Unpopular Engagement Ring Trends To Avoid In 2024

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An engagement is an important moment that cements the commitment between you and your significant other. The crown piece of this moment is the engagement ring. It is meant to be a symbol of the promise and love you share.

There’s normally a lot to consider when picking out a ring. In as much as it’s mostly based on individual preference, it’s also inspired by the current trends around us. To avoid getting it wrong, we have come up with a list of the current dos and don’ts when it comes to trends on engagement rings.


Engagement Ring Trends To Avoid In 2024

Since they gained popularity in the late 1900s, there’s always been a lot of pressure to pick out the right engagement ring. There is an overwhelming number of choices today. So, it helps sometimes to look at the current trends to help you decide on what to pick out. While traditionally, engagement rings were expected to be diamond rings, a lot has changed over the years. Therefore, you need to be careful about what trends you choose to follow. The following are some of the trends to avoid in 2024 when it comes to picking out engagement rings:


  1. Using Traditional or Inexpensive Metals.

Traditionally, yellow and white gold were the most popular metals when it came to engagement rings. While their popularity comes and goes with each decade, more and more people have begun to consider other metals that are just as good if not better. Platinum for example is a better metal alternative for a diamond setting compared to white gold. You can also get options of rose gold or silver engagement rings.

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Others have completely veered away from metals and use wood or bones instead as their ring bands. These are great and unique options especially if you don’t mind forgoing diamonds or have a sensitivity to metals.

Still, even though people are thinking outside the box, certain materials aren’t ideal for engagement rings. If you’re going to go with metal, avoid using cheap metal, even though it’s tempting to save some money.

Engagement rings are a symbol of a lifelong commitment, therefore should be made of durable material. While you don’t have to use traditional metals, ensure the material you do pick can last for a long time.


  1. Getting Traditionally Cut Engagement Rings.
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In the past, there were specific cuts meant for engagement rings like marquise and princess cuts. These cuts were popular back in the 1900s and are still widely used today. You, however, don’t have to feel obligated to pick traditionally cut gems.

Today, shapes like teardrops, hearts, Halfmoon, and ovals among others are gaining traction. Many celebrities like Justin Bieber have been noted to opt for cuts of different shapes and sizes.

That means that traditional cuts are slowly on their way out, and who wants to be stuck with an outdated ring when you could have something more unique.


  1. Diamond Engagement Rings.

Another common tradition when it comes to engagement rings is the use of diamond settings. That is because engagement rings became popular because of the rising popularity of diamonds back then.

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Times have changed, however, and more people are opting for vibrant colored gemstones as opposed to diamonds. You can find engagement rings with green emeralds, blue topaz, peach sapphires, the list is endless. So, you have a wider choice that makes the ring you choose more personalized and adds color and variance as opposed to the boring traditional diamond settings.

If diamonds are your preference, however, then that’s okay. Just avoid getting over the top diamonds. Initially, people were obsessed with the carats of their diamonds, and the more it was the better. Today, over-the-top diamonds look great from afar but have an unimpressive poor quality when up close. Instead of the carat, pay attention to the quality of the stone in terms of the cut and clarity.


  1. Split Shanks and Super Thick Bands.
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While super thick bands and split shank were the main talks in the past when it came to engagement rings, they are slowly becoming outdated. More people are opting for minimalist bands that focus on the gemstone instead. Simple embellished bands are also gaining more popularity for their extra added sparkle.

Today people care less about heavy complicated designs. Instead, they are looking for more artistic and visually interesting designs. The idea isn’t just to stand out but to uniquely stand out.


  1. One Stone Engagements Ring.

The real question today, is why limit yourself to one stone on your ring when you can have more? Ever since the engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a lot of people are opting for two or three stone settings as opposed to one.

Two stones, for example, are said to represent the two hearts coming together. Three stones, on the other hand, represent the past, present, and future of a couple. Besides, you can do more with two or three stones compared to just one. With multiple stones, you can vary the hue or size, or even shape. That way you create a more interesting and unique piece.


  1. Blindly Following Trends.

It is good to pick a thing or two from current trends when picking an engagement ring. They are meant to help make your choice easier, but at the end of the day, each person and the love shared is unique.

By following trends, you may end up picking a stone that isn’t a representation of you. You may also pick a ring that unflattering on her skin. The whole point is to pick out something unique to you. So, it’s counterintuitive when you blindly follow what is trending.

Instead, pay closer attention to your partner and the relationship you share. Whatever you pick out should be able to clearly define and represent who you are as a couple.


Engagement Ring Trends In 2024 And Beyond

Now that you are aware of the trends to currently avoid when picking out a ring, what trends can you use to help with your decision?

