Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart? (Walmart Supplier’s Answer)

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When searching for your favorite ring, you would bank on finding one that is unique and stunning. Besides settling for the remarkable design you have in mind, you would want a diamond ring that at least fits your finger. That prevents you from ending up with something tacky or gaudy.

 At the same time, you want something that falls within your budget. After all, we all want value for the buck without breaking the bank. Right?

Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart

When it comes to finding a delightful pocket-friendly pick, you may want to check through Walmart’s jewelry, which is quite popular and has stunning pieces. You can always find your favorite ring in Walmart’s jewelry section. But the biggest question is, will you find one that fits?

That is a very valid question. In this write-up, we will answer this question and break down the ring modification process that could come in handy if you cannot find a ring that’s your size.

As one of the Walmart fashion jewelry suppliers, I think I should answer this question for you!


Can you get your ring size at Walmart?

Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart

If you have decided to purchase your ring from Walmart, expectations are that you would get one in your size. I mean, you wouldn’t want to pay for a band of gold and have it be the wrong size. It certainly would be a disappointment.

That said, every jewelry store has a ring sizing tool. The ring sizing tool measures the size of your finger right before purchasing your favorite ring. All you need to do is get to the counter and get your ring size without any pressure.

However, if you end up picking out a ring that is slightly bigger or smaller than your finger, Walmart provides the option to have your ring sized by a reputable jeweler with whom they have partnered.


How long does it typically take Walmart to re-size a ring?

Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart

Walmart itself does not do ring sizing within their stores. They send it out to a professional jeweler with whom they have a contract.

That said, if they are using a legit local shop to re-size your ring, then your jewelry piece should be rescaled in about a week or so. However, this entirely depends on the day of the week you go to them. Overall, it should take about 7-10 days.

The other option would be to send off your ring to a reputable jeweler overseas or in a different town. If they ship off your wedding ring to a large job outlet, it could take weeks or even a month.

A few customers have claimed that their alteration process took about 4-6 weeks, while others claim that theirs took 6-8 weeks.

Based on these claims, we can establish that the duration of time it could take for resizing your depends on the type of wedding ring you have.

Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart

It also depends on the kind of jeweler doing the job and the amount of labor required to resize your wedding ring successfully.

Wedding or engagement rings made from a soft material tend to be modified using a specific punch. Other times, the ornamental ring may be cut open and a small portion added or removed before it is fused again.

You should also know that certain ring settings and some stones do not lend themselves to sizing. In this case, you are better off ordering the ring in your actual size. Most wedding or engagement rings, however, can be resized.


How much do they charge at Walmart to get your ring sized?

Can You Get Your Ring Size at Walmart

The amount of money that you would pay for rescaling your ring depends on whether you bought the ring at Walmart or not.

If you bought your jewelry piece from their store, consider yourself lucky because you will not have to pay any fees to size it the first time. That is if at all the style and design of the ring allows for sizing. If you need it sized a second time, it would cost you about $20.  

However, Walmart does not alter jewelry pieces that you have purchased from elsewhere. Since they only offer sizing on rings that they sell, should your ring be lost or damaged, they will replace it by ordering the same ring in the appropriate style and size.



Altering your ring size would be a great option if you come across a stunning piece that catches your eye, but you cannot find one in your size.

Ensure that you understand the complexity of your ring’s design and the material used on your wedding ring before choosing to modify it.

I would be very cautious of any place that doesn’t do their jewelry services within their stores.

More often than not, working with third party companies involves multiple risks that may include the loss of your favorite jewelry in transit or having to call for a go-between in case of any faults during the modification process.

You are better off dealing with someone or a company that does the work by themselves because you get the chance to talk to them in person if an issue arises.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!