Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work?(My Own Experience)

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If you believe in manifestation, the laws of attraction, and all the other laws of the universe – and how you can trust the universe for a wealthy life, great health, and fortune, you could have heard about feng shui bracelets.

You may have bought one of these bracelets in the past too. But what is this bracelet really about? What is feng shui? And most importantly, do the feng shui bracelets work?

Keep reading to learn all your need to know about Feng Shui and feng shui bracelets.


What does Feng Shui mean?

In Chinese, the words Feng and Shui are important words that, individually, are translated to wind and water. Together, however, Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that believes in the arranging of different pieces (of furniture) in living space in a way that creates balance in the natural world. At the heart of this philosophy, Feng Shui aims to harness different energy forces, establishing more harmony between the environment and an individual. It is also known as the Tao philosophy in Asian cultures. Feng Shui is based on 5 important principles – the Bagua, the commanding position, and the 5 elements.

Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work

The commanding position is defined as a specific spot in the room that is the farthest from the door and not in direct line of sight to your door, and it is considered the spot where you should be spending a lot of time, and also where should be the dominant position in the room. This would be the ideal position for you to place your desk, bed, or even your stove (albeit diagonally). This positioning is important for success – career, you, and your wealth & nourishment.

Then there is the Bagua. In Feng Shui, there is something called the Bagua map, and it represents or means that 8 areas (of your life), say, career, wealth, or family (as well as seasons, colors, shapes, numbers, plus the earthly elements). And at the center is the 9th area, which represents you, or your overall wellness and health. The Bagua areas are the areas of your life that need the maximum amount of attention. The Bagua is represented by your Family, Wealth, Children, Health, Helpful people, Fame, Knowledge, Career, and Partnerships.

Lastly, there are the 5 Elements – Earth, water, metal, fire, and wood. These elements refer to the 5 interrelated phases of life that often work together for the creation of a complete and balanced system. These elements have to be in balance too.


What is a feng shui bracelet?

Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work

Feng Shui bracelets are an important aspect of the 5 elements that make up an important aspect of the Feng Shui philosophy, and the main reason for this is that the feng shui bracelet represents a bracelet that is made of unique crystals, which according to feng shui beliefs, bring and create good fortune, good luck, wealth, and serendipity. Therefore, this bracelet could be thought of as an extension of the feng shui beliefs centered around the creation of spaces that are supportive and encouraging of your goals and dreams.

It is believed that the feng shui bracelet could help you in reinforcing your dreams while also aligning the energies from your unique aura, making it possible for you to manifest your dreams. And so, if you have been struggling to hold down to the vibrations from your dreams, the feng shui bracelet could help center you and make your dreams a reality.

Think of wearing the feng shui bracelet as an effective tool that, along with your intention-setting or manifestation rituals, brings your dreams to life.


What does a feng shui bracelet look like?

Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work

The feng shui bracelet is made of different kinds of crystals, and in other cases, the bracelet might have Chinese amulets or symbols, including charms for good luck.

The oldest feng shui bracelets are crafted out of the best obsidian stone. These bracelets would also feature a pixiu, which is a mythical creature that is said (in Chinese culture) to be a powerful symbol of great fortune and/or good luck. So, the feng shui bracelet would look like a bracelet with black beads made of stone and an amulet incorporated.

Note that the reason why the feng shui bracelets are mostly made of obsidian is that obsidian is one of the crystals that is known to hold powerful protective and grounding properties. This crystal will, therefore, protect you, as well as the environment, from stress and negative energies. It also stabilizes the energy in the crystals and your environment, making it possible for you to manifest different things into life.

This bracelet is also believed to stimulate your growth, attracting abundance and a great deal of wealth.

As mentioned above, the pixiu represents wealth and good fortune, and it also wards off evil spirits.

To enhance the power of the feng shui bracelet, other stones like citrine, jade, or even pyrite might be incorporated in the bracelet as a way to enhance your wealth attraction abilities of your feng shui bracelet.


Does the feng shui bracelet really work?

Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work
my own fengshui bracelet

Well, some people argue that the bracelet works, but others are against these bracelets, with a large number of the opponents claiming that the only people who gain wealth from the bracelets are the ones who sell the bracelets. We cannot speak to this, but if you are a believer in feng shui, you might say that the feng shui bracelet works.

At the end of the day, whether you believe that these bracelets work or not is something that depends on your belief system and how you work on yourself. Like manifestation and the laws of the universe (Attraction), you cannot just sit pretty and manifest the best possible life; you have to work towards it too. You could argue that the bracelets help keep you focused and in alignment with your best self.

Therefore, it is safe to say that whether the feng shui bracelets work or not will depend on your beliefs. If you believe in crystals and the power of the pixiu or the obsidian stones and that this bracelet works, then it would work for you.

That said, you are encouraged to keep an open mind when it comes to such things and associated beliefs.


How do feng shui bracelets work?

If you believe in the wealth attracting powers of Feng Shui bracelets and you would like to learn more about how these bracelets work, you should know that the feng shui bracelets are said to work by aligning your energetic field with what you could be trying to attract, and/or your goals.

Does The Feng Shui Bracelet Really Work

Therefore, the feng shui bracelets work just like crystals, helping you to align your body’s energy with whatever you wish to attract. So, you need to set very strong intentions, and with the help of your feng shui bracelet, your intention is enhanced, as will the energy and work directed towards your goals. And every time you wear the feng shui bracelet that’s meant to attract wealth to your life, it will reinforce your intentions for wealth creation, and you will put in the work needed.

But this is not all – the feng shui bracelet made of obsidian could also enhance the power of the bracelet. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is said to have the power to shield and protect you from negativity and evil while encouraging self-love and also strengthening your root chakra. Obsidian also boosts your inner strength while also channeling your intuition.

Many people who believe in this stuff also believe that crystals and other natural substances have the power to alter their energy, as well as the energy encountered throughout the day. So, if you believe in this, then the feng Shui bracelet works pretty much the same way. Within the confines of Chinese mythology and feng shui, these bracelets, like the pixiu bracelets, will attract wealth to your life.


Do you sleep with the feng shui bracelet?

While you could sleep in your feng shui bracelet, there are beliefs that sleeping in a feng shui bracelet would affect the energy held by the crystals and even disrupt your sleep. Therefore, you should not wear your feng shui bracelet to bed.


How much does a feng shui bracelet cost?

Feng shui bracelets are affordable, and you can buy them for as little as $2, but others would cost as much as $20, depending on the seller.



If you believe in Feng Shui, crystals, the power of manifestation, or the law of attraction, then you’d argue that the feng shui bracelets actually work. But if you don’t, it’s okay, and that means that your success would just be the result of your hard work, intentional goal-setting, and intense focus/ strategy.

That said, if you believe in the power of feng shui bracelets, it’s safe to say that you have to find the bracelet that works for you – something you enjoy wearing, because this would increase the good feelings and alignment needed to ensure that you attain your dreams and goals. The feng shui bracelets do not work for everyone, though.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!