High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable? – How to Deal with It?

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High-waisted jeans are quite stylish, even with the younger generations like Gen Z and X portraying them as uncomfortable. The wide-legged plus the boyfriend jeans as the most comfortable and the best alternatives to the high waist jeans.

Even so, not everyone loves the high-waisted jeans, especially when they dig into your tummy and cause discomfort when seated – you’ve probably seen the memes and Tiktok videos by women disappointed by wearing ‘standing up’ pants when they should have worn the comfier pants that they can sit in comfortably, without undoing the buttons.

For context, the standing up pants are the tight high-rise or high-waist pants that feel uncomfortable when you sit down because they fit too tightly when you sit.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

Naturally, your tummy relaxes and needs more space when seated, especially if you will be eating. This doesn’t happen when you’re wearing the pants meant for walking around or standing and definitely not eating. The comfier pants that you can sit and eat comfortably are not necessarily low-waisted, but they are roomier around the waist.

With such notions, you may be wondering if you should continue wearing high-waist pants, and even if you do, what are some of the things you can do to reduce the discomfort from the high-waist pants.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

While the high-waist pants do a great job of hiding the muffin top, and you don’t have to deal with a gap on your backside if you have a big waist to hip ratio, they are not always comfortable.

We’ll be sharing tips on how to make your high-waisted jeans more comfortable, but first, what is your opinion on these pants?


Do you find high-waisted jeans comfortable or Uncomfortable?

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

Though popular, the high-waisted jeans are loved and disliked in equal measure. Some people cannot imagine their lives without a few pairs of skinny jeans, while others cannot stand wearing high-waisted jeans. Which side of this debate are you on?

You may find the high-waist jeans to be comfortable or uncomfortable depending on where the waistband falls. If the waistband falls or sits right under your boobs, the pants will not sit comfortably.

But if they sit on the right part of your torso, say on or below the navel, and not pinching on the navel, ribs, or the rib cage, they will feel comfortable.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

The comfort level of these pants will also depend on the size of the pants. If you are wearing high-waist pants that are a size small, you may only feel comfortable when standing, and maybe before you have had something to eat; sitting down and/or eating will make the pants fit tighter, and that will not feel comfortable.

High-waisted pants are also uncomfortable when you are bloated and during that time of the month. Well, at least, this is the case for many of my friends and me; the idea or thought of wearing tight clothes when menstruating and bloating is the least appealing thing.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

So, even if you have always worn high-waist pants, this would be that one time of the month that you cannot wear them because they are just uncomfortable.

It is also worth noting that the top you choose to wear with the high-waist pants will determine how the pants feel and your overall comfort levels. Some people feel great in a bodysuit with high-waist pants, while others don’t feel their best, and they’d rather tucked in t-shirts and blouses.

Whether you find the high-waist pants comfortable or uncomfortable may also depend on how you feel about your body. If you have a muffin top and your stomach rolls are protruding more when you wear other types of pants.

If you feel insecure about your body, you may find the high-waist pants more comfortable and comforting because they increase your confidence levels.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

This is not the case for everyone; though these pants may hide the rolls, not everyone finds this comforting. Even if you have a super-flat tummy and a tiny waist, the high-waist pants may not be your cup of tea. It is all a matter of personal preference and what makes you feel great in your natural skin.

So, whether you find the high-waist jeans comfortable or uncomfortable is something that depends on several other factors such as your body type, shape, overall body state, whether you’re bloated or not, if you have a medical condition, affection your stomach or not, and where the waistband sits.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

If it fits and sits softly on your waist, it will be comfortable, but it will be uncomfortable if it gets too tight and digs into your skin and other parts. Someone who is short-waisted, for example, will find the high-waist pants to be uncomfortable because they sit too close to or on the ribs, and no one wants this.


High-waisted jeans are uncomfortable when sitting

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

If the pants are very tight, they will feel uncomfortable when you sit, and in extreme cases, you may have to undo the button or loosen the belt or the zipper for some relief.

Unfortunately, whenever this happens, you may get a stomachache, or your skin may be too pinched that you end up in pain. And the sad bit is that this is the case for most high-waisted jeans because they are mostly fitted or maybe even compressive and have a tight waistband.

So, if you spend a lot of time sitting, you may want to stay away from the high-waisted jeans, especially the skinny jeans. High-waist boyfriend jeans or jeans with a more elastic waistband may be more suitable for you.


How do you sit down in high-waisted jeans?

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

Although it is generally uncomfortable to sit for long when wearing high-waisted jeans, it is not impossible to sit comfortably when wearing high-waisted jeans.

  • For comfort, the first thing you need to know is your waist size; you may be short or long-waisted, meaning that the recommended 9”, 10”, 11”, or 12” may qualify as high-rise for you depending on your body type and shape. So, don’t go with what a brand says is a high-rise, but choose the high-rise jeans depending on your body. Based on your body type/shape, the right rise for the pants means that the pants will not sit too high on your stomach or ribs, too low, or too tight.
  • Also, choose pants that fit comfortably. By this, we mean that your pants should not be too tight and also not too loose, but loose enough to give you more than enough wiggle room.
  • You may also want to choose paper bag pants; these are just so much more comfortable.
  • And avoid buying high-waist pants that are 1 or 2 sizes smaller.


Why are high-rise pants so uncomfortable?

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

High-rise pants are mostly very uncomfortable because if you pick the wrong size and get the wrong rise for the pants, they will sit on the wrong part of your body, causing significant discomfort.

In most instances, these pants will dig into your tummy and the diaphragm, leaving you in pain. However, if the pants fit right, are not too loose or too tight, and sit on your navel or your natural waist, you shouldn’t feel too much discomfort.


How can I make high-waisted jeans more comfortable?

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

As mentioned above, there are things you can do to ensure a more comfortable fit for your high-waisted jeans. These include:

  • Is it really a mid-rise pair of jeans? Depending on your physique, a high-rise pair of jeans could be the medium-rise pants offered by a brand. Like our bodies, there is no standard. So, first, take measurements of your body.
  • Pull the pants down a bit. The trick to looking great and being comfortable in high-rise pants is to pull them down to fit somewhat loosely but very comfortably. Wearing the pants too high feels uncomfortable, and it may throw off your body shape, making you look unstylish. This also helps to create balance, especially if you have long legs.

High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable

  • Wear it on your natural waist or slightly above the navel; basically, any section of your midsection will allow for an accentuated waistline and curves.
  • Pockets – get jeans with smaller, high-set pockets so that when you pull down the pants, they still look like they are actually on your bottom and not sagging. These pockets are also more flattering on your bottoms.
  • Shorter pants – opt for ankle jeans or fold them for a more balanced look and avoid the all-legs and bottom look. With shorter inseams, your legs won’t look too long, and you just look more stylish while showing off your shoes.

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High-waisted Jeans Uncomfortable



High-waist jeans may feel uncomfortable if too tight or worn too high, but they can be comfortable if you follow the tips shared above.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!