7 Great Companies You Can Buy High-Quality Class Ring

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For most American schools, class rings represent an important rite of passage. This practice is over a century old, and it dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptian times where individuals from specific classes in society would wear the rings to identify them as persons belonging to a different group.

However, it wasn’t until 1935 when the ring was introduced in the Elite Marine School to represent graduation from the elite marine school. Since then, an increasing number of institutions have taken on the use of class rings as a celebration of graduation from high school or college.

But if you are looking for the best class rings, you have to make sure that you are buying the ring from a reputable seller. And in this piece, we’ll be taking you through 7 of the best companies you should buy your class rings from. So, let’s get started!



Jostens is one of the most reputable class ring design companies on the market today, and they offer the best range of class rings or class jewelry on the market today.

And if you are looking to customize your class jewelry, then Jostens would be the best place for you to kick off your search for the class rings.

Established in 1897 by the then jeweler Otto Josten, the primary intention of Jostens was to help high school students easily preserved the memories of their lives most important memories; hence the inception of the idea of high school class rings as cultural icons.

Over the years, the idea of class rings has really grown, and over the years, the rings have allowed students across the country to celebrate different milestones, thanks to Josten’s uniquely designed rings.

Jostens continues to live by its mission to capture, celebrate, and inspire through the use of the most recognized moments.

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One of the things that stands out the most from Jostens’ range of class rings is the wide range of very uniquely and elegantly designed class rings. Anyone looking for class rings can get the rings customized just for them, but if this is not the option you want, you could opt for the new era of elegant class rings known as the Insignia Class Bands and the Odyssey Class Rings.

These are stunning collections of rings that also come with a personalization option. These rings offer the best possible feeling of achievement, and whether you are looking for the best jewelry options for men or women, Jostens offers something for everyone.

In addition to the unique ring designs, Jostens prides itself in the creation of the best quality class rings that are made of durable and elegant materials such as sterling silver, forged iron, copper/rose gold, white lustrium, and also the best silver.

For anyone with a smaller budget, you could opt for the gold-plated ring options. They also feature a luxury range of class rings that are made in the best of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Essentially, the metals are used to determine the price of the rings, as well as the status that is carried by the said ring.

The premium class of rings offered by Jostens is classified into 3 categories – Silver Elite made of rhodium and palladium plating, DualCast that features a two-tone finish from the combination of 10k yellow gold with white Lustrium, and finally, and finally Solaris Elite that is a blend of silver plus other non-precious metals.

The other options available are the deluxe metals that are made of (Forged iron, FIrecast, Shadowcast, CamoCast, and SunCast), and finally, the class rings made of the classic metals such as white lustrium, sterling silver, and 14k plated yellow gold.

You could also choose class rings from the collections available, for example, the Achiever’s Collection, Heritage, Signature, Varsity, Luxe, and the Odyssey collections. There also is the patent-pending class band collection.

So, how much do Jostens’ class rings cost? Ideally, the worth of the rings is determined by the features on the ring and the material the ring is made of. So, a solid gold ring would cost a few hundred dollars depending on the market value of a gram of solid gold.

Generally, the ring would cost a few tens of dollars to some hundreds of dollars. And as expected, getting a customized ring would cost a little more. Therefore, your budget would be a great start for you, especially if you are not sure what ring you can afford.



Balfour is the other highly reputable jewelry brand that is known for its class rings. The brands boast a wide product range for you to choose from, and there is something for everyone.

Balfour is one of the top brands under the American Achievement Corporation (AAC) that was established back in 1913.

The company is a big brand name, boasting a long, successful story build around the development of the best quality rings to mark life achievements and special moments.

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 Notably, the American Achievement Corporation is among the world’s largest High School and Collegiate commencement services company, whose primary mission is to allow students and their families to celebrate their lives’ biggest, most meaningful moments.

Balfour is, therefore, just one of the leading brands under the AAC, but they do offer the best options for class rings.  

The available options include the Traditional high school class rings that come in 534 unique styles, as well as the Kendra Scott, Liz James, Journey, and Balfour’s University Collections.

Balfour offers a wide range of ring options to all its customers, and you only need to give them your school details for personalization.

Whether you are looking for a signet ring or more of a high school ring, Balfour has exactly what you need. Their class ring options are also reasonably priced, and you will find a nice ring option from $199 to about $400.

They are all available in different designs and made of different materials, meaning that there is something for everyone.


3.Herff JONES

To celebrate your achievements and keep your memories forever, a class ring would be the best jewelry option for you.

And Herff Jones is one of the companies known for some of the best options of class rings.

In addition to giving you an option of personalizing your class ring, you could also get class necklaces that allow you to commemorate your special day.

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Their jewelry comes with a warranty, and you get to choose among the many trending high school class ring styles.

Some of the options available include the Greek rings, championships, cheer rings, and college rings.

Their rings are considerably affordable, and this brand would be a better option for you if you are looking for budget-friendly class rings and more options.



This is the other brand that offers some of the best high school class rings and also a vast range of personalization options.

With prices starting from about $100 and varied styles, ArtCarved offers class rings for everyone.

There are about 100 styles of class rings available, the rings can be personalized, and there are great options for all genders.

In addition to the rings, they also offer a good range of accessories that you can choose from.

You may like the collections available too, and the fact that they sell all kinds of accessories that can be customized to allow you to celebrate that big event in your life.

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Zales is not just known for its wide range of engagement and wedding jewelry but also its excellent collection of class rings.

These class rings come in different designs, sizes, and colors; the prices are discounted, and the class rings can be customized easily for a more stylish, custom look.  

In addition to the use of the best quality metals like sterling silver, the class rings also feature elegantly cut stones, commonly birthstones, diamonds, and other accents (simulated), that give the class rings a more elegant/ sophisticated flair.

The rings are also quite affordable, and they offer custom class rings under $100 besides the $200+ rings.

You could also enjoy the great discounts offered.

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6.Dunham Manufacturing

Established over 100 years ago, MFG manufacturing offers several class rings to help you honor your high school traditions.

The company offers a good range of custom rings, and the best part is that you will save a lot of money, up to 50%, by buying jewelry from Dunham Manufacturing.

The class rings available to come in different styles meant to honor different departments, traditions, and personal styling preferences.

The class rings are available for as low as $50 under their Budget Saver category and about $151 in Stadium Category.


7.Ring Company

You could also order class rings from Ring Company, an NJ-based company that has been online since 2001.

They offer a wide selection of class rings, and you not only get to choose and buy the classic class rings, but you could also order championship and sports rings, and even corporate ring options, among others.

The rings are also available in various styles, including the classic dome-bezel-shaped rings, the large dome-bezel rings, the flat-top varieties, rectangular-crested rings, and the small and fancy bezel class rings.

Depending on the style of the ring selected, the prices of the rings start from $179 for the non-gold rings to as high as $759 for the gold class rings.



If you have been looking for the best quality class rings but didn’t know where to buy the rings from, the 7 companies above are among your best options to buy from.

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