Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?(With Actionable Tips)

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You may not be into promise rings, and you may think that the promise rings are tacky and kids, but you already know that there is a whole world where adults, males, and females, still exchange promise rings.

But you may be wondering if the promise rings should be worn by males too.

Well, if this is something that you have been debating, this article will help shed light on what you should know about guys wearing promise rings. So, keep reading!


Is it weird for a guy to wear a promise ring?

Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?

Well, while some people may not be in support of promise rings, the truth is that the promise rings are no really meant to be worn exclusively by women.

And in some cases, you may find scenarios where the promise rings are worn by men and women, especially where the promise rings are bought as sets.

In such cases, I would opt to wear the simpler bands to share in the promise, while the females would opt for the pieces with more embellishments.

Essentially, there are no hard/ fast rules regarding how or where guys should wear promise rings.


Can a guy wear a promise ring?

Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?

Absolutely. With promise, rings have been back in vogue for some years now; you may expect that the rings can be worn by men too.

You may have seen the Jonas Brothers wearing their promise rings. Today, however, the idea behind promise rings is more than a vow of chastity, and they represent a symbol of commitment and love between two individuals. Traditionally, the promise rings would be worn by women, but yes, men could wear the promise rings too.

If you are a millennial couple looking for a new way of showcasing your relationship, preferably before your formal engagement, then the promise ring might be a great way for you to show commitment, exclusivity, and fidelity. And with the shifting gender roles, there is an increasing number of mean wearing fine jewelry as promise rings too.

The good news is that there is a large style variety for the promise rings, and men get to choose not just the design of the promise rings but also the metal choices and the ring styles, depending on how simple and sophisticated you could be.

That said, promise rings, whether worn by men or women, shouldn’t be over-the-top. Since most people view the promise rings as pre-engagement rings, you should invest in a reasonably priced ring that isn’t too expensive or too big.


How do guys feel about promise rings?

Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?

While some men may shy away from wearing jewelry, a good number of them will not mind wearing good quality jewelry if it is meaningful. In most cases, jewelry options like promise rings are acceptable to most men primarily because the promise ring represents a way of showing their commitment to their partner. In most cases, men wearing promise rings is nothing for men to be ashamed of.

It’s interesting to note that if you feel hesitant about wearing the ring, then you may want to talk things over about you not being ready to commit. By the time you are exchanging a promise ring, you should both be sure about the relationship and your intentions to make things work.

That said, you need to keep in mind that not all men that resist wearing the promise rings are actually afraid of making a commitment, especially because many men were raised on the belief that women are the ones who are supposed to wear the ring. Tradition is rather flawed, though, and men can still wear the promise rings if they choose to. Keep in mind that the posy rings from the 1800s were an actual exchange between men and women.

For guys who don’t like jewelry but don’t mind showing their commitment to each other using a ring, the promise ring would be a good idea, albeit in a more simple and subtle design.

Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?

What finger do guys wear promise rings on?

There are no hard/fast rules regarding which finger one wears the promise ring on. Generally, the promise ring is worn on the left hand’s ring finger, but you could also wear it on your right hand, on the ring finger. Men also have the option of wearing the ring around the chain on their necks too.


 Tips for guys wearing a promise ring

  1. Ring on your chain

If you are interested in wearing the promise ring but you cannot keep it around your fingers because of the kind of work you do, you may want to wear the ring around the chain from where you could elevate the ring. This is actually one of the most popular ring-wearing styles for men and even women today, especially if wearing the ring on your hand puts you at risk.


  1. The hand you wear the ring on doesn’t really matter.

There are no hard or fast rules about the promise ring and the finger you choose to wear it on. While some individuals opt to wear the ring on specific fingers because of the associated symbolism, this is not always the case, at least not for everyone. However, you should think of wearing the promise ring on the finger that is of significance to you.

To keep the ring culturally and traditionally relevant, you may wear it on your left finger. In most cultures, wearing the ring on your left hand signifies that the wearer is spoken for or unavailable.

Some men also choose to wear the promise ring on their middle finger, especially because wearing a ring on the middle finger might feel a little more comfortable.

In some cases, wearing the ring on the right or left finger will depend on which your dominant hand is – if you are left-handed, for example, you may have to wear the ring on your right hand even if the left hand would be the most practical option for you.

Can A Guy Wear A Promise Ring?

  1. Take the design of the ring into consideration.

In most cases, a promise ring is meant to be a meaningful yet simple accessory, which can be worn by men and women.

While there are several styles and designs of promise rings, you may want to wear the ring whose design matches your style and personality preferences.

Some of the best ring designs that you could opt for include the eternity rings or Claddagh rings, perhaps even a ring with some composite or mosaic stones.


  1. It’s all about the meaning/ significance of the ring

Whatever ring design you choose, you need to keep in mind that the ring’s design is not that much as important as the significance of that ring. The promise ring is a sign of your commitment to each other, and the design might not be that important.


  1. Get a ring that matches your style.

This is an important consideration, and you need to make sure that the ring matches your style. For this to happen, make sure that you have a talk about this with your partner. At the end of the day, you want to wear a piece of jewelry that you actually like.



Guys can wear promise rings in the same way women can. Although this might not be an easy subject to brooch at first, especially if your partner isn’t that much into jewelry, be open about things and talk about what you’d like. You could buy a set of promise rings too.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!