How Long Do Silicone Rings Last? (With Care Tips)

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Don’t you just like how fast the fashion and jewelry scene (industry) evolves? How adaptive it is, and how you don’t have to be stuck with older jewelry designs just because they have been there for a longer duration than you have been alive?

We are always in awe of the changes that take place all the time, and today we look at silicone rings and how they are among the trendiest jewelry designs today.

If you have been looking for jewelry material that passes the test of time, is versatile, and safe on the skin (especially if you struggle with skin sensitivities), you might also like the rings and other types of jewelry made of silicone.

We can tell that you are getting excited about the silicone jewelry talk, but before you add to cart, wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn more about silicone jewelry, say how long the silicone ring will last if you choose to buy it?

Well, we’ll answer that question in a bit. But first, a look at how the silicone rings are made.


The manufacturing process of silicone rings

Silicone rings are among the trendiest rings today, and they come about via a rather intriguing manufacturing process.

What you might not know is that silicone is a synthetic substance that I made out of a number of naturally-occurring materials. It is different from silicon from the periodic table. While silicone isn’t a natural compound, it’s made of the naturally-occurring silicon, among other elements like hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.

When combined, all these elements leave you with a flexible and stretchy, rubber-like plastic used in different things, like medical equipment like impacts and catheters, bandages, and contact lenses. Silicone is also used in cookware/kitchenware, watertight containers in aquariums, and for plumbing, personal care items like shaving cream and shampoos, as well as electrical casings on electrical hazards.

Now, while it appears that we’ve omitted wedding rings, we haven’t. Technically, the silicone used for the uses listed above is a little different from the one used in wedding rings because the latter undergoes a little more processing.

Silicone wedding rings result from molded silicone, which still offers the same level of flexibility, heat resistance, stretch, safety/ electrical resistance, and durability. Therefore, the molding process leaves you with a ring that will withstand pretty much anything it’s exposed to, without getting damaged, cracking, or warping.

Silicone rings have grown in popularity in recent days, and they are quite popular among people who cannot wear metal rings, either because of metal allergies or because of their professions, which is the case for most people who work with heavy machinery or equipment in general.

Silicone rings are made of medical-grade rubber, which is why they are quite durable, flexible, and, most importantly, safe. The silicone rings have also become quite popular because they are very affordable in comparison to the metal rings.

The production of the silicone rings also calls for the use of dyes, besides the use of the silicone-grade rubber. These rings made of silicone are also called silicone rubber or silicone elastomer rings.


How long do Silicone rings last?

It is said that nothing lasts forever. Is this the case with silicone rings too?

Well, in as much as the silicone rings are pretty much designed to last (forever), there are conditions that would affect the longevity of these rings. There are numerous factors that will affect the longevity of the silicone rings.


1.Use/ Applications 

Generally, the silicone rings are used as finger rings/ jewelry, but they also find use in O-rings where they are used as sealants for a number of industrial applications, including plumbing.

The silicone rings are also used as vaginal rings for the controlled release of pharmaceuticals, and they are also commonly used as sex toys.

Therefore, trying to specify how long the rings last will depend on use because some are created for a single-use or a limited number of uses.

When it comes to the longevity of a wedding ring, it would be safe to note that the ring’s durability/ longevity will depend on the conditions it is exposed to, although the ring could easily last for decades.


2.Silicone Grade

As we try to figure out how long the silicone rings last, we have to point out the fact that the grade of the silicone elastomer used on the ring’s fabrication will play a crucial role in the ring’s longevity.

The grades of the silicone elastomers guide the mechanical properties of the ring. There are liquid silicone rubbers, high-consistency silicone rubbers or HCR, and the vulcanized at room temperature silicone elastomers.

The silicone rings used in jewelry, for example, are made from the high consistency silicone rubber grade elastomers, and these rings are made using the injection molding machine.


3.Environment it’s exposed to

The other factor that plays a huge role in the longevity of silicone rings is where it is used. If you wear the silicone wedding ring and it gets exposed to direct sunlight, too much heat, or water, these will affect the durability of the ring.

Generally, the silicone elastomers are the most robust of the silicone polymers that are used in ring fabrications, but these do not last as long as the thermoplastic.

But if a silicone ring isn’t exposed to extreme conditions, it would last for about five years. Generally, they last between 1-5years, depending on the final use of the silicone and the conditions they are exposed to.

Take the sealants used in showers and sinks, for example; these will degrade after some time and have to be replaced.


Silicone Does Break – When and how?

Though flexible and stretchy, silicone rings will, in some cases, break. But this should be something unexpected.

The silicone ring you are wearing will stay stretchy, but it will break after some time if it’s under extreme tension.

This is where the metal rings have the upper hand because a metal ring wouldn’t break if exposed to the same amount of tension applied to the silicone ring.

The silicone ring is affordable, though, and it won’t mean a huge financial loss when it breaks.


Tips for care for your silicone rings


Just because your silicone ring might break doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of that ring.

That ring is quite resilient, and it has a low surface tension, and you won’t have to worry about oil or small debris sticking to it.

However, that ring could harbor viruses, germs, and bacteria, hence the need to clean that silicone ring.

Here are some things you could do to take good care of your silicone rings.

  • Clean it in warm water with a little dish soap, plus a soft toothbrush. You might soak it in this warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes before rubbing it a bit and rinsing. Dry it with a soft towel or paper towels.
  • Don’t use abrasives when cleaning the ring.
  • You could also put it in a small basket in the dishwasher then dry it with a clean, soft cloth.


Silicone rings offer a high level of flexibility and can be worn to the hiking trails, beach, farm, factory, or the gym.

It’s durable, heat, and electricity resistant, and it doesn’t get in the way because of its flexibility.

And though it won’t last forever, it will last long enough for you to enjoy going on with your life with your wedding ring on.

For more tips, visit this page for more. See you guys in the next post!


Hey! I finally find the Answer!