5 Tips for Guys Who Wearing or Want to Wear Chokers

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So, guys wearing chokers is a thing now. Yes, the internet might have admonished men for wearing chokers and asked them to stay away from chokers, but it appears that nothing is stopping guys who love to accessorize from wearing chokers.

What this means is that despite the societal and cultural beliefs/ norms around what kind of accessories men can (cannot) wear, it’s time we accepted the wide variety of versatile jewelry designs worn by men, including the chokers.

If you are a guy who is into chokers and other fashion/ jewelry accessories not considered conventional, this article is for you. Here, we’ll look at the tips that will guide you when accessorizing with chokers, along with some additional information you may need to know about chokers for males.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Why is everyone wearing chokers?

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Women and men are wearing chokers today, more than ever, primarily because it is a stylish accessory. This means that the popular beliefs around chokers and the old belief that wearing chokers represents the wearer’s sexual submissiveness are contrarian, and if you like chokers as a fashion statement, you can wear them.

The choker, whether embellished or not, metallic or made of certain fabric, is a very stunning (sexy) accessory that you could wear daily or on occasion. It is a versatile accessory that you can wear whenever – you only need to choose your preferred style and color. The choker can be black and thick, and it may be embellished or not.

For men who are now very much into chokers, they note that this accessory is now a thing, and though some of them have been rocking chokers for years, it’s only now that the world is really noticing.

Perhaps because of an increase in the number of men wearing chokers in all styles, from the red bandanas and pink velvets to the buckled vintage leather chokers, among others. Models are also wearing chokers, but the sexual aspects of chokers still linger, especially where the chokers are considered elegant yet fetishistic.


Should guys wear chokers?

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 No one can police what the other chooses to wear, which is why we believe that if a guy wishes to wear chokers, they should.

There really is no reason why guys shouldn’t wear chokers, as long you are comfortable in it because the selected choker matches your style.

Most chokers worn by guys tend to be slender and quite tasteful, and they are made of silver, platinum, or gold.


Why do guys wear chokers?

Most guys will wear chokers because it is a style option that allows them to express who they are in the best ways possible. Guys that wear chokers consider the chokers an important part of their personal style, and it’s also something they are comfortable in.

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 Despite the backlash that most men receive for wearing chokers, this accessory is worn by all men, particularly the guys regarded as ‘real men’ because it is an important part of who they are. It’s interesting to note that the Native American Warriors are said to have worn chokers for many decades, and they wore chokers made of bone and/or glass beads during tribal ceremonies and in battle. No one is going to battle today, but wearing the choker is just an appreciation of style because it is something that has been around for a really long time.

The younger and older guys who like chokers may have also chosen to wear the chokers because they were inspired by legendary pop and rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, John Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Presley, and David Bowie. Other pop stars who have been seen donning chokers include Harry Styles, Prince, Jared Leto, and N*Sync.  Therefore, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise when men wear chokers.

Keep in mind that gendering styles and accessories and also shaming people who choose to step out of the boxes we’ve been made to live in or around, albeit arbitrarily, is quite ridiculous and should be done away with.


What does it mean when a guy wears a choker?

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 Though you won’t see men in chokers every day, a guy who chooses to wear a choker is not really trying to communicate something specific (sex-related).

We’d like to think that when a guy wears a choker, it means that the guy likes chokers as accessories and how they look in them.

In any case, a black-leather-studded choker could mean that the wearer is into gothic or punk styles and nothing more.

No one should care about the meaning behind a guy wearing a choker.


Tips for guys who want to wear a choker

If you are a guy who likes to or wants to wear a choker, here are some tips to guide you pull off the look perfectly and seamlessly.

  1. Pick a style that matches your personality.
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 When it comes to choosing accessories, one of the most important considerations you need to keep in mind is how that accessory makes you feel, vis-à-vis, how that choker suits your personality or who you are.

So, in as much as the chokers come in an endless array of styles you could choose from, all tastefully made in platinum, gold, or silver, you should only pick and wear a choker that matches who you are.

If you are bold and confident, for example, you could wear an omega choker with thousands of small interlocking metallic pieces, and you will look perfectly stylish and more confident.


  1. Don’t overdo it

Even if you are confident that you could pull off the chunky or wide choker necklace look, you should avoid the bulky, super-sized chokers.

They look bad, and we don’t think you can pull off the look, even if you are the boldest and the baddest person in the room.


  1. Choose meaningful charms for the choker.

If you want to add a little personality to your choker and you’re thinking of wearing one with a small charm, consider choosing one with a small, meaningful charm.

Metallics and leather mix for a more urban-edge aesthetic

For an edgy look, you should consider blending one or more metallic chain necklaces with your leather choker necklace. Don’t forget to throw a black leather jacket on to complete the look.

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  1. Choose the right length and width.

Before you buy a choker, you should measure the length of your neck. You will need to add an additional 2″ to the length of your neck to the chain for a more comfortable fit.

Regarding the width of the choker, you can opt for a thicker choker if you are going for a bold statement piece or a thinner choker made of simpler materials if you want a more subtle look.


  1. Select a color

You could wear a choker that comes in a more neutral color or something more colorful. Your decision will be based on your skin tone and the intended or desired look or what you feel good about.



If you are a guy who is into wearing chokers, the tips above will ensure that you always look stylish. But also, be confident in yourself and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about you wearing a choker.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!