Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything? (Quick Answer)

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So, you have this old class ring, and your finances are erring on the side of nil, and things being the way they are, you are wondering if you could get a bit of money from selling it.

But before you put it on the market, you’d like to know if the ring is really worth much or anything at all.

Well, this article shares insights into everything you should know about your high school class ring and its value. So, keep reading!


Are high school class rings worth anything?

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

Well, the truth is that your high school class ring will always have some value, and this is because the best of class rings are made of valuable precious metals like sterling silver or gold.

Even 10k gold rings are valuable because even with the low content of gold, 10k gold still contains about 41.8% of pure gold, which raises the value of the 10k gold significantly.

So, if your ring has been sitting in the jewelry box for years and you are wondering if you can get some money from selling it, then you will be happy to know that the ring would be worth something.

The best gold or sterling silver rings will be valued based on their weight, and given the precious metals on the market today; you only need to find a reputable buyer or jeweler then put it up for sale.

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

The ring will be weighed using a calibrated weighing scale, where the weight will be measured in grams or in pennyweights.

In addition to the value of the precious metal and its purity level, the other things that would increase the value of the class ring include the design of the ring, the school it was from, and in some cases, the gemstone that’s been incorporated into ring.

In the case of a precious gemstone, the value of the high school ring will also go up. To make sure that you get the best value from your ring, take it to an expert jeweler for valuation, then decide if you still wish to sell it or not.

Keep in mind that while people often buy graduation or high school rings to commemorate the times of their lives in the school, the ring can still be worth a considerable amount of money.

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

Essentially, the value of these rings come from:

I. The fact that the ring carries all the memories from your lifetime, or high school, meaning you get to look back at your time in high school fondly. The ring is also a symbol of your youth as you’re right on the cusp of adulthood. So, as time passes, your life will go on, but the ring will be a wonderful reminder of your high school life – especially if it was memorable. In such cases, you will be so happy you purchased the ring.

II. There is also the fact that the best of high school class rings are made of the best quality materials. The best of class rings are made of good quality sterling silver and gold, and this means that the rings are literally made to last forever. The best of these rings will make no rust, show changes in color, or discolor your fingers.

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

III. Good way of celebrating your accomplishments. Think of the class ring as a portfolio wearable on your finger. It could be customizable, and the best part is that you get to celebrate your best accomplishments in high school – think about your favorite subjects, clubs, and activities you participated in, and everything else you may have participated in, or what made your life school more fun.

The other advantages of class rings include the facts that the ring carries a huge history as it’s rooted in tradition and it’s a totally different experience.

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

That said, did you know that the class ring tradition started decades ago in Virginia Tech in 1911, and the school would then go on to make this a tradition. It was then picked up by the rest of the country.

This ring was referred to as the ring dance as part of the school’s dance tradition, and it was an important part of the ring dance ceremony where the ring was used as a sign of transition as the juniors transitioned to senior school. Today, the ring serves the same purpose, and it’s more widespread throughout the country.


How much is a class ring worth?

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

It depends on the actual value of the metal that the ring is made of, the history of the school, and the name of the school.


How many grams does a class ring weigh?

Most class rings weigh about 18g – 20g.

Are High School Class Rings Worth Anything

How much is a class ring worth at a pawn shop?

The price is dependent on the value of the ring, and most of the class rings made of gold or sterling silver are worth a few hundred dollars.

However, class rings from WWII from one of the most elite schools have been sold for at least $10,000.



If you have been wondering if your class ring is worth much, you will be happy to know that the ring is worth something, maybe even more than you expected it to be worth.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!