How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me?

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Sometimes we shy away from styles of earrings that seem different from what we are used to because we are afraid that they may not be ‘us’ or able to match your style and energy.

In doing this, we steal joy from ourselves and don’t get to experience the ultimate high level of beauty that is offered by the best varieties of earrings on the market today.

And although there are cases where our fears are warranted, perhaps because we have small or bigger ears and have been on the side of unwanted results in the past, this doesn’t mean that you should never explore.

There are numerous earring styles you could try, and we promise they would all look amazing on you if only you understood what style of earrings would suit your ears and the shape of your face.

Here is a simple guide on choosing the proper earrings for your ears to make it all easier for you.


How do I know if earrings will look good on me?

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

The rule of thumb is that earrings will look good on your if you accessorize them correctly and if they complement your face shape perfectly, meaning that you should spend time understanding the shape of your face to pick out the best earrings.

But it doesn’t end there; you should also know that earrings will always look great on you if they are well made.

Despite the temptation to buy any kind of earrings because you suspect they may look great on you or are trendy, the most important thing you should do is to spend time looking for high-quality earrings.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at some of the pointers that will help you choose the perfect earrings to match and complement your face shape.

6 tips for Choosing the Earrings For Your Face Shape


What’s your face shape?

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

First, you determine the shape of your face. If you already know your face shape, you can move to the next steps, but if you don’t, stand in front of the mirror to determine what the widest bit of your face is.

If the forehead makes up the widest section of the face, you are likely oval-face shaped, and if your face appears to be evenly proportional, it would mean that yours is a square-shaped face.

You have a round or heart-shaped face if the cheekbones are the widest. Besides the mirror, you will be happy to know that there are different online apps and filters that will accurately tell you your face shape and would be an ideal option if you don’t trust the mirror and your judgment.


The shape of the jaw

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

Having determined your face shape, the next thing to do would be to determine the shape of your jawline.

The jawline may be sharp for a square face shape, short, soft, or rounded for a rounded face, or narrow and pointy for a heart-shaped face. Once again, you could use an app or filter if you don’t trust your judgment.


Earrings for different face shapes

1. Earrings for a round-shaped face

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

Your face is round-shaped if you have broad cheekbones plus a narrow jawline. Overall, your face has soft features and few angles.

So the best earrings for you would be the long, dangling earrings because these create an illusion of a longer, lengthened face. It would be best if you avoided round hoops since these only emphasize the roundness of your face.

Some of the earring styles for you include elongated teardrop earrings, chain-bearing baubles at the end, or even earrings featuring several cascade gemstones. And to reiterate, you should avoid the round earrings as these would only echo back and reinforce your round face.


2. Earrings to wear for square face shapes

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

If your facial dimensions are similar for the jawline, forehead, and cheekbones, hence a square face, wear rounded earrings like oversized hoops and other kinds of round earrings.

The roundness of the earrings will soften your face’s natural angles while drawing attention to the earrings.You can wear round earrings like button-style earrings, pearls, or circular dangling earrings.

Hoops also work for square face shapes since they allow you to up the drama, especially with the large hoops that are flattering, fashionable, and glamorous.

However, avoid diamond and square shapes at all costs.


3. Earrings to wear for a heart-shaped face

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

As mentioned above, heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead than the cheekbones and a narrow chin. With this facial profile, the perfect earrings are wider or weighted at the bottom since they create a nice, balanced look for the face – think of a pair of dangly teardrop earrings boasting long curves for enhanced facial features.

Consider the ornate chandelier earrings, longer teardrop earrings set on diamond, metal, and gemstone styles, as these soften the appearance of your pointy chin.


4. Earrings to wear for a narrow-shaped face

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

Individuals with an oval-shaped or a narrow facial structure are easily distinguished thanks to the fact that their faces are naturally long – though the face looks a lot square-ish, it’s much more elongated, making the short, bulky, and dangly earrings the most ideal fit.

Such short and chunky or bulky pieces elevate the appearance of the wearer by softening out your facial features.

The best earring options for a narrow face include:

Round-shaped earrings like round diamond studs, pear studs, gemstone stud earrings, pearl clusters, and gemstone clusters, or any other type of button-style earrings.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the long dangling earrings, select earring styles with round shapes incorporated in them, especially the earrings that will add softness and roundness to your face, bringing out the cheekbones and making them stand out.


5. Earrings for an oval face

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

If your face is oval-shaped, you are the luckiest person since almost all earring styles look great on you. But to emphasize your best features, opt for the long teardrop earrings or the longer dangly pieces.

The wider earring styles work well for you because they help to cancel out the apparent narrowness of your face. Otherwise, you have free rein and can experiment with different styles.


6. Earrings for the diamond-shaped face

How Do I Know If Earrings Will Look Good On Me

A diamond face features prominent cheekbones and a chin and forehead area relatively narrower than the rest of the face.

For this face, your perfect earrings should accentuate the cheekbones, so settle for the longer dangling earrings to soften the curves, and avoid the diamond-shaped earrings.



Once you understand your face and what earrings help to tone down or enhance your facial features, you will never worry about wearing the wrong earrings.

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