How Bad Does it Hurt to Get Your Nipples Pierced?

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Nipple piercings have been a trend for the past five years, with more women, and men too, embracing this method of self-expression. Some love how their nipples look with a ring or barbell, while others love piercings, and this was one more area for them to get a piercing.

Whatever your reason for wanting to get a nipple earing, one of the most frequently asked questions is this; how bad does it hurt to get your nipples pierced?

For a lot of o people, this is an important question. That’s because you want to know what you’re getting into and also so that you can psychologically prepare yourself for the pain you’ll feel. Yes, nipple piercings, just like any other, are painful. Again, the question here is how bad it is? Read on to find out.


How painful is piercing your nipples?

Answering this question is complicated. Some consider the process painless; at most, they only felt a pitch, and after there was no pain, just tenderness. For another, they talk about the horror and the pain they felt, as though their nipples were constantly on fire and throbbing in pain.

One thing is common, though, when it comes to piercings; the initial pain is quite bad, but it subsides almost as immediately as the pain began. In about three seconds, or a bit more, the pain is pretty much gone.

You’re just left with the tenderness to contend with. That said, bodies are different. Some nipples are more sensitive than others, and so the person is bound to feel more pain. That said, some’s nipples never heal even after two years. If you notice that is the case, take out the jewelry and cut our losses. Sadly.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does it hurt to get your nipples pierced?

Again, when it comes to placing the pain of nipple piercing on a scale, the number you get is dependent on the person you ask. If you go to forums where the pain levels of nipple piercings get discussed, people tend to give different ratings. Some give the pain a 4/10 while others give it an 8/10. The standard narrative is that the pain is brief when you’re pierced.

The worse part of the pain comes in when the needle is piercing through the skin. You feel some resistance as the needle goes in through one side, and then it passes across the nipple and then out to the other side. For some, the first nipple that gets pierced is more painful, perhaps because of the element of surprise. For others, the second one is more painful because the adrenaline is beginning to wear off. Being aware of either of these two experiences keeps you for being too nervous; you know what coming your way.

After your nipples get pierced, the other challenge people have is its ring getting snugged on pieces of clothing. You might otherwise feel okay, but once your bra or t-shirt gets caught in the nipple ring or barbell, you’ll be very quickly reminded that you have a nipple piercing that is healing. For some, the healing time is roughly six months. For others, a year or more on, the opening would still not have healed.

If you want to reduce the pain you’ll feel after the piercing; they have to perform regular aftercare. Ensure that you do clean the area at least once a day or more at the beginning. Otherwise, you should not touch your nipples or jewelry. When you have to during cleaning, ensure that your hands are clean. That means that you’ll have to take things slow while in bed or avoid activities that might cause the nipple jewelry to move and disturb the healing process.


What is the most painful piercing you can get?

It is mostly agreed that the nipple piercing is the most painful to get. Even with that, people still go for it because they are assured that the pain will not last long. The only other time you’ll feel the pain is if your nipples bump into anything. You’ll be more aware; people report they weren’t aware of how often they bump their chest into things accidentally and lightly until they got a nipple piercing. The other part that hurts the most if you’re getting a piercing is private parts for females and also some males.

Next, when it comes to the most painful areas, we have dermal, septum, and labret piercings, all of which are piercings on the skin’s surface. The others are cartilage and nostril piercings. The reason that all these areas hurt is that they aren’t hardened like, let’s say, one’s hands, and so the nerve endings fell more than other areas.


What is the least painful piercing?

Earlobes are the least painful places to pierce so much so that kids tend to cry for a few seconds before they move on to admiring their new jewelry. Next, the lips are not considered to be as painful. Sure, your mouth will be swollen for a bit, that too will pass. In about 6-8 weeks, it is healed.  The other area that most people feel doesn’t hurt as much is the navel ring. Some people consider it to be a slight jab like a sting, and after you only feel discomfort from the soreness.



Now that you’re aware of the pain levels when it comes to nipple piercings, you can get one without having a panic attack. You can then mentally prepare yourself for the pain that you’ll experience, but that too shall pass, and fast. You can take a friend with you for moral support if you have a low pain threshold. Also, get a good piercer who gets you through the process. Also, ensure that they are professional so that they don’t mess up and make a painful process already worse.

For more nipple piercing tips, read it here. And do not forget to check our latest posts. See you guys in the next post!


Hey! I finally find the Answer!