9 Common Types of Hoop Earring Closures (With Pictures)

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If you are trying your hand at DIY jewelry making and would like to know what closures would work well for hoop earrings, we’ve got you covered with this lis list of the different types of hoop earring closures. There are different options to choose from, and at the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what would work well for you.

But first, let’s take a look at the basics of hoop earrings and all you need to know about the earring closures.

Hoop earrings are the most common type of earrings on the market today, and pretty much everyone who wears earrings has probably worn a pair of hoop earrings. Essentially, this type of earring features a thin circle wire to be worn through your ear’s permanent piercing, often on the lower earlobe.

But what differentiates the types of hoop earrings has got to be the opening and closing mechanisms of the earrings, which is why you need to look at the different types of earring hoops.

Generally, the common earring hoops are thin and made of wires between 18g and 20g – note that the bigger the number of the wire gauge, the smaller or thinner the wire is.


Types of hoop earring closures

1. Latch back

The latch back is one of the most popular options of hoop earring closures used for hoop earrings, and it’s the ideal option for use with heavy earrings like hoops and dangling earrings.

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 These earring backs feature a hinged post that is designed to attach to the metal catch.

Often, the shape of the catch will vary depending on the style of the earrings, and these latch backs can be U-shaped or loop-shaped, hence what is pretty much a basic look with the short post fitting into the loop neatly.

The lever back fastening system features a hook that goes into your earlobe and closes mechanically by the ear clip that prevents the earrings from falling off the ear.


2. Lever Backs

Also known as the ladies patent, the lever back is the most common type of lever used for hoop earrings and other earring designs.

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 Like the latch back closure, the lever back closure is a popular option for use with hoop earrings. The backings, however, are made of the hinged post and a metallic latch that attach to each other.

It also comes in different sizes and types, and though the latch backs and the saddlebacks often feature loop-shaped or U-shaped catches, the lever back has catches made of a spring and a lever for clasping the earrings together.

What this means is that this type of earring closure makes a loop, and the smaller hole on the end of the loop – that is where the rest of the earring’s gemstone attaches to the loop at some point.


3. Saddlebacks

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 This is the most common kind of closure for hoop earrings. It looks and works just like the latch back and the leverbacks thanks to the metal latch and the hinged post that enclose together.

This closure is available in different types, but the saddlebacks can be loo-shaped or U-shaped.

With this closure, the hoop is designed so that the top part is designed to sit on the earring to fit in the small hole that keeps your hoop earrings in place.


4. Classic hoops (Spring Closure)

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 The spring closure can be defined as the post or the wire that is usually inserted in the earrings’ opposite tube.


5. The French Lock

The french lock is the other kind of earring closure that features an ear wire snap that goes into the ear’s opposite bit shaped like a folk.

Today, most of the circular-shaped earrings are beyond hoops.


6. Continuous hoop

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 This earring closure for the hoop earrings has an earring post that’s designed to slide into the end of the loop.

The enclosure is hollow; it creates a completely seamless look for your earrings.


7. Omega Back

This earring closure is a hinged, o-shaped lever closure that fits the back of the earrings seamlessly.

The closure has the back bit of the earring designed to close over the post, holding it in place.


8. Snap Post

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 The snap post is the straight or curved post that goes to the back of the earrings.

The earring back snaps into the V-shaped latch, securing the earring into your earlobe rather seamlessly.


9. Hinged-hoop earrings

This earring and closure type is often thicker than most ear piercings with a thin wire that passes through the wearer’s ears.

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 On one side of the earring’s end is the thin ear wire that is hinged, and the other end is designed to fit into the earring’s other thick end.

In most cases, the slight hump on the ear wire allows for the lower portion of your earring to easily dangle from the ear.

Most of the fashion earrings have the hinged hoop earrings design, and they can fully support the full weight of the earrings easily and securely.

Other hoop earring closure types include fixed-bead earrings and captive-bead earrings.



These are some of the best options of hoop earring closures that you could choose from, and they all work great.

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