Gold Or Silver jewelry for Dark Skin? (Quick Answer in 2024)

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If you are dark-skinned, you may not struggle to find the perfect color for the jewelry you look great in, but there are times when you’ll struggle to find the right jewelry tones for your dark skin.

To help you pick the perfect jewelry for your dark skin, every time, read this article.


gold or silver look better on dark skin?

If you are trying to choose between gold and silver jewelry for your dark skin or for a dark-skinned friend, you might want to go with the flow and do what’s always been done (worn), but you really shouldn’t. There is more that goes into finding the perfect jewelry for your skin tone, and in most cases, it’s more than – gold always works for dark-skinned girls.

Note that dark-skinned girls can wear jewelry made of pretty much all materials, and they’ll always look flawless.

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 For fair-skinned persons, however, your search for the right jewelry color could be more complicated, and you’d have to take into mind the following factors.

To choose between gold and silver, for example, look at your skin’s undertone – this is the tint underneath your skin, and it can be warm, cool, or natural.

If you have a cool skin tone/ undertone, choose silver jewelry, and opt for gold (warm yellow) jewelry for the warm undertones. And if your skin undertone has a pinkish undertone or tint, avoid rose gold jewelry – rose gold is ideal for warmer skin tones but not ideal for you if your skin is prone to redness because the rose gold jewelry would enhance the redness.

You can tell more about your skin tone and undertone by answering these questions:

Does your skin tan easily? If it does, you have a warm tint and a cool undertone if not.

What’s the natural color of your hair? Blonds and light browns’ skins are cool, while black, dark brown/and caramel blond are warm-toned. Redheads can be warm, cool, or neutral-toned.

Are you prone to blushing? If yes, you are cool-toned – you have less skin pigmentation. Rosy red cheeks mean a cool skin tone.

How does your skin look when you wear a white shirt? If washed out, you are cool-toned, and if the skin looks tanned, your skin is warm-toned.


What color jewelry looks best on dark skin?

 If you are dark-skinned, you’d want to look for jewelry colored designed for persons who have a hot-blooded tone for the skin. These include bronze, rose gold, and all other bold gold jewelry pieces. And for gemstones, opt for stones like garnets, citrine, alexandrite, peridot, and rubies. These look great against your dark skin.

The good news is that if you have dark skin, you can wear jewelry made of pretty much any type of gemstone, and you could also pull off rose gold, silver, and gold jewelry beautifully.

That said, here are some of the important considerations dark-skinned girls might have to follow:

  1. Yellow jewelry – always a crowd favorite

You cannot go wrong with yellow gold jewelry if you have a black skin tone. Yellow gold is timeless, elegant, and sits on your skin just right, all the time. Though expensive, the best of yellow gold on dark skin will beautifully highlight the natural warmth and radiance of your natural skin.

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  1. Earthy jewelry and silver – warm skin tones

If you have a warmer or a lighter dark skin tone, opt for jewelry available in earthy and silver tones. These colors include white, silver, turquoise, bright yellow, blue, and green. You could also wear gemstones that are regarded as premium-grade earth colors because these go a long way in giving your dark skin that cute, radiant, and youthful look. Silver is also a great choice because it reflects the shine and light in your eyes.

  1. Rose gold jewelry – ideal for black and dark brown skin tones

To add a stroke of elegance and class to your black or dark brown complexion, go for rose gold – it brings out the softness of your skin and just works like magic.

  1. Gold or silver?

If you are dark-skinned, it may feel confusing to choose between gold and silver. But it shouldn’t be. Essentially, silver looks great against dark skin – it brings freshness and excitement to your warm skin while also adding a striking glow. There is also a great range of options you could choose from.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid golden tones – don’t. Just make sure that the gold chosen complements your skin and adds radiance.

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Tips for choosing your jewelry based on your skin color

  • Choosing jewelry for your cool skin tone

You have a cool tone for the skin if you have easily identifiable bluish veins. You may also have rosy-red or pinkish undertones when you look at your skin in front of a mirror, and your skin might also look tan or dark if this sounds like you, wear more silver, white gold, and platinum. And for gemstones, you’ll look more radiant wearing Paraiba Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Amethyst, Blue Sapphires, pearls, emeralds, rubies, opals, zircon, and tanzanites.


  • Choosing the right jewelry for your warm skin tone
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You are warm-toned if your skin has greenish veins that are easily identifiable. You may also notice golden or yellow and apricot undertones when looking at your skin in front of a mirror. And if you have a dark skin tone, you should know that it doesn’t automatically mean that your skin is warm-toned. In fact, most people with warm skin undertones have a lighter, rosy, or olive skin tone.


So, if you are warm-skin-toned, opt for jewelry that comes in classic yellow gold tones or rich rose gold options. And for gemstones, choose the warm-hued ones like garnets, Alexandrite, citrine, peridot, morganites, rubies, mandarin garnets, or fancy diamonds.

If you still are unsure about the gemstones that work well for your skin tone, just choose diamonds. You can never go wrong with diamonds because they look great on cool and warm skin tones.



If you have been struggling to determine what jewelry works with your darker skin tone, you will be happy to know that you could wear gold or silver effortlessly. Just make sure that the metal you choose complements your skin.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!