Are Hollow Gold Chains Durable?-Detailed Answer by Jeweler

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Gold chains are your best bet when you’re looking for an everyday jewelry piece. Not only are they versatile and stylish, but they are also gender-neutral. The chains come in different designs, shapes, and lengths; do it is not enough to just talk about a gold chain.

Depending on the design some gold chains will be significantly pricier than others. Take, for example, a solid gold chain and a hollow gold chain. In terms of appearance, both of them are stunning.

Hollow gold chains, however, are a popular choice for those on a limited budget. The only concern is whether or not the chain is durable, given its structure.

To answer this, this article will look at what hollow gold chains are, how they are made, and whether or not they are durable. As a bonus, we will also share with you tips on how you can store the hollow neckpiece so you can enjoy it for longer.


What Are Hollow Gold Chains Made Of?

are hollow gold chains durable

Hollow chains are made to resemble solid gold chains in appearance but are significantly lighter and cheaper. That is because such chains are designed with an empty space inside, hence the name hollow.

Owing to its design it means that less material is used to make it, hence reducing its final price. This technique was invented during a time when the price of precious metal went up and jewelers were looking for ways to cut in cost.

Although hollow chains aren’t solid, it doesn’t mean that they are not authentic gold chains. That means that despite being hollow, the chains are entirely made of gold. The gold could vary from 10K-22K, depending on the jeweler or manufacturer. As such the chain will have a hallmark indicating the type of gold used to make it.


Hollow Gold Chains Making Process

are hollow gold chains durable

Over time hollow chains have increased in complexity. There are, however, several techniques that can e employed when making hollow chains. Some of these methods include electroforming or stamping.

The latter is normally used to create matching halves that are then soldered together to create the final product. Most chains are however made from formed strips or tubes that are deformed either with a base core or directly.

Hollow chains are perhaps the most demanding forms of hollow jewelry produced. First, you will need to cast and roll your gold to a strip. From there wrap the strip around a base metal core and form it using special dies.

Keep rolling the strip into a complete wire size. Using your hand or an automatic machine, convert the wire into links, and then solder the links to form a chain. Once the chain is complete, dissolve the metal core inside so you are left with a hollow chain.


Are Hollow Gold Chains Durable? How Long Does It Last?

are hollow gold chains durable

While hollow gold chains can pass for solid gold chains based on appearance, these types of chains are very frail. That is because they are made with thinner and less metal.

In addition to that, they are hollow, meaning they can get easily dented and scratched, leading to a reduction in their resale value. Due to its flimsy nature, a hollow gold chain will wear and break easily.

So, all things considered, hollow gold chains may be light enough for casual wear, but they ate not durable.

Repairing them is also a difficult task. Most jewelers complain about how difficult it is to repair such chains without causing more damage to them. The key to keeping the chain for longer is in how you will choose to maintain it.


Hollow Gold Chains Pros And Cons

are hollow gold chains durable

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of hollow gold chains:


  • It is significantly cheaper than the solid gold chain.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is appealing and resembles a solid chain.
  • It is made from actual gold.


  • It is significantly fragile.
  • It has a lower resale value.
  • It is difficult to repair.


Tips For Storing And Maintaining Your Hollow Gold Chains

are hollow gold chains durable

Like we mentioned earlier, the key to preserving your gold chains is based on how your store and maintain them. The following are some tips you can use to help with that:

1. Hang your chains.

This is a great way of ensuring that your chain won’t get bent or tangled and still retains its shape. It also keeps it separate from other necklaces so you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, either through hooks or by purchasing a jewelry tree or stand. Also, keep the necklace in an enclosed place to avoid it getting dusty.


2. Store separately from gemstones.

If you aren’t able to hang the necklace, you can store it in a jewelry box. Just ensure you’ve carefully placed it so there are no kinks or bends.

In addition, store them separately from gemstones that could potentially scratch them. If it came in its box, that would e the best place to store it.


3. Avoid wearing it when undertaking rigorous activities.

The chain is very fragile, so any pull on it could lead to it deforming and probably breaking. Repairing such damage is near impossible.

So, it is best to wear the necklace on your chill days, when you are less active.


4. Avoid adding pendants.

While gold chains are great for making pendant necklaces, this only applies to solid gold chains. Hollow chains cannot support the weight of a pendant.

A pendant would stretch it out over time and eventually break it.



Hollow gold chains can be a great way to test out gold chains without having to spend too much money. Their lightweight makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Like all gold chains, they are easy to style and fit whatever look or setting.

You just need to be careful with storing and maintaining it. Although they are not as durable or strong, you at least get a majority of gold’s great qualities for almost a fraction of the price.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!