Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work?

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably come across Feng Shui and the associated bracelets a few times, and you are here to determine if you should spend your money on these bracelets or not.

Naturally, there are skeptics and believers, and you could be on either camp, but in this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the black obsidian bracelets (and whether they actually work or not).

Keep reading to learn more about the Feng Shui black obsidian bracelets.


What is Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet?

The Feng Shui black obsidian is regarded as one of the most popular feng shui bracelets on the market today, and this is the case because the bracelet is considered a good luck charm, a promise of abundance and success and also a protective charm to its wearers. But how exactly does a bracelet work in making your life better, turning things around for you completely?

Well, let’s start with the basics of the feng shui black obsidian bracelets.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work

For starters, a feng shui bracelet is a kind of bracelet that is worn to enhance good feng shui energy in the body. The bracelet is said to be effective in enhancing or affecting how you experience life, most specifically in the important aspects of your life, such as your career, love, wealth, and health.

Keep in mind that the bracelet, like the philosophy of feng shui, is all about arranging the different pieces of furniture in your home to create a sense of balance between your home and the natural world. In the same way, the feng shui bracelet feeds into the energy balance system, but in your body, by inviting in positive energy or positive chi. In other words, wearing the feng shui bracelet would help to align your body’s energy, influencing and improving your life, as well as your experiences.

The powers of the black obsidian stone bracelet are said to be the same as the powers of the Tiger Eye. But why the black obsidian?

Well, in the expansive world of crystals, the obsidian stone is regarded as one of the most powerful protective stones, and the fact that that this stone has the power to cleanse negative energies. The black obsidian stone does not just remove negative energies from spaces, though, and wearing a bracelet made of this stone is said to have the power to rid individual feelings of anger, resentment, anxiety, fear, and pretty much all other unwanted emotions.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work

With regards to the feng shui bracelets, it is believed that the bracelet can imbue its wearer with specific energies. The whole aspect of feng shui is based on 5 important elements – Earth, water, metal, fire, and wood. Each of these elements is associated with a unique quality of energy, specifically, the kind of energy that affects how we experience life.

So, what kind of energy does the black obsidian bracelet correspond to? Well, the black gemstone is believed to align with water, and water represents the flow of abundance and money. And so, attracting this positive energy means that you would be able to have more wealth in life. Essentially, drawing the energy of that specific feng shui element means an improvement in your life, specifically in the areas that relate to your businesses, health, wealth, career, etc.

Therefore, wearing the black obsidian bracelet means that you would be bringing more of water’s abundance energy into your life, which is how the feng shui black obsidian bracelet is able to improve your life and, more importantly, the state of your finances.

On top of that, the philosophy of Feng Shui notes that the color black is a color connected to water, which is subsequently representative of depth, fluidity, and wisdom. So, if you’d like to experience these qualities in your life, you may want to start wearing the feng shui black obsidian bracelet. Also, water is said to be connected to your social network and career, and wearing elements believed to enhance these areas of your life would be ideal if you are interested in these things.


History and story behind the Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet?

Humans have worn bracelets for thousands of years, and the oldest of the bracelets worn by humans dating back 40,000+ years ago and made of the chloritolite stone. For the most part, the bracelet was worn purely for beauty purposes or perhaps an indication of status in society, but today, wearing bracelets made of crystals and stones is not only a fashion accessory but also a functionally important thing.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work

The feng shui black obsidian bracelet is one of the most popular bracelet options today, and it is believed that wearing this bracelet would bring you wealth and good fortune.

Note that the idea of feng shui (Taoism) dates back to ancient times, and it is associated with other elements such as the Pi Yao, among other items that are regarded as enhancers and cures. Pi Yao, for example, is believed to have existed at about the same time as the Fu dogs, the dragon, and Buddha. These are important symbols in Chinese history dating back to the Chinese Emperors.

So, what are the biggest stories behind the feng shui black obsidian bracelets?

For starters, it’s worth noting that the black obsidian stone has different shades depending on how fast the volcanic magma cooled. However, the perceived benefits of the stone are believed to come from the following known facts of the black stone.

First, the name obsidian is believed to be from a 1st Century AD explorer who came across the stone when exploring Ethiopia. The stone was called Pliny or lapis obsianus. Also known as the soul mirror or the truth stone – these names were opted for because they are a reflection of not just the physical reality that is displayed on the stone’s polished surface, but also because the stone encourages introspection, and it would show the traumas and fears within us.

Interestingly, temperature changes result in changes in the color of the stone, and the stones on the bracelet are said to be able to feel your body temperature. It’s also said that the stone can help in relieving and managing anxiety.


Will Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet bring you good luck and wealth?

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work

If you believe that a feng shui bracelet would bring you wealth and good luck, then it might. You need to wear the bracelet correctly, though.

Note that the black obsidian stone beads on the bracelet are made of natural stone, and the bracelet is said to be a great charm if you are looking for good fortune, charm, and prosperity in life.

But to enjoy these advantages, you need to wear the bracelet on your left hand to attract wealth – wearing it on the right is not ideal because it would mean that you are giving away your wealth to other people.

It is said that the positive chi enters your body through the left hand, which is why you should have the bracelet on your left hand.


Real feng shui black obsidian bracelet reviews

While there are many people who claim that the feng shui bracelets actually work and that they became wealthy or had an enhanced quality of life after wearing the bracelets, looking at actual life stories regarding the bracelet and its perceived power is important. Below, we’ll take a look at some actual reviews of the bracelets and whether they work or not.

  • According to one Vanessa Basara, who bought the bracelet for her son and herself, their luck turned when they started wearing the bracelets, and their business has been booming since.
  • One Boyet Daos notes that her feng shui black obsidian bracelet has helped him financially and that he’s never run out of money since he started wearing the bracelet.
  • Then there is Lorraine Nealy, who acknowledges the fact that the bracelet changed her life by making her feel more powerful and luxurious.


Pros and cons of wearing a feng shui black obsidian bracelet

Pros of feng shui black obsidian bracelets

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet – Does It Really Work

  • The persons who believe in the power of these bracelets note that they’ve experienced an increase in wealth owing to the bracelet’s power to attract wealth to their lives while making them more prosperous.
  • The bracelet is also said to promote healing to the person who wears it because it bears powerful healing powers. This is backed by the belief that crystals have immense healing powers hence use in alternative medicine/ healing.
  • The feng shui bracelet offers protection and wards off evil spirits, negative energy, financial losses, bad luck, or sickness.
  • It enhances and strengthens relationships while attracting love and happy energy.
  • The bracelet could also boost your success and career progression, and it’s recommended for persons who feel they’re stagnating in business or career.
  • It lowers EMF risks and harmful effects from all the electronics we have around us because the black obsidian is said to emit actual clean energy known as orgone energy – this counters negative energies.


  • The bracelet doesn’t always work, which is the unfortunate truth for most people.
  • If you don’t believe in it, it will not work.
  • You have to stick to the rules relating to the black obsidian bracelet for feng shui


Can you buy a feng shui black obsidian bracelet on Amazon?

Yes, you could buy the feng shui black obsidian bracelet off Amazon.

If you believe in this stuff, think about the options available online and opt for the bracelet that has the bigger number of raving reviews.

Also, make sure you are buying a feng shui black obsidian bracelet made of actual obsidian and not knockoffs or other kinds of fake materials.



If you are looking for feng shui bracelets because you believe in their perceived powers, you will be happy to know that a bracelet made of this crystal could actually be a great thing for you, and it will improve your life.

It works if you believe in it, but also if you put in the work needed for success and if you wear it correctly. It might not work for you, though.

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