in the lab rather than mined diamonds.

The real diamond earrings are made of lab-created diamonds that make the best quality stud diamond earrings in all imaginable colors like white, yellow, brown, and blue diamonds.

The lab-created diamonds are made under highly controlled conditions in the laboratory that mimic or rather replicate the natural diamond creation process under the earth’s crust.

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

Like the earth’s crust, the diamonds made in the lab are created under high pressure and high-temperature conditions above the ground.

But even though they are made in the lab, the man-made diamonds bear the same chemical makeup, optical and crystal structure, not to mention physical properties.

These diamonds have the same brilliance, strength, and fire, and they come to be through two main processes, CVD and HPHT. It takes 6-10 weeks to grow diamonds in the lab.

Note that the diamonds mined from the earth’s crust are also created after exposure to very high temperature and pressure conditions, and the creation process for these diamonds is uncontrolled; hence a wide range of diamonds in terms of the carat weight, the diamond clarity level, and the colors of the diamond.

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

Also, the mined diamonds often have trace minerals, thanks to the conditions that the diamonds are made in. This is not the case with lab-grown diamonds.

The lab-made diamonds are pretty specific, and their features are predictable, but the elements and features of the natural, mined diamonds are unpredictable. It takes billions of years for the diamonds formed under the earth to be fully formed.


How much do diamond earrings normally cost?

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

On average, diamond earrings range from $500 to $35,000 or even higher.

But in general, the price of the diamond earrings will vary depending on the style of the earrings, but more importantly, the elements of the 4Cs, namely, carat weight, the color of the diamonds, a diamond’s cut, and the degree of clarity of the diamonds.

The Carat weight of the diamond is the most important feature of the diamonds, and it represents the standard weight of the diamond rather than the diamond size.

Also, the carat weight of diamonds is denoted by Carats and not karat – the latter represents the measure of purity for gold.

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

One carat of a diamond equals 200milligrams of diamond, and the carat weight of diamonds ultimately influences the price of the diamond earrings – the lower the carat weight, the lower the price of the diamond earrings.

The cut of the diamond is also crucial since it determines the stone’s brilliance, its polished finish, the stone’s facets, and how they reflect light to reveal the shine of the diamonds.

The diamonds with the best cuts are valued higher than the poorly cut diamonds, and this is also because the quality of the cut means higher investment in skilled workmanship, many hours of operation, and all other additional costs.

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

The popular diamond cuts include expensive and in-demand round cuts, oval and marquise diamond cuts, and princess cuts.

Next, you have the diamonds’ color and clarity, which also influence the price of the diamonds. Note that the most expensive diamonds are the ones with less color in them because the colorless diamonds tend to refract a lot more light and boast maximum sparkle, shine, and splendor.

Unfortunately, they are hard to come by, and most the diamond stud earrings will feature inclusions and discolorations in yellow. And the stud diamond earrings that are mainly discolored have more inclusions and are less valuable, and don’t cost as much as those with fewer inclusions or inclusion-free diamonds.


How much are real diamond earrings for guys?

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

The prices are variable, as mentioned above, especially for the lab-created but technically perfect diamonds. Still, in most instances, the natural diamond earrings for guys cost about $179 at the least.  

Note that the cut of the diamonds and the metals used to make the diamond earrings will affect their prices. Also, there are some variations in price based on the style of the earrings, whether you want to buy hoops, stud earrings, halo, drop, or fashion earrings.


Pros and cons of real diamond earrings

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys


  • They are elegant
  • Valuable
  • They last longer and are worth the price tag
  • The earrings are available in versatile styles and designs
  • You can buy earrings made of natural or lab-created diamonds.


  • They are expensive


Men’s real diamond vs. Fake diamond earrings Price

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

Men’s real diamonds cost much more than men’s earrings made of fake diamonds because the fake diamonds, also called fashion diamonds, are made of cheap diamond simulants that don’t cost as much as real diamonds.

They are also not as valuable. If you are looking for men’s diamond earrings on a budget, you may want to get the ones made of fake diamonds like CZ stones because these stones/ crystals cost less than real diamonds.


Should you buy real diamond earrings or fake diamond earrings?

How Much Are Real Diamond Earrings For Guys

Depending on your budget, you could buy either type of earrings made of real or fake diamonds.



Real diamond earrings are somewhat pricey; whether you are looking for diamond earrings for men or women, the earrings will cost you a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But, between the lab-created and the natural diamonds, the natural diamonds cost a lot more than the lab-created diamonds.

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