How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work?

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Long distance relationship bracelets, also known as bond touch bracelets, are the newest jewelry trend, and they offer the best feeling of comfort to couples who cannot see each other that often because of distance.

They are quite common with military couples and other couples in long-distance relationships, especially in the kinds of long-distance relationships where couples cannot see each other for months or years, often because of demanding careers.

While the twosomes often put in the work for their relationships to work, these relationships also require a great deal of work and compromise.

But knowing this is not enough, and couples keep searching for ways to stay connected despite the challenges faced. The bond touch bracelets offer an excellent way for couples to stay connected. But what are they?


What are long-distance touch bracelets?

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

Well, the long-distance, bond touch bracelets refer to the bracelets that allow couples to physically feel connected, despite being miles away from each other.

The bracelets will enable them to be connected from any corner of the world, and it’s all possible thanks to the power of the internet and technology, specifically, WiFi, Smartphones, and Bluetooth.

The long-distance bond touch bracelets are the modern solution to the age-old challenge involving long-distance relationships. With these bracelets, you can somehow touch your partner, despite being miles apart.


How do long-distance relationship bracelets work?

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

Despite being miles apart, each partner must have a bond touch bracelet to ensure a connection between the couple. These two bracelets work in a special way too.

When one partner in one part of the world taps the bracelet, the partner, regardless of where they are, will feel a vibration from their bracelet, and they will also see an LED glow.

This signals that he/she is on their mind, and it helps keep the relationship alive, the distance notwithstanding.

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

The bond touch bracelets were developed by a team led by Christoph Dressel, one of the founders of the company. The idea of the bracelet was born in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he established the company officially.

Dressel was looking for the most effective and meaningful way for partners to connect and for them to know that they were in each other’s minds, specifically on Valentine’s Day. And the only way possible for the couples to be able to touch each other, albeit digitally.

Bond Touch is, therefore, the perfect way for couples in long-distance relationships to remain connected. Both couples must install the Bond Touch App, which is available for Android and IOS, and set up their individual profiles; then, once done and with the apps connected, you will see an image on your phone prompting you to add the location details of where you are in the world, at that moment.

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

Once confirmed for both devices, you will be set to go. And as long as the app remains open in the background and the bracelet is on, the bracelets will remain synced, and you will be connected to your partner.

If you feel a little down or that you miss your partner, you’d need to tap the button at the top of the app, and your partner’s wrist will feel a slight vibrational sensation. The bracelet will also emit a slight glow.

Your partner, on their part, from wherever they may be, will return the favor or maybe send you a sweet text or perhaps a quick phone call. You may also like these bracelets because you can choose the bracelets in your desired matching style, matching or not.


Does anyone else use Bond Touch Bracelets?

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

But do the Touch bracelets work, and how do they work? According to users, these bracelets represent the best wrist accessories ever made.

Several couples confess to loving the bracelets a great deal and cannot imagine their lives apart without the Bond Touch bracelets.

The only catch is that you must always have your phone next to your bracelet, often within 10ft. So, despite the 15-25ft normal Bluetooth range, the 10ft range is unexpected – the range would be better.

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

The fact that you can touch the bracelet when you are thousands of miles away from your partner offers the very best way for you to stay connected. You only need to touch the top of the app, and your partner will instantly reach out to you.  

Touch bracelets are also an excellent option for couples because of their continuous BlueTooth connectivity, regardless of distance, and the only thing that you need to do is to make sure that the app is running in the background.

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

Besides the limited Bluetooth range, the touch bracelets are not available in all parts of the world. In such instances, the only way for you to get them would be ordering them from a different country and having someone get the bracelet for you – as long as the costs are reasonable.

Overall, most people who have used these bracelets claim that the bracelets are 100% worth investing in, and they are the coolest expression of love, especially if physical touch is your love language or if conventional means of communication don’t work as well.

They offer the best kind of connection for lovers, and also, they are not very expensive.


Should you buy long-distance relationship bracelets for your lover?

How Do Long Distance Relationship Bracelets Work

If you are in a long-distance relationship, the bracelet is the best thing you and your partner could get for each other.

It lights up or vibrates, and for other brands of long-distance touch bracelets, you may even get a tight squeeze from it from time to time.

All you need to do for an easy connection between each other, besides buying the bracelet, is to ensure that you are both near your phones at all times, and also, the application should be running in the background, always.



Thanks to the advancements in technology, it is now possible for your to stay in touch and to feel the touch of your partner, regardless of the distance between the two of you.

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