How Does Jewelry Make You Feel?(2024 Updated)

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Jewelry is perhaps one thing that we will always purchase to look beautiful and fashionable. Sometimes, it is a symbol of social status and self-care.

Everywhere in the world, you will never miss anyone wearing any jewelry items, whether a ring, necklace, brooch, or bracelets. For women, jewelry is the most superlative element, and it heightens the feminine energy.

That said, you may wonder why people prefer to wear these ornaments daily. For the same reason, you may find yourself asking, ‘Why do these embellishments have such a massive impact on how the wearer looks and feels?’

Read on to find out how jewelry makes the wearer feel, to understand why it is in high demand.

  How Does Jewelry Make You Feel       

How does jewelry make you feel?

A few people claim that every piece of jewelry they choose to wear carries a part of their story, while others identify that they feel beautiful when they add a jewelry item to their outfit.

Throughout the history of the jewelry industry, people have invested in various accessories for beautification purposes.

Our ancestors used bones, animal teeth, reeds, and feathers to adorn their bodies, all the way from the royal and aristocratic families to the noble ones. When we look closely at Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can establish that we decorate ourselves for self-actualization purposes.

Jewelry breeds a sense of love and belonging. For this reason, we often choose to gift our loved ones unique ornaments. For the same reason, we wear jewelry items given to us by our loved ones. Modern-day equivalents are engagement rings, promise rings, and friendship bracelets and necklaces.

Also, embellishments are a form of self-expression and beauty. Whether we choose to wear a leather choker, a delicate chain, or a statement necklace, each one of these express who we are and reflects our personality to others around us.

Did you also know that ornaments have the potential to change the way we see ourselves? Well, when we wear specific rings, chokers, or crowns, we tend to feel empowered.

Some pieces, such as sapphire or gold rings and evil eye silver bracelets, are known to keep evil thoughts away. So, when we wear them, we are filled with an aura of positivity and vibrancy.

How Does Jewelry Make You Feel

Does jewelry make people happy?

As far as jewelry making people happy is concerned, it makes people incredibly happy when you wear them. Not only do you feel good when wearing an exquisite jewelry piece, but it also sparkles in the sunlight. Sometimes, you may find yourself amazed by your rings and bracelets when you begin to see the sparkle.

Besides being delightful pieces and adorable gems, real stones supposedly have powers. By powers, we mean high energy and healing powers because they are derived from the earth’s core. For this reason, some lab-created and man-made stones are said to have no magical powers; so, they may not necessarily make you happy as natural ones would.

Just to mention a few examples, rose quartz is supposed to be a calming and soothing stone. This means that it should keep away any negative energy. Amethyst, on the other hand, is supposed to keep you safe when you wear it.

Generally, different gemstones give off different vibes and have the potential to make you extremely happy. You may have heard some people claim that some jewelry pieces and real jewels tend to pick up the energy from their previous owner.  

That said, you are likely to experience an aura of positive energy if you purchase second-hand jewelry from a vibrant person. A few people also claim that you can recharge your jewelry items when there is a full moon. All in all, exquisite ornaments raise your vibration, give you peace of mind, and may even make you happier than you have ever been before.

How Does Jewelry Make You Feel

7 Other Good Feelings Jewelry have

When we purchase delightful jewelry pieces, we are sure that we will experience a great sense of happiness and confidence. Here are 7 other good feelings jewelry has.


1.Jewelry raises your confidence and vibrancy

Sometimes, you can always mix and match different jewelry items to brighten your outfit. When you do this, you may notice that your confidence level goes higher, and your vibration is even higher. Somehow, your day is brightened and filled with an aura of happiness and smiles.

Unique pieces tend to increase your confidence levels while, at the same time, they bring out your inner beauty.

You will always feel a great sense of power when you wear certain jewelry items. Your walk changes, so does how you talk.

And, when you wear something that your loved one has given you, you will always feel loved. When you feel loved, your vibration is higher than ever.


2.Jewelry allows you to express yourself to others

Delightful jewelry pieces can become an extension of your mind, heart, body, and soul. We all seek to express ourselves.

Sometimes, the best way to do that is to wear beautification elements and fashion statements that reveal our personality and character.

Other times, we may wear jewelry items in line with our mood when we don’t want to talk much about how we feel.

If you are feeling sentimental and grateful, you may find yourself wearing heart-shaped jewelry or rings.

If you wake up feeling in charge, you can throw on some hoops or golden ornaments to your outfit.

How Does Jewelry Make You Feel

3.Exquisite jewelry pieces feel good to the touch

How do you feel when you wear high-end watches or when you wear a colorful pair of dangling earrings to a social event? It feels great!

High-end jewelry feels original and luxurious.

It is a way to distinguish whether you are getting an absolute value for the buck or not.


4.Jewelry could have you feeling close to nature

Remember we said that most gemstones come from the earth’s core!

The serenity of nature has calming effects that are easily transferrable to our well-being.

When we wear jewelry pieces with natural stones or elements, we may feel united with mother-nature.


5.Sophisticated jewelry pieces have a magnetizing effect 

Have you ever worn a unique jewelry piece, and suddenly people are drawn to the allure of the precious gemstone? I’d say yes.

For this reason, when you wear good feelings jewelry items, your aura is filled with a sense of magnetism, and you begin to draw people close to you.

How Does Jewelry Make You Feel

6.Jewelry bonds you to others

Some jewelry items are conversation starters because every piece has its own stories.

Sometimes, it starts with a compliment.

Whatever the story is, you can form an instant connection with anyone who relates to your narrative or anyone who finds interest in the story about your favorite jewelry item.


7.Jewelry items are often a souvenir that reminds you of good times

Sometimes, it feels great when you look through your jewelry box, and you come across a necklace, ring, or bracelet that was given to you by your loved ones.

It creates nostalgia within your heart and reminds you of all the good times you had with the person.

All these memories hold a special place in your heart, and you will always feel good when you begin to look back at them.



Overall, there are several benefits to wearing elegant jewelry items and any other delightful embellishments. More often than not, exquisite jewelry pieces are great for your soul because they bring an aura of happiness and smiles into your life.

That said, good energy boosts our feelings of well-being, improves how we relate with others, and dissolves any feelings of anxiety and low esteem.

Your goal should always be to look good and feel good. If you want your loved ones to feel the same, you can always gift them a unique and brilliant jewelry piece.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!