Should I Wear Fake Jewelry? (Pros & Cons Explained in 2024)

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Fake jewelry doesn’t have a nice tone to it, but what if we told you that most of the jewelry you own is actually regarded as fake jewelry?

While the term ‘fake’ has been used to represent all that is bad and all that should be shunned, the jewelry scene is riddled with a vast variety of what’s considered to be fake jewelry. But to make this type of jewelry more alluring to the markets of the world, fake jewelry is better known as costume jewelry.

Most people have developed an interest in fake jewelry over the years, mostly because of the affordability of the jewelry. But there isn’t much known about this kind of jewelry, hence this article.


Fake Jewelry – Definition

Fake or costume jewelry can be defined as the kind of jewelry that is made of non-precious metals and also non-precious stones. Some of the materials often used to make a costume or fake jewelry include copper, bronze, or brass.

The rings, for example, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, for example, are made of cheap acrylics, leather, and beads. The metals used for these kinds of jewelry are known as base metals, and they include aluminum. Costume jewelry is also called fashion jewelry, and the jewelry could also be made from materials like leather or textiles. Unfortunately, the materials used bend easily, and they could also get tarnished a lot faster.

Should I Wear Fake Jewelry

For the fake jewelry that is made of leather or textiles entirely, even the plated varieties, including the base metals, you should know that you will spend a lot less on these types of jewelry.

In most cases, the base metals used are plated with precious metals, which increases their value but is also the reason for the flashy appearance of the jewelry and for their desirability.

Other types of jewelry that are regarded as fake jewelry are made of simulated stones like the Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, or plastic.

Then you have the gold vermeils or the gold-filled variety, also called the semi-fine jewelry. These types of jewelry are often made of real gemstones, but they are significantly more affordable. You will also come across jewelry made of stones such as opals and morganite, or in other cases, the enhanced, heat, or chemical-treated stones. Though they all in the larger category of fake jewelry, they have been compartmentalized and are called semi-fine jewelry.

Note that the incorporation of the base metals is the reason why semi-fine jewelry is also known as fashion or fake jewelry. Keep in mind that thanks to the use of cheaper materials prone to tarnishing and/or cracking fake/ costume jewelry doesn’t have much of long shelf life. At the same time, these types of jewelry are almost always impossible to fix once broken because the level of heat and the pressure needed to fix the broken pieces of jewelry would make the copper or the brass pieces near impossible to solder. And in cases where soldering is done ‘successfully,’ there will be evidence of the fix or the work done on the jewelry, specifically the plated gold or silver jewelry would be blackened.

The good news is that the fashion/ fake jewelry is significantly cheap, meaning that a broken piece will not break your heart, and you could easily replace the entire set of jewelry.


Is it bad to wear fake jewelry?

Should I Wear Fake Jewelry

In most cases, fake jewelry is actually made of good quality materials. These materials might not be precious metals or other long-lasting metals, but they work great and leave you with good quality jewelry that lasts a while.

Unlike fine jewelry that is made of high-quality metals and gemstones, fake/ fashion/ costume jewelry is made of simulated stones, and as mentioned above, cheaper base metals.

Therefore, it means that there is nothing wrong with wearing fake jewelry, especially because it is not made of unsafe materials, just cheaper materials.

But when you do wear fake or costume jewelry, just keep in mind that the jewelry is not durable and it will tarnish soon enough, which also means that this is not the kind of jewelry you buy for long-term use. The use of inexpensive materials that are pretty much impossible to repair means that buying and wearing this kind of jewelry should be something you do as a short-term move. Also, the jewelry could wear off or break after purchase, meaning you may never even wear them in the first place.

So, while it’s not a bad idea to wear fake jewelry, you need to be keen about your purchase and beware of the fact the jewelry might look too cheap, and you may not be in a position to comfortable keep this kind of jewelry on for long.


What happens if you wear fake jewelry?

Should I Wear Fake Jewelry

Although buying and wearing cheap jewelry might seem like a good idea now, that isn’t always the case, and you may have to pay for the consequences of your decision dearly. And though you cannot afford to buy fine jewelry just yet, you should be aware of some of the risks you may face later. Here are some of the things that may happen if you wear cheap fake jewelry:

Some metals in the jewelry may react with your skin badly, either because of your body chemistry or it may trigger allergies. This might happen if the jewelry contains nickel or lead in unregulated amounts.

The good news is that metals like titanium steel, for example, is extremely durable, and it’s almost safe for everyone who wears jewelry made of this metal. Jewelry made of anodized aluminum or brass is also safe for your skin, but if you are wearing jewelry made of brass, you’d want to make sure that it’s made from actual brass.

There is also the risk of your skin turning green after you wear jewelry made of certain kinds of metals, for instance, brass with too much copper or sterling silver with high copper content.

And even if your skin is not damaged or affected in one way or the other, there’s also a risk of the jewelry turning black and losing its luster generally because it’s cheap, and the metal components in the jewelry get oxidized, hence fast aging of the jewelry.


Is everyone allergic to fake jewelry?

Should I Wear Fake Jewelry

No. Not everyone is allergic to fake jewelry, and not all kinds of fake jewelry would cause allergies. However, you should always consider and ask what the components of the jewelry are. There are varieties of fake jewelry that are made of skin-safe metals and materials, which makes them safer.

That said, not everyone is allergic to nickel, the most common component in a variety of fake jewelry, meaning that some types of fake jewelry would look great on you and not cause any issues, but others are safe, and they’d still look good on you.

When buying fake or costume jewelry, here are some of the things you’d have to keep in mind when looking for the best of costume jewelry:

  • Try as much as you can to buy hypoallergenic jewelry, especially if you are allergic to specific metals like nickel. If you suffer from metal allergies, look for jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials, for example, nickel-free stainless steel, platinum, titanium, surgical-grade stainless steel, 18K gold, or sterling silver.
  • Create a barrier for the skin, such as clear nail polish on the areas of the jewelry that come in contact with the skin. This helps to curb skin discoloration and irritation.
  • Avoid the cheapest versions of fake jewelry

Should I Wear Fake Jewelry

The pros and cons of wearing fake jewelry


  • They are affordable and always look great.
  • Most of them look elegant, and the stunning pieces will leave people in awe of your fashion taste.
  • Some of the fake jewelry varieties can be worn every day
  • Easy to hoard this kind of jewelry
  • Fake jewelry can be paired with pretty much anything.
  • This kind of jewelry allows you to have fun with accessories


  • Sometimes, this kind of jewelry will look outright cheap
  • High risk of the jewelry turning your skin green
  • They tend to break easily
  • They fade fast
  • They tarnish


Should you wear fake jewelry?

If you are considering wearing and buying fake jewelry, you should know that re is a lot you’d have to take into consideration, besides the low cost.

While this mind of jewelry looks glamorous and flashy when you first get them, they wear out too soon.

So, unless you are looking for jewelry that you’d only wear a few times after purchase, you may want to spend more time looking for better quality pieces.

Better yet, gauge the materials used to make the jewelry and only settle on one when you are sure it’s the best option for you.



If you weren’t sure about wearing fake jewelry, the article above shares insights into what you should do and how about fake/ costume jewelry. Note that this kind of jewelry isn’t for everyone, but it might work for you.

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