How Do Mood Necklaces Work? – Is It Accurate?

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Mood jewelry has been around for long since when they were invented in the mid-70s when the mood ring was introduced to the market.

The mood necklace uses the same principle of operation as the mood ring and all other forms of mood jewelry.

All these jewelry pieces have been said to tell a person’s mood by changing their color. Although over the years, as people have become more knowledgeable, people have discovered that it does not tell a person’s mood.

However, it uses a material that changes color based on the body’s natural responses. In this article, we will look at the mood necklace and understand how it “senses” a person’s mood.


About mood necklaces

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

The origin of mood necklaces is not well known to many; however, all mood jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces, draw their roots from the mood ring.

The mood ring was the first ever mood jewelry to appear worldwide. It was invented by two inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, in New York. They also became the first ones to patent the design.

These rings were very common among young women who fell in love with them, enabling people to tell their moods without them saying it. Despite the priciness of the rings, people seemed to love the idea of a mood ring, making its sales skyrocket.

Over the years, many people have copied the workings of the rings and have come up with several mood jewelry, such as the mood necklace.

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

Today you can find mood jewelry in many departmental stores and online sites like Amazon and eBay.

Unlike many people who thought back when the mood ring was introduced, this mood jewelry does not change color depending on a person’s mood. Rather they are made from a thermochromic liquid crystal which changes color according to changes in temperature.

The two inventors discovered that the body has a natural tendency to change the temperature in relation to a person’s mood. Having knowledge of the thermochromic liquid crystals, they decided to explore them and sell the mood rings to the people of New York.


What is a mood necklace made of?

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

Mood necklaces come in different shapes and sizes, but all have the same basic design. They all have a thermochromic liquid crystal, a material that experiences a reversible reaction when subjected to heat that makes it change color.

This thermochromic liquid crystal is normally sandwiched between a layer of thermally conductive metal, mostly silver, and a piece of glass or plastic to offer protection from the elements.

The thermally conductive metal layer has a loop on one side where a chain can be looped through.

The thermochromic liquid crystal is the main component in the mood necklace which gives it its mood “sensing” capabilities.

This material is sandwiched between the metal piece and the glass on top because it is adversely affected by the elements. If water gets into contact with the thermochromic material it loses its ability to change color and therefore will not function as a mood necklace.

The metal casing that surrounds the thermochromic liquid crystal might be made of different materials depending on how complex the manufacturer wants it to be. However, the material always has to be a good conductor of heat so as to function properly.

For this reason, silver is the most suitable metal since it is esthetically pleasing to look at and is also among the best conductors of heat. However, other metals might be used as well as long as they are good conductors and will not react with the person’s skin.


How do mood necklaces work?

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

As discussed earlier, mood necklaces just like all other mood jewelry, function the same as the mood ring which was first invented in the 70s.

The mood necklace is made from three main components which are put together like a sandwich. A thermochromic material sandwiched between glass and a metal casing.

Scientists have discovered that when a person is happy, blood moves more toward the surface of the skin hence increasing the temperature of the skin.

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

Also, they discovered that the opposite is true when a person is sad or experiences negative emotions blood is directed away from the skin and toward internal organs making the temperature of the skin drop.

Since the necklace is in contact with the skin, it can detect all these changes in the skin’s temperature, making the thermochromic material change color accordingly.

When the body temperature increases indicating positive or happy emotions the mood necklace normally changes to a brighter color.

However, when the temperature of the body drops signaling a negative emotion, the color of the mood necklace becomes darker.


Do mood necklaces change color accurately?

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

No. The color change on a mood necklace is not accurate due to a number of reasons. First, the mood necklace is not always in contact with the person’s skin; hence the temperature fluctuations are immensely affected by the prevailing weather conditions.

Also, the mood necklace is not accurate in telling a person’s mood since the temperature of a person might not change only due to the mood. It might also change due to illnesses or weather conditions at the moment.


Mood necklace colors and meaning

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

If you have ever bought any mood jewelry, they often come with a color chart that shows in detail what every color means.

It should, however, be noted that different manufacturers use different types of thermochromic material, which would change color differently. Here are some of the standard colors and their meaning:

How Do Mood Necklaces Work

  • Black – anxious or nervous.
  • Brown- nervous.
  • Orange- mixed emotions.
  • Green- at ease.
  • Blue-green – tranquility.
  • Dark blue – happy.


For someone who likes to accessorize, the mood necklace is the perfect piece since it always has a personality of its own at different times of the day.

However, it should be noted that mood necklaces do not show the person’s mood but they just show how the person’s temperature fluctuates.

Mood necklaces come in different sizes and styles, making them perfect for people of all ages and genders as well.  

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