Gold vs. Silver Personality(Interesting Discovery – Is It Real?)

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What does the kind of jewelry you wear often say about your personality?

Do you think that your personality influences the kind of jewelry you wear? And what does your love for gold or silver say about your personality?

These are questions that we don’t often pay attention to, but when you look deep into your preferences and your patterns, you will notice that you are a gold or a silver person for some reason.

Gold vs. Silver Personality

This applies to your friends too – and in general, people fall into the gold or silver camps, even without knowing.

Some will mix gold and silver, but you often find that they have a spiritual connection to one of these precious metals more than the other.

Like music preferences, favorite books, and even food, we seem to have things that we instinctively are drawn to. And for whatever reason, these things seem to play a role in our lives and who we are.

Today, we look at jewelry made of gold and silver and what each of these metals says about the personality of the wearer.


What does Gold say about your personality?

Gold vs. Silver Personality

There is some sort of ambidexterity attached to gold and silver jewelry, but wearers of either type of jewelry appear to have unique personalities.

What you may not know is that precious metals carry a rich history, and each of the metals carries a specific meaning.

Of course, whether you choose gold or silver is largely a matter of taste, something influenced by your mood, outfit, and the occasion; some people wear either gold or silver because the metals match who they are.

Gold, for instance, is largely understated, yet it is a lot more delicate and refined, and it is, therefore, used to create the best of dainty necklaces and even the restrained rings.

Gold vs. Silver Personality

But with a wide array of variety in the world of gold, most people note that anyone who wears gold as their metal of choice for jewelry tends to be eccentric. This has been said to be true to silver wearers too.

For most people and in the historical sense, gold is believed to be all about ostentation. In the past, no one really cared about how gold or silver would flatter some skin tones better than other tones/ complexions, but choosing either one meant you’d chosen your camp.


What does Silver say about your personality?

Gold vs. Silver Personality

While wearing gold was believed to be all about ostentation, gold jewelry implied a more DIY approach.

It has, for the longest time, been the go-to look for hipsters, and wearing silver meant one understood the implications of being in this camp.

Because it was a huge part of the hipster aesthetic, if you are a hipster, wearing gold would be a huge violation of the rules.

This line of thinking is backed by the belief that silver is, somewhat, a bolder choice than gold. That silver is earthy, youthful, and artsy – Silver allows you to wear the chunkiest of cuffs, and you wouldn’t have to worry about appearing overburdened.

The best part about silver, however, has to be the belief that silver creates and adds an air of youth, which means that choosing silver gives you a contemporary feel.

Gold vs. Silver Personality

But that is not all. It is also said that silver isn’t limited to one’s youth. In fact, jewelry made of silver is flattering to women with cool skin tones, and it can be an excellent addition to women with gray hair.

All these beliefs around silver come down to the fact that some things just work better with silver than they do with gold. It’s why jewelers tend to be drawn to silver, hence its use as a canvas for their designs – whether the traditional tribal motifs or the sleek, modernistic designs.


What’s more attractive, gold or silver?

Gold vs. Silver Personality

For most people, including jewelers, silver is a more attractive option than gold. Although both precious metals have a high intrinsic value, silver is more attractive, and most people find it more desirable.

However, not everyone looks good in either or both gold and silver. The reason for this is that you either be a gold or a silver person, depending on how the jewelry looks on you.

Some people are just gold people, and others only look good in silver. The difference? The color of their skin tone and their skin undertones.

Gold vs. Silver Personality

So, while gold is regarded as a more delicate and refined piece of jewelry that comes in many options, gold only looks good on you if you have a warmer skin tone/ undertone.

This is especially true for the gold’s yellow. The buttery tones of goldwork better on warmer skin tones, providing a very vivid contrast, especially when paired with the colored gemstones.

Silver, on the other hand, is bolder. It carries an air of youth and artisyness, and the interesting bit is that you could wear chunky silver pieces without the jewelry appearing overbearing.

Gold vs. Silver Personality

It has a nice contemporary aura, and by virtue of its ability to add youth to your life, silver is considered a more attractive choice, especially to persons with cool skin tones and undertones.

It, therefore, means that whether you choose gold or silver jewelry as your go-to option, your decision is often guided by your skin tone and what looks good and perfect on your skin. Both can be attractive, depending on which of the precious metals looks good on you.



Different colors for jewelry portray different things about the wearer. Silver is often considered a bolder option, and gold is a lot more conservative, refined, and delicate.

Even so, there are many cases where one is forced to stick to one camp because of their skin tone. For most people, gold and silver are choices that depend on your personal preferences/ style.

You’ll notice, however, that bold goes with silver pretty much all the time. And it’s why hipsters wear silver and never gold.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!