I Found An Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground – BAD LUCK?

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The evil eye is a great amulet that is bestowed with the power to protect its wearer against the forces of evil. 

As a result, the evil eye is a common feature in mot cultures and belief systems across the world.

Different religions also considerate an important amulet too, including Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Here’s a post for you: Is It OK to Wear the Evil Eye as A Christian?

As a result, dropping the evil eye amulet, whether its’s in the form of a bracelet or a ring is abhorred as it is believed to carry many unwanted effects.

But is it really bad luck when the evil eye bracelet is dropped on ground or if you find one on the ground?


What does it mean to find an evil eye bracelet on the ground?

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

If you don’t believe in astrology or the power of crystals, finding an evil eye bracelet on the ground means nothing more than the fact that the wearer of the bracelet lost it.

However, if you believe in astrology and the powers held by different crystals and natural elements around you, then finding the evil eye bracelet it could mean that the crystal either brings good or evil your way, and you may want to cleanse it first.

Generally, the evil eye bracelet is associated with protection and negative energy, and it absorbs curses and malicious energies sent your way.

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

It may also ward off evil forces by bringing into your life more light and positive energy that would outweigh the effect of the bad energies.

And so, in most cultures the evil eye amulet or bracelet is used to give the wearer peace of mind while also rejuvenating their spirit, making them safer, happier, and free from the invisible, malicious curse.

Note that with such items, like coins, the meaning you attach it depends on your beliefs. You may take the evil eye bracelet as a sign of something good, say a good luck charm, but if you don’t hold the most optimistic beliefs around things that are dropped or lost, then you may perceive it as a sign of bad luck.

So, it all depends on your belief systems.


Evil eye bracelet on the ground – bad luck or good luck?

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

Most people who wear amulets and talisman made of crystals and specific stones such as the Evil Eye bracelet believe that the evil eye bracelet, regardless of its location, is a symbol of good luck and also its protective. The stone not only bring you good luck, but also offers protection from evil.

But if you believe in the myths the powers held by such crystals, you would know that the evil eye comes in three main types – the unconscious evil eye that hurts things and people unintentionally, the conscious evil eye whose intention is to cause injuries, and the invisible/ most feared evil eye that not only saw all the evil on earth, but also eliminated ignorance and poverty.

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground 

So, what happens if your evil eye bracelet falls off?

While there are instances when this is all accidental, it is not always the case, and in some instances the evil eye bracelet will fall off because it can no longer absorb or hold negative energies any more – in other words, it has reached its limit for taking in misfortunes and it’s taken on more than it can handle.


The brief introduction of evil eye bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

Jewelry with the evil eye incorporated is slowly turning into some form of mainstream jewelry. 

Everyone is wearing them, including celebrities like Meghan Markle. But why is there a sort of obsession with this crystal or stone?

Well, the rage around the evil eye bracelets stems from the belief that the evil eye is this quasi-universal symbol for protection.

It is called a mati in Greek, and its significance is quite prominent around West Asia and the Mediterranean.

The evil eye features the ‘stare’ or ‘look’ which is believed to carry bad luck to the person that the misfortune may be directed out of dislike or envy.

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

It’s considered an important part of nature and its perception by different people, its effects, causes, and even the protective measures against bad luck if it comes by means of the evil eye, all vary depending on the culture and tribe you’re asking.

But even with these differences, most people believe that the evil’s eye is the talisman meant to offer protection against evil spirits.

The beliefs around the evil eye or mati date back to the Green classical antiquities going back at least to the 6th century BC. Which is the time that the evil eye started appearing in drinking vessels.

The evil eye has also been referenced by Hesiod, Plato, and Plutarch, among many other classical authors that attempted to describe and explain the roles and  meaning of the evil eye.

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

While these authors came up with different explanations for the meaning of the evil eye, general consensus is that the evil eye represents an amulet or a talisman that points to spiritual protection, and especially for the green and blue evil eyes.

Such talismans would repel evil and so, they are worn as bracelets, pendants, rings, or earrings. sometimes, this talisman is hung as a bead over an entrance or someone’s main door.

Over the years, therefore, the blue evil eye has been used broadly in different parts of the world by the Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, Phoenicians, and Greeks, not to mention the Ottoman Empire.

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

The beliefs surrounding the evil eye kept spreading across the globe, and now, every continent holds a certain belief about the evil eye.

Notably, Islamic cultures hold the belief that giving someone too much praise bring about the ill effects of the evil eye.

Hinduism preaches the strong belief that the eye represents the body’s most powerful point that is capable of giving off energy, and so, it makes sense that there is a lot of fear around the evil eye idea  – it’s all because the evil eye holds a lot of power.

But not all evil eyes bring bad luck in Hinduism, although they are still afraid of the fact that even the admirable eye can still bring a wearer bad luck, often believed to be the case when milk dries up from cows.

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Evil eye bracelets bring good luck or bad luck?

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

Most cultures consider the evil eye bracelet a symbol of protection from evil and harm.

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Should you wear someone’s evil eye bracelet?

Evil Eye Bracelet On The Ground

It’s best not to wear an evil eye bracelet belonging to someone else

Other evil eye bracelet superstitions and story

As mentioned above, most cultures believe in the protective powers of the Evil Eye and how it keeps the wearer from harm of any kind.

In Europe, it was originally believed to carry malicious or envious energy and was believed to have been created by witches.

Germans feared the evil eye bracelets with red eyes

And in Brazil, the evil eye was also called the fat eye, which wasn’t to be feared although it was only good when someone gave sincere compliments.

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There are many beliefs about the significance of the evil eye, but the general consensus seems to be the belief that these amulets are protective.

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