Why Gold Ring Turning finger Black When You Are Pregnant?

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When you are pregnant, you experience many blooms, a sudden burst of happiness, and certain changes, including emotional, physical, and nutritional ones. This article seeks to provide information on why gold rings turn your finger black when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body undergoes various changes; some good and some not so exciting. One of the more drastic bodily changes is adding weight. Your feet and hands, including your fingers, may swell up, making it hard for you to wear jewelry like before.

The pregnancy period includes hormonal changes, which could mean your body may react differently to certain metals. So, what does it mean when your gold ring is turning your finger black when you are pregnant?

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Gold ring turning finger black when pregnant

There are several metals, like gold, silver, tungsten carbide, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel, used in the making of jewelry.

During pregnancy, some women report no skin changes, and they can comfortably wear any jewelry during their whole fetal gestation. Other women may react adversely to various pieces of metal jewelry.

More so, pregnant women retain a lot of fluids in their body during this period. As a result, you may find that their fingers and feet may swell up, making it hard for rings to fit.

If you do not remove your ring before the swelling begins, you may have a difficult time doing so later on. Often, swelling of feet and fingers is common during the third trimester of pregnancy.

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Why is my gold ring turning finger black when pregnant?

1.Metal abrasion

The primary reason why your gold ring is turning your finger black is because of the reaction caused by the cosmetics and oils that you apply on your skin.

These substances contain certain chemicals which react with gold jewelry, causing it to leave a black residue on the point of contact with your skin.

Furthermore, when dust particles come into contact with your skin after applying cosmetics and oils, the residue combines with it, adding to the black color on your skin.


2.Lack of sufficient iron

When you are pregnant, one of the most vital factors is your iron levels. You need to have adequate iron to make enough blood for you and your baby.

Adequate iron supply also aids in moving oxygen faster from your lungs to the rest of your body, including to your womb. It also helps in reducing the chances of having a few red blood cells, which results in a pregnant woman becoming tired often.

If your iron levels are too low, it may cause your body to react with the gold ring, turning your finger black.

You may need to take an additional dosage of iron to combat this issue. Consult your OB on this issue for further clarification and solutions.

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3.Body acidity

Pregnancy causes acidity levels in women’s bodies to vary significantly. If your acidity levels are too high, you may find your gold ring turning your finger black.

Your doctor may advise you to stop wearing your ring until you deliver your baby or you may opt to wear it around your neck.



As expected, pregnancy itself comes with its own set of hormonal changes. As a result, pregnancy hormones may cause your body to react differently to your gold ring.

It is advisable to keep it away until you have your baby, or until you finish the weaning process.



Another common reason as to why your gold ring is turning your finger black is corrosion of the metal alloys.

Generally, pure gold is a soft metal with high malleability. Some jewelry manufacturers mix it with other metals, like zinc, copper, nickel, or palladium, to increase its tensile strength.

Gold mixed with copper or silver can form a dark chemical residue under moist or humid conditions, turning your finger black.

Similarly, when you sweat, your body excretes fats and fatty acids. This can lead to the corrosion of your gold ring, especially if it contains high amounts of metal alloys.


Gold rings used to detect lack of iron

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Lack of iron, also known as anemia, is a condition whereby you have insufficient hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues throughout your body. People with inadequate iron get tired quickly, and their skin becomes paler over time.

Often, the gold ring test determines the level of iron in your body as there is no official anemia test in medicine. However, this test does not produce conclusive results. You may have to visit your doctor for a blood test or a ferritin test to ascertain the gold ring test.

The gold ring test involves washing the gold ring with soap and water to get rid of any build-up. Rub the clean ring on your cheek for at least 30 seconds and compare the results with your other cheek. If you notice a thin and black line on your cheek, you are likely anemic.

Wearing a gold ring and noticing a black ring on your skin surface could also mean you have inadequate iron levels in your body. The results are similar if you are allergic to gold. Therefore, you have to go to your doctor for conclusive results.


What to do with your gold ring if it turns your finger black during pregnancy

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Immediately you notice that your gold ring is turning your finger black, you should consult your doctor on its implications. It could mean you have an iron deficiency or that you are allergic to the metals in the ring.

Cleaning your ring also helps in combating discoloration. Regularly wash your ring with warm water and soap to get rid of any residue on your ring. More so, it boosts the appearance of your ring, giving it back its luster and glossy look. Pay special attention to bends and curves on your ring as they tend to hide contaminants and trap moisture.

Another excellent solution to prevent your gold ring from turning your finger black is coating it with clear nail lacquer.

Apply several coats of clear lacquer at least twice or thrice a week to prevent the ring from reacting with your bodily fluids or any cosmetics on your skin.



No one wants to walk around with a black/discolored finger because of their gold ring.

If you have to wear your gold ring throughout your pregnancy, we advise you to purchase pregnancy rings. They are a size or two larger than your regular rings, allowing them to accommodate your swollen fingers without a hassle.

More so, you will not be pregnant forever, meaning your swollen fingers will go back to normal soon. You may also choose to keep your gold ring in storage until you have your baby. After all, it is for the good of you and your baby.

For more tips, read our rings section or visit our fashion jewelry section for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!