How Long Will My Nipples Be Sore After Piercing?

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How Long Will My Nipples Be Sore After Piercing? You might ask. Today, we talk about nipples Piecing. Yes, the discussion we all tend to steer away from, yet it is quite necessary. Don’t worry, though – we aren’t going to talk about any gory details (well, maybe just a tad gory), but since nipples are part of our biology, some of these details have to come out.

But before we look at how long it will take for your nipple piercing to heal, let’s first look at the reasons why a nipple piercing could be a good idea for you.


Why get nipple piercings?

While nipple piercings have had a negative rep for the longest time, with some people regarding them as tacky, an increasing number of people are becoming more accepting of the trend because they are not only cool, the nipple piercings offer a great boost to your sexual drive.

There, we said it. So, the next time you want to judge someone for picking up on the Kendall Jenner trend by choosing to rock pierced nipples, you may want to think about what you could be missing out on. According to experts, one of the biggest psychological benefits of having a pierced nipple is that you get to enjoy sex a lot more. So, if your nipples are not as sensitive as you’d wish, having your twins pierced could go a long way in boosting their sensitivity, helping you achieve a nipple orgasm (Yes. That’s a thing)

Despite the visual and the sexual benefits of nipple piercings, at what cost will you be able to get them? Which are some of the risks you will have to take, and how long will the nipples be sore for?

Because when it comes to searching for achieving the intended cool look, you have to go through the pain, and you also need to make sure that you are wearing the safest nipple jewelry to promote healing and prevent infection.

That said, this article is intended to offer tips on how to deal with nipple piercings and how to ensure that you choose the right jewelry, also how to treat the piercing to enjoy the benefits of the piercing. Whatever your reasons for nipple piercings, this article will ensure that you do everything right.


Things to Consider Before Getting Nipple Piercings

Whether you are getting your nipples pierced for sexual reasons or for a cool look, keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Style

There isn’t one style of nipple piercing, and although your nipples could be pierced in different ways, the most common piercing is horizontal. You could pierce yours vertically or diagonally too, and they’d look as good as you imagined. Besides these ‘standard’ but awesome styles, you may also opt for the extreme looks, which could be achieved by having multiple piercings on each nipple.

  • Price

The cost of nipple piercing varies significantly depending on where you get the piercing. The price is also affected by the kind of jewelry you settle on, with the fancier pieces of jewelry expected to increase the cost of the piercing significantly.

  • Jewelry

Generally, your nipples could be pierced with either ring, barbells (the bars with removable bars at the ends), or straight bars.

  • Suitability

You may want a nipple piercing so bad, but at the end of the day, whether you get it or not largely depends on your anatomy. For some people, it is anatomically impossible to have the nipples pierced. Remember that your nipples may be inverted, small, or flat. Before you set your mind and convince yourself that you must have your nipples pierced, schedule a consultation with your piercer before you start anything.

  • Risks

As noted above, nipple piercings are rather risky. And like any other piercing, there’s always the risk of infection. Although you could reduce that risk significantly by following the aftercare instructions given, keep in mind that anything can happen, and things may not work out as well as you’d imagined.

  • Process

Generally, you will get your nipple piercings by appointment. In this case, you first need to settle on the piercer you prefer – gender preference is important. Next, you will have a consultative meeting where you’ll determine what you need, discuss if that option would work for you, go over the procedure, what to expect, and then you’ll schedule a meeting date.

In this consultative meeting, the piercer will advise you about the best jewelry for your nipples. Don’t forget to mention any allergies you may have. After this meeting, you may have the piercing on the same day, or you may schedule another appointment for the piercing.


Healing and Aftercare

How long will my nipples be sore after piercing?

To reiterate what we mentioned above, you can lower the risk of infections if you follow the aftercare instructions. The piercer will give you comprehensive instructions guide on how to take care of your newly-pierced nipples.

Regarding soreness, it’s important to remember that different individuals have varying body types and also sensitivity levels and pain tolerance. Expect pain and tenderness in the first few days. Therefore, the time during which the nipples will be sore will vary significantly between each person, and also males and females.


How long does it take to heal?

As for the duration, it will take for the nipples to heal, your nipples’ healing will take between 12 and 16 weeks (3-4 months). In some cases, total healing will take as much as six months. During this time, you have to avoid any form of oral contact with the nipples, especially during the first 2/3 weeks. At this time, you also must avoid saunas and swimming, and generally everything else that would create a breeding ground for bacteria around the healing nipples.

As you allow your nipples to heal, don’t overlook any step given in the aftercare instructions. Don’t be one of those people who stop taking care of piercings once they start to feel good. Don’t play or touch them until the time recommended by the specialist. Failing to care for the nipples correctly may mean dealing with bigger problems in the future.


Pain — how bad is it?

It is obvious that we all have different pain tolerance levels, and while the nipple piercing and healing processes may be almost pain-free for some people, for others, the piercings hurt like a bitch!

So, before you go for the nipple piercing after someone says that the piercing wasn’t as painful, think about your pain tolerance and sensitivity. Someone else’s pain tolerance of 5 would be a 9 or a 10 for you. Also, the pain lasts longer in some people than in others.


Can you lose feeling in your nipples after piercing?

While this is uncommon, there is always the risk of loss of sensation after having nipples pierced. To lower this risk, always have your nipples pierced by a professional.


Should I ice my nipples before piercing?

To know what you must do or avoid before the piercing, we recommend that you schedule a meeting with the piercer before the piercing. In this meeting, we recommend that you ask about the numbing options available. Instead of struggling with ice, ask if they can use a local anesthetic.


How do you care for a nipple piercing?

Clean the pierced nipples gently with warm water and soap in the shower, once every day, and then allow your piercing to air-dry. You may want to use Castile soap or any other products recommended by your piercer.

Besides washing, the best thing you could do for your healing nipples is never to touch them. Don’t turn or touch the barbell, don’t let anyone touch them, and stick to the soft bras, comfy sports bras, and bralettes.

It the area around the piercing gets crusty, get a daily sterile saline bath. The good news is that this saline bath will speed up healing.

Avoid hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, ointments, or everything else recommended online. Stick to soap, saline water, and soft bras.



A lot could go wrong with your nipple piercing, but if you stick to the tips above, your nipples will heal up well. After the piercing heals completely, you can change your jewelry – just be careful about the jewelry materials and watch out for any signs of infections.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!