Franco Vs Rope Chain – Which One is Better for You?

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Chains have been adorned by both men and women for centuries now.

Even today they remain a popular variety of neckpieces. That is because they are the simplest to style and come with the widest variety.

In terms of designs, there are a plethora of options. You might get confused when it comes to picking one over another.

Franco chains

The Franco and Rope chain are examples of amazing chain designs. Each has a lot to offer, making it difficult to decide between them.

That is not a problem. In this article, we will compare each of them to help you decide which one is a better choice.

We will compare their advantages and disadvantages and what makes them different.


What Is A Franco Chain? What Does A Franco Chain Look Like?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

A Franco chain is one of the many link types of chains and a staple in many people’s jewelry collections. The chain was named after the Italian jewelry designer responsible for coming up with the design of this chain.

The chain’s design was inspired by the Cuban chain, only this design consists of an extra four sides and a distinctive V-shape braid pattern also referred to as chevron.

The design gives it an overall thicker and smoother appearance. A Franco chain can come in a variety of metals. It can be made using platinum or even copper. Most of Franco’s chains are however in gold, which can be white yellow or rose gold.

Sometimes the gold may be a thin layer plated over a base metal. The chain also comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. So, you have very many options to choose from and play around with.


How Are Franco Chains Made?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

As we mentioned earlier, the Franco chain was inspired by the curb chain design. As such, the design is based on the curb pattern.

To make a Franco chain and achieve the V-pattern achieved two or four curbs chains are placed flat against each other and then interlocked to form a thick and sturdy Franco chain.

The sturdy nature of the chain makes it the perfect choice for heavy pendants, especially the thicker chains.


Pros And Cons Of A Franco Chain

The following are some of main the advantages and disadvantages of a Franco chain:

Franco Vs Rope Chain


  • Strong and sturdy chain.
  • Doesn’t kink or tangle easily.
  • Great for adding heavy pendants.
  • Suitable for any setting, formal or casual.
  • An eye-catching design.


  • Heavier than the rope chain.
  • Costs more than the rope chain.


What Is A Rope Chain? What Does A Rope Chain Look Like?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

Many people consider the rope chain one of the most beautiful designs, and with good reason. The design features links on twos or threes that have been tightly braided together to form a rope-twist kind of pattern, hence the name of the chain.

Due to the rope-like pattern, the chain can reflect light from all directions. This enhances the luster and shine of the chain, which is why it is so popular and appealing.

There are many variations of the chain. Like other chains, this one is also made of a variety of metals. You will mostly find it made of steel, silver, or gold. The length and thickness also vary.

The delicate thinner sizes are best to wear with pendants. The thicker ones are best suited to be worn alone. The design is so prized that other chain designs are also twisted at times to mimic rope chains.


Pros And Cons Of Rope Chain

The following are some of the main advantages or disadvantages of rope chains:

Franco Vs Rope Chain


  • Strong and durable structure.
  • Appealing design.
  • Easy to style.
  • Perfect for pendant necklaces.
  • Doesn’t kink or tangle.
  • It is lightweight compared to the Franco chain.


  • Damage to one section ruins the entire chain.
  • Not as striking as the Franco chain.


What Is The Difference Between A Franco Chain And Rope Chain?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

Unlike chains that share a similar look or design, it is not that difficult to differentiate between a rope and a Franco chain. To begin with, the design and appearance of the necklaces differ.

While the rope chain has a rope-twist pattern, the Franco chain has a V-shaped pattern. Their making process is also different. The Franco chain is made from interlocking up to four curb chains while the rope chain is made by braiding two or three links in a twist rope-like pattern.

There are other notable differences. The Franco chain, for example, appears to be thicker than a rope chain. It is also twice the weight of a rope chain of the same width, length, and material used.

That means that a 14K 1.5mm Franco chain will be twice as heavy as the rope chain. As such, even the cost of the Franco chain has to be slightly higher than that of the rope chain.

The Franco chain also has a smoother finish and tends to stand out a little bit more than the ripe chain. Otherwise, both chains are great in terms of quality.


Franco Vs Rope Chain- Which One Is Better?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

Differentiating between the two chains may not be difficult but the main issue comes in when deciding which one is better than the other. Each of the chains has a lot to offer in terms of quality. They are both strong and durable.

Both of them are appealing in their design. They can be worn alone or paired perfectly with a pendant. So how can you decide?

Starting with the Franco chain, it does have a smoother finish and stands out a little bit more. It’s also thicker and heavier overall when compared to the rope chain.

So, its price may be a little higher. The rope chain on the other hand is lighter, more subtle, and cheaper. When it comes down to it, the chain you decide to go with will be based entirely on your preference.

If you are looking for something heavier and bold that will make a statement, then the Franco chain is your best bet. You will have to cough up a little more money. Or you can save some change if you prefer something lighter and more subtle by picking the rope chain.


Related Q&A

Are Franco chains strong?

Franco Vs Rope Chain

Yes, the Franco chains are among the most durable chains today. Based on their structure, the chains are made of four curb links interlocked to form a continuous chain.

This makes it sturdy enough to carry the weight of a heavy pendant. The thicker it is, the stronger and more durable the chain.


Are Franco chains still popular?

Franco chains

Yes, the Franco chain is still a popular choice in contemporary fashion. It is versatile and easy to style, fitting into any setting be it formal or casual. The chain is especially favored by youth and hip-hop enthusiasts.



Both the chains are worth the money, you just need to decide which of the two is more appealing and within your budget. Alternatively, if you still can’t decide between the two, then why not get both?

The different textures would pair well together. You can even get them in different lengths and thicknesses so you can layer them up.

That would make the perfect edgy look especially if you are going for something hip-hop-themed.

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