Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck – Is It Real?

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The eye is a small but powerful organ that possesses and harnesses a tremendous amount of power and function beyond its biological functions.

As the window to your soul, the master of your emotions, and the creative masterpiece for your being, your eyes can do so much and communicate much more.

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

Unfortunately, not all that the eyes can do may be considered reasonable. In many cultures worldwide, eyes have been pitted as the carriers of evil, including curses and malevolence, which are often transmuted into bad luck in the lives of the persons caught by the eye or, instead, the person with bad/ evil eyes.

This is one of those beliefs deeply rooted in communities and cultures worldwide, where it is believed to be the gospel truth. To counter the evil eye’s effects, sacred texts, techniques, amulets, and talismans have been created, and the evil eye is one of these amulets.

It is considered the most powerful protection amulet that protects you from the person with the evil eye and its effects. But is it possible that the evil eye bracelet could also bring bad luck?


About Evil Eye logo and history

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck


The symbol of the evil eye is a rather old one that dates back thousands of years to 5000BC. The symbol originated from Mesopotamia, and its roots are believed to have spun from Jewish, Christina, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist cultures.

Interestingly, its history runs deeper than this. There is no doubt that it has been around since the beginning of human civilizations because humans have always been inclined to turn towards things like talismans and other types of meaningful symbols that they believe offer guidance and protection.  

Greek Classical antiquities and other texts referenced by Plato, Plutarch, Pliny the Elder, Heliodorus, Diodorus Siculus, Hesiod, Aulus Gelliuus, Callimachus, and Theocritus, among hundreds of words others all, mention the evil eye, noting that it may have gotten into their colonies form modern-day Syria before the Bronze Age.

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

The idea of the evil eye has mainly been associated with the Egyptian Eye of Horus, a symbol of good health and protection for the Egyptians. The evil eye talisman for the Greeks was also believed to protect against malevolent gazes.

There also are references to the c.8700- 3500BC Eye Idols that were excavated at a temple, the Tell Brak Eye Temple, which were believed to be important figurines offered to the gods.

The Ottoman Empire widely used the enchanted evil eye amulet in 3300BC; most other civilizations like the ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks used the symbol as a protective amulet and talisman.

Its age-old use has also been documented across India, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, modern-day Brazil, and almost all other parts of the world.

While Turkey recently outlawed the wearing of the Evil eye bracelets, particularly for Muslims, the ideology of the evil eye spread far and wide through the Middle East, especially in Turkey earlier.

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

Most people still believe that the amulet is the best way to protect oneself and loved ones from the malicious glare or gaze of the eye, bad luck, ill-health, and other problems you may face if the wrong person glances in your direction.

So, the birth of the evil eye symbol is something that isn’t tied to just one culture. It’s also been used for different purposes. Some cultures consider the evil eye as their god, and others believe that the evil eye is associated with curses or extreme hardships.

And as is human nature, we seem to always look for that thing that makes you feel comfortable, especially when going through a hard time, and so the evil eye can be seen as one of these things.


What does the Evil Eye bracelet look like?

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

How did the design of the evil eye come to be? And what does it look like?

You may have seen it all around you, especially on jewelry and in some religious or cultural places or texts. Depictions of the evil eye symbol are seen as a single eye in a multicolor design with black, blue, and white hues.

Blue is the primary color of the eye. While most of the evil eye symbols only have the outline of the eye and the black spot for the pupil and the iris with blue as the background, there are other versions of the evil eye that come in the form of the full eye that comes complete with the iris, lid, pupil, and even eyelashes.

The prominence of the color blue in the evil eye is because blue is a fierce and protective color. Most evil eye amulets are worn as minimalist bracelets made of different materials and chains or threads in different colors – the red cord represents Kabbalah.

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

In contrast, the blue cord, which is relatively common, is associated with feelings of calm and tranquility and works best with the evil eye amulet to protect the wearer of the bracelet from bad luck and evil spirits.

The other colors associated with the bracelets include light blue symbolizing strength, red for love, white for light/ purity, and purple for power.

So, because the eyes see everything, including all the ignorance and wickedness that happen around us, and is reflected in the person that casts the wickedness all through the eye’s glare, the evil eye amulet is necessary because it will bounce off that glare and subsequently, the effects of the evil eye’s wickedness (individual).

In Arabic, the glare is called Nazar, which translates to vision. So, the symbolic amulet is designed to ward off any negativity that may be directed at the wearer, whether that happens consciously or inadvertently.

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

The other version of the evil eye amulet is the Hamsa. Hamsa is an amulet that not only deflects negativity but also adds strength and blessings, and so, unlike the evil eye that is shaped like a blue eye, the Hamsa is shaped like an open palm.

One of the interpretations for the Hamsa’s symbol noted that the open palm is intended to stop the bad energy that may be directed your way. At the same time, the open palm brings blessings to the wearer with open hands.


Is it bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet?

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

Technically, the evil eye bracelets are sold all over, and you could easily buy the bracelet for yourself if you want to. It is important to make sure that you are buying it for the right reasons/ intentions. So, while many believe that the evil eye bracelet should be gifted, it doesn’t have to.


Other Evil Eye bracelet superstition

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

In addition to offering protection from the curse of the evil eye, this bracelet can also bring you good health, wealth, and great fortune.

Others believe that the evil eye amulet and the Hamsa are also cures for disease.  

  • In a religious spin, specifically in Judaism, Israel’s Sages noted that when Jacob’s ten sons went to Egypt to get provisions, they had to make themselves inconspicuous by getting into the town through separate gates because they didn’t want to be gazed upon by local Egyptians who would then trigger the Evil eye or a malevolent response that would grip them with bad luck – this was especially because the 10 gentlemen were quite handsome, brave. They were endowed with many other manly dispositions.
  • In Christianity, the demons and Satan use the evil eye to harm believers.
  • In most cultures and beliefs, the evil eye bracelet was worn to cast away and avert the effects of the evil eye and, in many instances, to bring good fortune to whoever wore the bracelet as they were protected.


Pros and cons of wearing the Evil Eye bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck


  • The evil eye bracelet protects you from the age-old belief in the effects of the malevolent eye gaze.
  • It can bring you good luck, good health, wealth, and happiness
  • It is believed to cure illnesses


  • It doesn’t offer any protection if you don’t believe in it.


Should You Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet?

 Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

If you believe that you need protection from someone or people with the evil gaze that would lead to your fall, especially if you are on the upward track to success, then the evil eye bracelet or talisman could be precisely what you need.

However, for the bracelet to work, you must have pure intentions, which means that in as much as you want it to protect you, you should not intentionally inflict emotional or mental damage to someone else.  

It’s important to remember that if you harbor some negativity towards someone else, the bracelet will notice, and it may end up cursing someone else unintentionally.

So, always have good intentions while you can buy it for yourself, especially if no one can gift you or you know that you need it.


Tips for wearing Evil Eye Bracelet that’ll avoid bad luck

Evil Eye Bracelet Brings Bad Luck

  • Wear it on your left hand, which is your emotional side
  • Don’t wear it if you are ill-intentioned – the bad in you could be placed on someone else, innocently
  • Cleanse the bracelet before, during, or after the full moon or when needed, by directing negativity toward a body of water
  • Replace it if it breaks


The evil eye bracelet is meant to protect you whenever you wear it, but it may bring bad luck if you don’t cleanse it.

This may also happen if you have ill intentions.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!