How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last? – Detailed Answer

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In your search for unique engagement rings, you will come across a class of rings called hematite rings, and though it might be your first time finding such rings, this type of ring isn’t really new as it has been around for a relatively long time – it dates back centuries.

These rings are uniquely designed, and they not only offer great value for money but also stand out because of their uniqueness, making them perfect for use as engagement and wedding rings. But how long will such rings last?


About hematite rings

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

Hematite rings are made of shimmery black-silver metallic stone hematite, and these rings are suitable for different ring styles. They would be ideal for anyone looking for an elegant, edgy, sophisticated, mystical, unexpected, or romantic.

Remember that hematite is a mineral stone with a deep, brownish-red finish, which, when carved and then polished, boasts either a deep silver-grey or glossy black hue/ finish.

These features make this mineral stone the perfect kind of metal for use in jewelry. Hematite rings are crafted out of this high-quality metal, and the result is a stunning ring that boasts an elegant metallic luster.

The catch is that hematite is quite fragile, so even though it is believed to show strength and reflect the power of the wearer, you should pay more attention and care for the ring well.


Basic history of hematite rings

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

Hematite is a mineral stone whose name translates to bloodstone, a name that is derived from the stone’s reddish-brown color and pigmentation.

It isn’t a new pigment, though, since the hematite pigment dates back to the Stone Ages when cavemen required this reddish-brown pigment to write on caves and create cave paintings.

But it’s not just used in rings; hematite is also renowned for its spiritual properties that allow for its use in feng shui. Hematite boasts grounding and calming effects, and this stone will also promote a sense of balance and will protect you whenever you have the ring on.

The stone also carries great strength and healing energies. The Babylonians used it in battle; ancient Romans used it to decorate armor, while the Ancient Egyptians used it as an embellishment for the rulers’ tombs.

And during the Victorian Era, it was used in mourning jewelry.


Hematite rings – Do they really work?

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

There is an association between hematite, the metaphysical world, and negative energies.

And if you are looking for a stunning ring that will make you more positive and happier while dispelling negative energy, the hematite ring might be a good option. So, yes, hematite works.


What happens if you wear a hematite ring?

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

Hematite rings essentially work because of their long history and their association, not to mention the fact they have metaphysical and spiritual benefits.

It is regarded as a grounding stone, and wearing this ring enhances your sense of healing, clarity, and balance while keeping at bay external forces and negative energies.

Wearing the ring will also give you a sense of protection and stability. Hematite is also called The Stone of the Mind because of the belief that this stone will boost your self-esteem and also improve your confidence levels.

It also increases your memory and anxiety, and it is also stress-relieving. This stone also imbues optimism, courage, and endurance in the wearer, and if you need some help in spiritual growth, the healing effects of the stone will help you work through pain and trauma.

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

But there is one catch – given the high iron content of hematite, we recommend against wearing the hematite ring continuously for too long since it may turn toxic. Some of its side effects include dizziness, tingling sensation, skin irritation, and iron toxicity.  

In the spiritual sense, your hematite ring will make it easy for you to always stay connected to your energy, hence a higher level of happiness and contentment. It also provides balance and is a source of protection from negative energy.

This stone will also improve your circulation. More importantly, hematite has cleansing power and will connect you to your high chakras, hence a higher level of success and body and mind stability.


How long do hematite rings usually last?

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

The hematite rings are hardy and have the power to protect and defend you from negative energies – it does this by absorbing all that negative energy in and around you.

After your ring absorbs negative energy for some time, the ring will break, hence the release of all negative energies from you. When this happens, you should consider getting a new ring.

But you can prevent excessive buildup of negative energy by cleansing the ring regularly. The ring is, however, brittle and fragile, and it will not last as one may hope.

It’s rated between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it will last for a few years with proper care. But it will get scratches and dents within a short period.


Pros and cons of wearing hematite rings

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last


  • The reddish-brown finish of the metal makes for one of the most stunning and unique rings.
  • It is a protective stone with grounding properties
  • This ring is relatively inexpensive
  • A stunning ring that makes it ideal for use as a wedding or an engagement ring
  • Enhances mental clarity, confidence, and a state of balance


  • It’s fragile and needs careful handling

Tips for cleaning and storing your hematite rings

How Long Do Hematite Rings Usually Last

  • Take off your hematite ring when cleaning, cooking, working out, and moving a heavy item.
  • Keep it away from cleaners with ammonia
  • Don’t clean the ring with an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Remove the ring before going to bed
  • Don’t go swimming with the ring, and also take it off before showering
  • Clean it using a gentle cleaning solution – warm water and a mild cleaning detergent.
  • And don’t use an abrasive brush when cleaning.
  • Store the jewelry in a lined jewelry box or individual soft cloth pouches,


Hematite incorporated in or set into rings will be an excellent addition to your ring, especially if you are looking for something to make you feel more confident, stable, and grounded.

But the stone won’t last forever, and in most cases, it comes apart after some months or years, often after absorbing more negative energy than the stones can hold.

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