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The wearing of rings has become so popular among men. It is a fashion trend that is being given attention by males.

However, many men have been caught in the dilemma of not knowing how many rings they should wear to make them look so stylish.

Have you been in this situation before? If yes, I am sure you felt unsure if you look great.

The majority of people in this circumstance are always on the lookout to find out the number of rings a man can wear.

Well, this article will help you know the number of rings you as a man should wear.


Is it weird for guys to wear multiple rings?

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

No. It is not weird for guys to put on multiple rings if they have an eye for fashion. Over and above that, it also depends on the kind of image you want to present. Though we have come along with our fashion choices.

There are certain places where they do not yet accept guys wearing multiple rings. For example, in some companies, you cannot wear rings on every finger and still work for them.

They may look at you and wonder what kind of a person are you. Again, if you are the owner of that particular company, you may wear them the way you want.

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

Additionally, self-confidence plays a big role when it comes to guys wearing multiple rings. If you care so much about what people will say, anxiety will settle in and you may find it weird to put on multiple rings.

If you are confident with yourself and don’t care what people say. You will often wear multiple rings with much ease.

Try wearing multiple rings today and you will be shocked how many people will compliment you for having multiple rings. The point here is to know where and when to wear your multiple rings as a guy.


In which culture do men wear a lot rings?

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

In the Vikings’ culture, men wore multiple rings that represented a specific aspect of their culture. For example, the Vikings raiders had rings that served a spiritual function as well as allegiance to their tradition.

Most of the men raiders from Vikings people could be spotted with multiple rings on their different fingers. Each ring on each finger had its purpose.

The Tudor Nobles men also developed the art of wearing several rings. The Tudor nobility were people that were placed above the common people in the sixteenth century in Europe. Their men wore multiple rings that served the purpose of representing their heritage.

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

In American motorcycle clubs, most men were looking to get multiple rings on their fingers. Most bikers were enthusiastic to have at least many rings on their fingers.

In the past, the men who wore rings in the biker’s association were largely worn by men who were believed to have big hands. The art of wearing a lot of rings by men spread out across the world making it to be embraced by other people.

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

The hip-hop culture gave men the platform to put on many rings. In the 1990s the hip-hop culture embraced the wearing of rings.

Well, if you have a hip-hop lover, you probably have witnessed male performers showing off their sets of rings in their music videos.

The trend was a result of a resurgence in popularity. Many of the male artists felt that wearing multiple rings, made them stand out among the rest.


How many rings should a man wear?

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

If you belong to the vast majority of men who are looking forward to knowing how many rings a man should wear you are in the right place.


A maximum of one ring per hand

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

To start with you should wear one ring per hand. If you want to appear stylish stick to this rule. If you put more than one ring in one hand you will appear to be trying too hard.

While some people don’t mind what other people think about what people say. They end up wearing more than one ring in one hand.  To be on the safe side stick to the rule of one ring one hand.

If you are wearing your wedding ring, on one hand, you should only put another ring on the other hand.


Skip the thumb ring  

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

As a person who wants to appear stylish, you should not wear rings on your thumb. Thumb rings are a turn-off, and they appear tacky and cheesy. It will be a good idea if you only keep your rings to your middle finger, forefinger, or your pinky finger.

While it is good to have one ring on each hand, you should skip the thumb ring for you to have your ring well placed.

More often, it will be best to have a single bold statement ring well placed in one hand.

Quality is what matters most than quantity no matter what finger you choose to place a ring on.


How many rings are too much for men?

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

Wearing rings in men is such a stylish affair that many men are finding to be quite attractive. However, wearing many rings can appear too much. While having one ring in one hand is great having two on each hand will do the justice as well.

If you do wear more than three rings per hand that will be too much for men. Again, you should keep in mind the occasion for which you are wearing them.

If you are just going out to meet friends or family members wearing 2 to three rings per hand is no crime at all.

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

Nonetheless, wearing more than one ring per hand while going to your official job can be too much for you. Though different workplaces have different cultures in terms of grooming. Most of them prefer having their employees be formal.

So, having more than one ring per hand might be too much for men working in strict working environments.

In other places, more than two rings per hand will be too much. It is, therefore, important for you as a man to know the environment in which you are in.


How to wear rings for men in modern fashion world

Tips for guys who wear rings

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

While men can rock their fashion by wearing rings, it is significantly important that you know how to do it in the modern world.

Rings are a special way that you as a man can make a statement without opening your mouth.

Additionally, if you are looking to wear a ring for just style, here are some of the associations.


Right Hand vs Left Hand

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

There are not any special rules regarding which hand you should wear your ring on. However, many traditions are not homogeneous everywhere.

For instance, the majority of American men wear a wedding band on their left ring finger. On the other hand, men that are married in an orthodox church use the right hand. With this example, you should not be afraid to pick which hand goes your way.


The Thumb

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

In many societies, a thumb ring on a man is a sign of influence or wealth. Men who like to wear multiple rings on the same hand find it a natural choice to do so because it is somehow away from the rest.

Thumb gestures are most often linked with friendship and interaction. To make sure that you stay stylish keep the ring bold yet simple.

The straight and strong thumbs mean an authoritative personality and the crocked ones are a sign of dishonesty and wickedness.


The index or Pointer Finger

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

Most people have the natural instinct of wanting to keep the pointer finger clear. However, having a ring on this finger does not affect the activities of this finger.

The index finger is good for expressing fraternal rings, class rings, and membership crests. Many unmarried men are fond of having a ring on their index fingers.


The middle Finger

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

Your middle finger is one of your boldest and largest fingers. You may find that it is uncommon that rings are worn on this finger. When you want to wear a ring on this finger it will be good to keep it small and simple.

Additionally, if you are a first-timer ring-wearer in this finger you will be more comfortable since it feels more central and manly. The central location of the middle finger symbolizes balance and responsibility.


The Fourth or Ring Finger

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

In most parts of North and South America, a band on the fourth left hand indicates marriage while a band on the right-hand fourth finger is a sign of engagement.

Most men will go for a simple silver or gold band on this finger. A well-decorated ring worn on the fourth finger will not be assumed to be an engagement or wedding ring. The ring finger is associated with romantic relationships, beauty, earth’s moon, and creativity.


The Little (Pinky) Finger

How Many Rings Should A Man Wear

If you want to wear a statement ring as a man this finger will be a great option. Did you know that pinky rings are advantageous since they do not have cultural or religious associations?

This finger is among the flashiest of designs. Moreover, the pinky finger is associated with persuasion and intelligence, and it represents mercury.



As a man being in a position to know how many rings you should where seems like a confusing affair especially if it is your first time.

Nonetheless, this should not worry you, one to three rings maximum per hand is safe. Going beyond that will be too much.

Now that you have some tips on how many rings a man should wear, go ahead and try it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!