Frozen Jewelry Making Kit Review(Read Before Buy)

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If you are looking for new, creative, and healthy ways to bond with your babies, you might want to try small craft projects, especially if they are crafty or artsy.

The good news is that if you choose this path, you will come across numerous projects that you could try your hands on.

If your child(ren) is into Frozen, which they likely are, this Frozen jewelry-making kit could be the perfect project.

And the best part is that you could have them work on this project with their friends in one of the afternoon hangouts, weekend hangouts, or even sleepovers.

The beauty of this kit is that all the items incorporated allow for the creation of actual pieces from Frozen, and they will be able to create some of the best Frozen II-themed charm bracelets.

 And you only need just this one DIY bracelet-making kit as it comes with everything needed to make the bracelet.

If you are not sure about buying this kit, this is a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about this Frozen II jewelry-making kit.


Frozen Jewelry Making Kit Review

Introduction of frozen jewelry making kit

Frozen Jewelry Making Kit Review

These two are the best kits based on Disney characters, and they are designed to allow kids to make bracelets that are Frozen and Disney princesses’ themed.

These kits feature charms, suede materials, beads, wires, threads, and crystals needed to create the bracelets.


The advantages of frozen jewelry making kit

  • The kit offers kids the perfect way to have fun, away from their screens, and the best part is that they are able to enjoy crafting the different pieces while getting to learn more about the best Disney characters.

Fun aside, either of the kits above is ideal for the development of different important skills, including:

  1. Fine Motor Skills

To make the bracelets, your kids will have to focus on and make use of the small muscles of the wrist, fingers, and hands.

This way, their fine motor skills and the dexterity of their hands are enhanced.

Frozen Jewelry Making Kit Review

  1. Visual Skills

They have to focus and build on their hand-eye coordination as well as their visual perception to create the bracelets and make different designs using the beads and the Swarovski crystals, which is a great win for any parent and the kids.

They also learn to recall the images seen previously then adapt them to create the themed bracelets.

  1. Improved cognitive function

The other benefit of getting your kids this kit is that it will enhance their cognitive function.

With cognitive function/skills development being the skill that allows the individual to learn, understand and be able to assimilate information, you cannot underestimate the importance of the Frozen bracelet making kit.

Keep in mind that cognition has everything to do with an individual’s ability to pay attention, find solutions to problems, reason analyze, and evaluate data, and be able to make comparisons; you wouldn’t want to skimp on this fun DIY project for kids,


The features of frozen jewelry making kit

Make It Real – Disney Frozen II Elements Bracelet Making Kit

 If your girls are into Frozen and you know that they would be over the moon if they got Frozen-themed jewelry, you may want to get them this set because it offers them the opportunity to wear cool Frozen bracelets, and not just bracelets that they love, but also bracelets that they made by themselves.

You will agree with us that kids love to be engaged in projects, even the smallest ones, and being able to make cool accessories that they can wear and show off to their friends is always on top of the list of the things children love.

This would also be an excellent idea if you’d like to get them to spend more time away from the screens.

What’s in the kit?

To ensure that the bracelets are made with ease and for easy completion of the project, the kit features 2 charms and faux suede fabric, beads, metallic pieces, as well as curb chains. These materials are enough for making up to 5 cute bracelets.

There is also a guide incorporated, meaning that they will be able to create the bracelets with ease.

This kit is suitable for kids aged 8 and older, and the best part is that it allows them to develop real-world skills, including visual, fine motor skills, and even cognitive skills, all these while they have fun, bond, and learn how to express themselves better.

We recommend letting them figure out the steps by themselves because this will not just make them prouder of their creations but also open up their creative minds.


Make It Real – Disney Dreams Mega set Princess & Frozen II DIY Bracelet Making Kit

Disney Frozen 2 Exquisite Elements Jewelry Set

Show your Frozen 2 fandom with stunning, customizable DIY charm bracelets. Let the movie’s vivid colors and signature style inspire you, or design something completely original!

This set includes:

*Frozen 2 Charms

*Tons of Various Awesome Beads *Metallic Pieces and Beads *Faux Suede Cord

*Curb Chains *Instruction Guide

The best part is that they get to have fun while learning. Again, this kit is ideal for kids aged 8 years and above, and also, it is parent-approved.

Frozen Jewelry Making Kit Review


If you are looking for a DIY jewelry-making kit and project for your 8+ kid(s) and their friends, these two kits would be the most ideal.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!