Should You Give Back A Promise Ring?(My Personal Experience)

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The problem with promise rings is that once the promise tied to the ring is broken, the ring bearer/ wearer is forced to think about the betrayal they’ve faced, and if they are the ones that break the promise, one has to figure out a way out of the agreement made, which is why for most people, promise rings are regarded as nothing but a waste of time.

Broken promises, many moons later, you are forced to question your decisions and beliefs, wondering what to do with the ring offered previously, albeit in good faith.

Well, this article shares insights into promise rings and whether to give back the promise ring or not.


Should you give back a promise ring?

Should You Give Back A Promise Ring

Promise rings are often regarded as commitment rings that are exchanged in romantic relationships to signify commitment and, in other cases, fidelity. The ring is sometimes given preceding an engagement, and it shows a partner’s devotion to their beloved.

Unfortunately, promises, like rules, are broken too often, and you may be left wondering if you should give a ring back. Well, whether to give back the promise ring or not depends on how the relationship turned out.

If things ended badly, you’d have to come up with a smart approach to the ring and how to return it, but if things end well, say, you get engaged, you may have to think of how the promise ring would morph into something new, something amazing.


Should you give back a promise ring when you break up? (Unhappy ending)

If and when a promise is broken, especially when the promise ring was an expensive piece, etiquette demands that you back the ring, just as you would return an engagement ring after a broken engagement. Of course, there are cases where the hurt party doesn’t want the ring back, but if neither of you wishes to keep the ring, the next best thing you could do is to sell the ring then split the money.

Should You Give Back A Promise Ring

That said, you may also want to check out your state’s laws regarding valuable gifts and also what the parties must do in case of broken relationships or after a relationship ends. That said, it’s important to note that and in the event of expensive promise rings exchanged, you may have to be civil about things – have a sit down to discuss the most appropriate action to be taken when the promise is taken. With expensive promise rings, for instance, it would be necessary to have a discussion about what you will do in case one of you breaks the promise, preferably, have the promise laid out on paper and signed by both parties. It might sound like you are making a big deal out of things, but your future selves will thank you, and you will be able to go your separate ways without butting heads.

Remember that promise rings, at the end of the day, meaningful, and both of you made that decision because it meant something to the two of you. So, the broken promise or relationship will hurt. Amicably agreeing on how to deal with a fallout will ensure that you are still civil after things fall apart.

The other important consideration to keep in mind is that some promise rings are given as conditional gifts, which means that you will both know upfront that in case the promise is broken, then the ring would be given back to the person that purchased the ring.


What to do with a promise ring after engagement? (Happy ending?)

Should You Give Back A Promise Ring

For some people, the promise rings are often the start of something wonderful, and to these individuals, their relationships and commitments to each other last beyond the puppy love stage, leading to solid commitments, engagements, and marriages.

In such cases, you could keep the promise ring on, then wear the engagement ring along with the promise ring. You could also choose to store your ring in a jewelry box for prosperity’s sake. Also, you have the option of getting the ring re-style or re-crafted to be used as your engagement ring.

Promise rings are sometimes regarded as pre-engagement rings, and if this is what you hope for from your ring, it might be a good idea to keep the ring on for as long as you wish to. Other times, the promise ring could still be used as an engagement ring.

Should You Give Back A Promise Ring

What other ways to deal with your unwanted promise rings?

Giving a ring back is a common recommendation offered to people looking for ways of getting rid of or handling promise rings, but it isn’t the only remedy. The other things you could do are as follows:

  • Sell the ring if it’s worth something.
  • Re-gift it to someone, say your niece, sibling, friend, etc. as long as this person loves the ring
  • Turn that promise ring into a stunning piece, for example, a pair of fancy earrings.
  • Keep it – this might not sound like the answer you were seeking, but it is an option and a reminder of the good times shared

Should You Give Back A Promise Ring


People have different beliefs and notions about promise rings, but if a promise ring is something you like, you must keep an open mind because things don’t always work out as planned. However they turn out, you should know that whatever you do or don’t do with the ring is up to you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!