Hey Bracelet vs Bond Touch – Which One is For You?

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Have you been caught in the dilemma of choosing between the Hey bracelet and the bond touch bracelet?

If yes, you clearly understand how this can be confusing. The mere thought of picking one over the other is very hard. Well, many people are faced with this state of affairs.

Most people if not all, when faced with this circumstance are always on the go to find out which between the two bracelets is superior.

Don’t worry we are here for you. This article will help you know what the two bracelet entails, their pros and cons, and how the two are compared.


Hey bracelet introduction

Hey Bracelet

Hey bracelet is among the wearables that mimics human touch through the production of a gentle squeeze.

Hey bracelet can send touch over distance so that you can be in a position to feel your loved one where they are. All you need to do is gently squeeze your bracelet and allow the other person to pour out their hearts to you.

You may be wondering how Hey work. So, you know, it uses a very clever layout of sensors that can detect when you touch your bracelet.

This special touch is sent through Bluetooth to your smartphone together with your Hey app which in turn sends the touch to the other phone and bracelet that is connected via the internet.

Hey Bracelet

Hey can use a small yet very powerful motor to pull part of the bracelet into the casing thus producing a gentle squeeze.

Hey bracelet is made of silicone and ABS plastic. Its dimensions are height Hey body is 1.4cm, length hey body is 5.5 cm and total length is 23.5cm. one thing to also note is that there is no distance limit on Hey.

The Hey bracelet is supported by an internet connection, which makes it has no distance limit between the two bracelets. The only thing for you to do is to make sure that your smartphone is well connected to the internet and bracelet via Bluetooth.

Hey Bracelet

In regards to the distance between the bracelet and the phone, it will depend on the Bluetooth connection. The Hey Bluetooth range is about 5 meters on average. You should be aware that objects present within the range of your bracelet and phone may have an impact on the signal.

You can also charge your Hey bracelet which only takes two hours for it to have a full charge. When you are using the battery life will take between 1 to 2 days, but its battery life can take a maximum of 3 days.

Additionally, Hey bracelet only works with Android and iOS phones. Another amazing feature about Hey bracelet is that it is weatherproof and you do need not to bring your umbrella. The bracelet does not buzz or vibrate it just produces a gentle squeeze.


Pros and cons of Hey bracelet

Pros of Hey bracelet

Hey Bracelet

The Hey bracelet comes with a very stylish finish making you feel comfortable while maintaining a classic look.

The bracelet is weatherproof and you can wear it in any weather condition without worrying about it getting damaged.

It has no vibration or buzz. You will not get the nuisance of vibration or buzzing when using this bracelet, it only produces a gentle touch.

The Hey Bracelet is easy to use as it does not require any special technique to use it.

It is quick to activate and will not require an expert to do the activation


Cons of Hey bracelet

Hey Bracelet

The Hey bracelet requires that you keep your smartphone nearby for Bluetooth connection.

So, if your phone has some issues the bracelet will not work properly.

Well, the bracelet has a short battery life of 1 to 2 days which may be ideal for some people.


Bond Touch introduction

Bond Touch

Bond Touch bracelet is a wearable device that allows partners to feel the touch of each other through vibration and LED glow signals.

When you tap your bracelet, your partner will be able to feel that through the Bond touch bracelet.

A Bond Touch bracelet enables couples to feel a physical connection from almost everywhere in the world. This is made possible with the use of smartphones, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Each set of bond touch bracelets comes as a pair, that allows you to have one while the other one you give to your partner. This bracelet allows you to connect with your partner if they are away at school, business, deployed, or traveling for vacation.

Bond Touch

Once you acquire your Bond touch bracelet, you will give a solid charge. After which you will install the free Bond Touch app which is available on Google Play and iOS then set up your profiles.

You will see an image on your phone, add your current location together with other information. When the app is opened in the background you will stay synced to your loved one.

Bond Touch

When you gently touch the button at the top your partner will feel a slight sensation on their wrist and the bracelet will give out a brief glow. Your partner will also do the same for you to feel their touch.

 The Bond Touch bracelet is made of stainless steel, #7 plastic, and TPU materials. It is waterproof and contains a charm dimension of 1.45″ in length, 0.78″ in width and 0.59″ in height, and a band length of 9.5″. you can purchase the Bond Touch bracelet with varieties of color options to choose from.


Pros and cons of Bond Touch bracelet

Pros of Bond Touch bracelet

Bond Touch

Bond Touch bracelet is super simple to install and pair up. It will take you a limited amount of time to do the setup and pairing process.

The bracelet gives you eight different band colors for you to choose from.

The Bond Touch bracelet is waterproof and is ideal to be used in any environment that has water.


Cons of Bond Touch bracelet

Bond Touch

The Bond Touch bracelet is not able to send touches to your partner if you set up your smartphone to do not disturb mode.

Additionally, touches won’t be sent or received if you turn on the low power mode.


Hey Bracelet vs Bond Touch

Hey Bracelet

Physiologically we all need human touch that is the way that we connect. With the advancement in technology, we can now feel the touch of other people through the use of bracelets.

With the increased bracelets to imitate the sensation of human touch, there is increased competition. We will look at how Hey bracelet stands up against Bond Touch.



Hey Bracelet

Hey bracelet and Bond Touch are all wearables that mimic the human touch feeling the two have a difference in terms of aesthetic standpoint.

Hey bracelet only comes with a limited color choice while Bond Touch has different colors to choose from. Bond Touch allows its customers to come up with the design of their bracelets.

Hey bracelets are bulky with limited decorations while Bond Touch has beads that make the bracelet look stylish. In terms of style Bond Touch wins.


Setting Up the Bracelets to Work

Bond Touch

Setting up the Hey Bracelet and Bond Touch is almost similar. You begin by downloading their respective apps to your smartphone.

Both apps are available for iOS and Android and Bluetooth is used to connect the bands to their app.

This only means that you must keep your smartphone nearby to allow you to send or receive a touch.

When it comes to setting up the bracelets to work hey Bracelet and Bond Touch score the same.



Bond Touch

Hey Bracelet is activated when the wearer gives a slight squeeze which will then send a signal to the other person who is wearing it while the Bond Touch is activated when you press a small sensor that looks like a button.

So, when you are sending touch signals to remind your partner that you are thinking of them both bracelets are easy to activate.


Technical parts

Hey Bracelet

The Hey Bracelet has been designed to ensure that accidental touches do not occur. For you to send a message, you must touch the bracelet at two discrete points.

Hey bracelet is weatherproof and quick and the charge will last between 1 to 2 days. Bond Touch is waterproof and can last up to 5 days with a single charge but that will depend on the usage.

Both the bracelets show the distance between the wearers, which is a plus for both of them.


Hey bracelet vs bond touch – Which one is for You?

Bond Touch

The idea of bracelets that mimic human touch is great. As you have noted both Hey bracelet and Bond Touch are almost similar in many aspects with very minimal difference.

It would be a good idea if the two merge to give the customer a perfect bracelet. It is difficult to say which one is superior, however, I will recommend you check both products so that you can form your own opinion.



Hey bracelet and Bond Touch are very important in keeping you and your partner connected by just feeling the touch of one using these bracelets.

Despite both of them delivering touches they have their pros and cons. However, they score the same marks in most aspects.

To get the best bracelet between the two I suggest you go through each of them and select the one that will take care of your needs.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!