Should I Get A Class Ring In College?(In 2024)

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Are class rings still trendy? Should you buy a class ring today – and is it a piece of jewelry that is really worth your money?

Well, if you are wondering if you should get a class ring or not, you will be surprised to know that class rings are actually an important part of your years in school, and if you wish to remain connected to the school or have a small, but important part of your college life always with you, then the class ring would be a good option for you.


Should I get a class ring in college?

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

For starters, class rings date back to 1835 in the United States Military Academy based in West Point. The rings were used as keepsakes, and they were celebrated significantly as they would commemorate the shared values, experienced, and also the unity of that graduating class.

The first class rings were also used as symbols of values, morals, and the pride of the students graduating from one of the best military schools across the country.

Back then, the students would wear the uniform class rings before their graduation, and over the years, the jewelry industry adopted the class rings, making it possible for customization and personalization of the rings for each student.  

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

In Ivy League schools, the class ring remains a status symbol. But today, the class rings are more than a status symbol, and they are now more of sentimental reminders of years in school. But does this still hold in college?

Do you need a college class ring? And more importantly, should you get a class ring for your college graduation?


Here are the reasons why the class ring can be a good option for you

1. You get to easily wear the class ring for as long as you wish

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

While buying the best class ring is an expensive investment, it still is a good investment because you can wear that valuable class ring for as long as you want to, and the ring will always be this nice reminder of the milestone of your life.


2. Memories and achievements are embodied

While our memories and achievements can stay with us forever, there are some memories that will come at you better with the help of the commemorative ring. So, if you’d like to have a beautiful reminder of your college life, then a college class ring might be a good option for you.

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

3. Class rings can be customized and personalized

This is the best part about getting a college class ring – you can have it personalized with specific designs and words that are based on your unique college life. You have the freedom to choose the design of the ring and what you’d want to be engraved on/ in the ring.

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

You also get to choose the color and the metal that is used to create the ring. In other words, you can have a class ring that best reflects who you are while allowing you to reminisce your past memories and your experiences with ease.

It’s also worth noting that a college class ring is an important part of your years in college, especially if you are (were) a member of honor society, for example. And When do you get your class ring in college?

Oftentimes, most ring ceremonies will take place during the fall of the school year. This is often done before the graduation ceremony, and you’d be issued your college class ring then, meaning that you get to confirm all the details of the ring before your graduation.

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

This timing is important because the ring with the school’s insignia will face inwards when you get it, but upon your graduation, the ring is then switched to face outwards for all to see – which really marks your graduation from college.


When to stop wearing a college class ring?

Is there a deadline when you are required to stop wearing your college class ring? Well, it depends on how much you like the ring, how it looks, and how comfortable it is, and the quality of the ring.

Should I Get A Class Ring In College

Essentially, the best college class rings are made of high-quality and durable metals, meaning a ring that will not flake after some months.

If the ring is poorly made, you can only wear it for a few years. Also, you may have to stop wearing the ring if it no longer matches your style or if you no longer feel your connection to the school you went to or the people; or if and when the ring starts to bring you only bad memories.

The good news is that even if you don’t want to wear the ring anymore, especially around your finger, you could still wear the ring as a necklace pendant.

That said, some people will stop wearing the class ring after graduation, others after days, weeks, or months.



If you want to carry some part of your college years with you for the rest of your days, even if you will keep it in the jewelry box, you should get a college class ring.

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