There are many upcoming trends or present trends that are gaining more traction in 2024. These trends are likely to stick around for a while. The following is a list of the common trends to watch out for in 2024 and the future:


  1. Getting Personalized Unique Rings.
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 Unlike before, when there was a traditional standard for engagement rings, today people want something more customized to their specifications. A ring that uniquely represents them. The focus now is on thoughtful and insightful personal touches that make a world of difference.

For example, would be picking out a birthstone as opposed to the traditional diamond. You could also engrave a personal message or symbol with special meaning on the ring.

Alternatively, you could think out of the box and come up with a unique and unorthodox design for the ring that represents your relationship. At the end of the day, the ring should be something that speaks to you as a couple.


  1. A Mix of Classic and Modern Designs.
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 Like with all trends, the old is always recycled and brought back in a new look. In the same way, couples are opting for classic, vintage designs and adding a modern twist to make it their style. They’re looking for that timeless yet glamourous touch.

The reason for vintage looks coming back into trend is the attention to detail. The intricate touches like the filigree or milgrain of the ring. Hence, some couples today, opt to repurpose old family rings for heirloom-inspired looks where modern love meets vintage details.

Another popular vintage style coming back to style is the classic rose cut. It entails a flat bottomed but dome-topped diamond. Its shape allows it to look larger than it is. That is why you’ll see many couples opting for the cut since they get more for less.


  1. Using Alternative Metals and Gemstones.
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 Since everyone is looking for a unique and personalized engagement ring, a lot of people are veering away from traditional material. While in the past you’d commonly see white gold and diamond rings, today rings are made with alternate metals like platinum and silver.

Black gold, for example, is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Outside of metal, there are those using wood or bones. Metals are, however, recommended for engagement rings, and quality ones at that. Yellow gold, for example, being a common type of metal, is making a comeback, with more couples opting for it because it compliments all their other jewelry collection.

As for the diamonds, more people are seeking out vibrant colored gemstones, either based on their favorite colors or birthstones. Colors like pink diamonds and sapphires are becoming increasingly popular.

The two gemstones with the most traction currently, however, are emerald green and blue topaz. Emerald rings are favored for the added pop of color and elegance at less amount money.

What’s more the vibrant green of the stone compliments almost any skin tone. Blue rings, on the other hand, have a soothing aquatic vibe with a variety of shades to pick from to suit your skin.


  1. Multi-Stone Settings.
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 After public figures like Meghan Markle have been seen spotting with three stones or more, multi-stone settings are very popular today. With this type of setting, you get more stones to play around with in terms of designs. You could make one stone larger than the others or play around with the color and hue of the stone.

There are also some symbolic meanings attached to the different multi-stone settings. The two-stone setting, for example, is sometimes referred to as the “Toi et Moi” setting, which means “you and me” in French.

The setting is seen to symbolize two people coming together to be one, especially when the stones are set side by side. The three-stone setting, which has today come to be known as the “Meghan effect”, represents the past, present, and future of a couple. Some also see it as a representation of a couple’s love, friendship, and fidelity.

Even with the multi-stone setting, most individuals are also scaling down on the size of the stones. The more petit stones are being favored for their more modern and minimalist take on the multi-stone settings.


  1. Halo Engagement Rings.
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 The elegant Halo design is quickly becoming popular amongst couples today. It’s favored for its contemporary glamourous look that maintains a vintage touch.

The design features a center stone surrounded by accent gems that form a halo. If the accent gems are matching with the center piece’s color, you’ll get an illusion of a bigger stone for less money.

You may find halo rings in the traditional round or cushion shape. It’s also possible to find the in the more modern fancy cut shapes like teardrop or heart shapes.

Another rising trend with halo rings is the hidden halo design, where the accent gems are underneath the centerpiece. They help accentuate the centerpiece while adding that extra sparkle effect.


  1. Simple or Statements Bands.
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 Opposed to the stone setting in traditional engagement rings, some couples are beginning to favor band-style engagement rings. Some couples prefer simple designs that are unisex and easier to clean.

They are also more suitable for everyday activities that can sometimes be strenuous and damage a ring. Others, however, opt for statement designs like diamond-encrusted bands.

They offer the same appeal as a stone setting but at a more affordable price in most cases. Either way, the couple has a two in one advantage whereby, their engagement rings serve as their wedding bands as well.


  1. Virtual Shopping for Engagement Rings.

Given the restrictions of the pandemic, a lot of businesses now operate online, including jewelry stores. This has made shopping for a ring much easier. You’re able to look through a variety of choices from different vendors more easily, in the comfort of your home.



Most if not all people dream of meeting “the one”, saying “I do” and building “happy ever after” together. It’s something you’ve probably dreamt about since childhood, and the story always begins with the engagement.

When choosing a ring for this special occasion, be careful to avoid outdated trends but don’t lose sight of the fact that an engagement ring should represent your unique love for your partner before anything else.

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