11 High-Quality Body Jewelry Brands You Can Try in 2024

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Whether you’re getting your first piercing, getting a new addition to your body, or want to start a jewelry collection, you’ve come to the right place.

More people are realizing and being vocal about the quality of the jewelry they have, particularly after a bad experience with cheap and low-quality piercing jewelry.

Here are going to look at some high-quality brands that you can check out online for your body piercing needs.

 High-Quality Body Jewelry Brands

You’ll get a lot of variety in terms of style and material and, ultimately, the right kind of jewelry for you.

We’ve given you information about the brands so that you can get a feel of if they are the ones you want to purchase from.


High-quality body jewelry brands

1. Ruifan Body Jewelry

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Amazon.com rates Ruifan among the Top Rated sellers. They’ve been on the platform since 2016, but even then, they’ve had a lot of success.

As the years go by, their rantings have improved based on the number of positive reviews they are getting.

Ruifan Body Jewelry does have a variety of items that include clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

In terms of jewelry, there’s quite an extensive list of things you can get.

Examples include septum earring, a labret Monroe earring, curved barbell, and even eyebrow earrings.

From what they have, you can get any jewelry you want as per the kind of piercing you have on any part of your body.

The jewelry is also made using an assortment of materials, including stainless steel and even plastic.


2. Forbidden Body Jewelry

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This company is also among the top 100 sellers on Amazon.com under the jewelry category.

Aside from the platform, they are also a premier online retailer when it comes to body piercing jewelry.

Forbidden Body Jewelry is based in the USA and has been around since 2013, and they pride themselves in unmatched quality, style, and customer service.

FBJ also uses high-grade materials that they’ll test routinely to ensure they meet the safety and function requirements in body jewelry.

Some of the materials used are 14k white and yellow gold, PTFE, Titanium, 925 Sterling silver, 316L surgical steel, among others.

If you’re not sure what you get, you can always reach out to their team for recommendations.


3. Vcmart

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Vcmart is another popular brand not only on Amazon but also online and credits its success on being customer-oriented.

They sell body jewelry made from different high-quality materials and at different styles.

The metals they use include Titanium, 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, 14k Gold, and 925 Sterling Silver.

The prices are also low, so you’ll find some affordable pieces from Vcmart.

When it comes to body piercings, this company also has you sorted. You can get anything from belly button rings and chains, tongue jewelry, eyebrow barbells and rings, navel jewelry, ear jewelry, spikes, balls, labrets, nipple rings, nose studs, and many more.

The jewelry comes in an array of styles from simple to unique.

There are collections featuring collaborations with Swarovski Crystals, Pokemon, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, NFL, NHL, MBA, and others.


4. Crazy Piercing

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

This here is also another notable brand on Amazon that you can purchase your piercing jewelry from.

Crazy Piercing has quite the collections under their piercing jewelry tab.

They include belly rings, tongue rings, tragus and labret rings, and also eyebrow and nipple rings.

There are also gauges kits available for those interested.

When you browse the items, you’ll also notice that you do have quite a few options on your hands in terms of jewelry material.

You get them in acrylic, stainless steel, and surgical steel.

The most commonly used stone is quality cubic zirconia, and you’ll get them in a variety of colors.

You’re assured that you’ll get something stylish that suits you.



 High-Quality Body Jewelry Brands

What’s different about ANATOMETAL is they are committed to using current technology coupled with research and advanced manufacturing techniques to the jewelry they produce.

They also have a staff of professional pierces that can leverage both their experience in body piercing and passion for piercing to get you among the best products in the market.

The company uses implant grade materials to make quality and classic designed body piercing jewelry.

Another aspect that makes the company worth naming is this US-based company been around since 1991 and has a ton of experience behind them.

ANATOMETAL has also been in affiliation with the Association of Professional Piercers from the beginning.


6. Avanti Body Piercing & Jewelry

High-Quality Body Jewelry Brand

This next brand has its humble beginnings in 2007 and is committed to producing innovative body jewelry.

What you’ll notice about them is they are dedicated to the ultimate experience both in-studio and online.

You can reach them with any kind of query, and you’ll get a response.

The Avanti website also has a blog section about everything piercings.

The jewelry the company produces is professional-grade jewelry and thus safe to wear inside your body.

They use bio-compatible materials like implant grade titanium, stainless steel, niobium, borosilicate glass, and nickel-free 14k and 18k solid gold.

Overall, they adhere to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Initial Jewelry Standards.


7. Starfire Body Jewelry Company

Starfire is somewhat different as a brand because they also go out and actively engage with people who want piercings.

However, from the website, you can purchase quality jewelry from them.

As per the brand, they only work with suppliers who have Mill Certificates to guarantee that they are getting implant-grade stainless steel.

The brand doesn’t produce any jewelry; instead, they source it for manufacturers.

You’re assured that they are getting the best in the market to ensure that you don’t end up with any rejections.

They understand that not everyone can wear cheap jewelry and get away without any issues, so they go the extra mile to source for quality products.


8. Bodyartforms

This company started in 2001 by two sisters who’ve kept the family business going.

They started in the living room to now having a 9100 square foot facility and employees that keep the company going.

The company does use a ton of different materials for their jewelry, and you’re assured you’ll find something.

They include 316L stainless steel, implant grade steel, titanium, acrylic, PTFE, flexible plastic, quartz glass, niobium, gold, sterling silver, etc.

You’ll also note that Bodyartforms are environmentally conscious and will offer you biodegradable options at checkout for packaging purposes.

At the checkout page, you’ll also note that there is a donation icon where once you donate, they match the money and give it to various charities they believe in.


9. Siren Body Jewelry

The founder is passionate about creating body jewelry of outstanding quality and also educating people about piercings.

You’ll even notice that under each category, you’re told a bit about the jewelry and given recommendations.

There’s equally additional information on the blog.

The primary material used to make the jewelry is titanium though there are some silicone pieces.

Something to note is that Siren Body Jewelry ionized all their jewelry.

You can get your hands on 12 different colors that will suit your taste.

There’s also a variety of styles under all the different categories of body piercings.


10. Diablo Body Jewelry

This business has been around since 2001and has professional pierces in their staff that, when combined, have 50 years’ worth of experience.

The website only features American made professional brands, so you’re always assured when it comes to quality.

You’re also free to ask them for a custom piece of jewelry if you do need one.

The timeline is dependent on the company you wish to get your jewelry from, but they tend to take between 2-16 weeks.

The materials you can get from their store include gold, titanium, niobium, surgical steel, and silicone, only to mention a few.

Diablo Body Jewelry does also produces its own organic body jewelry. However, these are not ideal for those who do have a fresh piercing.


11. Body candy

Last on the list, we have Body Candy. They are equally dedicated to quality products and customer service.

Their jewelry selection includes materials made from 925 sterling silver, 316L surgical grade stainless steel, solid titanium, and solid 14k gold.

You also get a wide variety of jewelry piercings that include belly button rings, eyebrow rings and barbless, tongue jewelry, balls, spikes, nose studs, nipple rings, and ear jewelry.

When it comes to designs, you can get something simple and classic or those that dangled.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can opt for their unique handcrafted creations with Swarovski Crystals.

Body Candy also has lines from Pokemon, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, MBA, NFL, and NHL.



This list isn’t comprised of all the high-quality brands of body jewelry in the market, but it’s a sure good place to start.

You’re also guaranteed to get you items that will keep you going for years.

For more trusted buying guides, read more here. or visit our latest posts for more.

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