Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy? (With Quick Solutions)

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Choosing the best engagement ring is a crucial decision that you may need to make because your engagement ring is a jewelry item that you have to live with for a lifetime. There are so many beautiful styles and trends readily available in several jewelry stores, but how do you really choose the right one? Preferably, how do you find one that matches your sense of style and overall preferences?

Once you find the ring of your choice and one that indeed satisfies all your jewelry and style requirements, you may find yourself in a situation where you feel as though it is slightly too daring or a little too glamorous.

Or, once your fiancée proposes and you wear the ring, you may begin to feel as though the ring a little tacky. When this happens, it is typical to second guess your decision and question whether your engagement ring is too flashy. But is it really? Read on to find out!


Is my engagement ring too flashy?

In general, ‘flashiness’ is a relative adjective. For some, an extremely glamorous ring seems subtle, while for others, a less glamorous ring may still seem too flashy and attention-grabbing.

Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy

Even so, there are times when the stone is somewhat larger than other standard rings, or it may be very sparkly to the various diamond cuts you may come across. While these may be pretty fancy and quite the statement, you may be insecure due to reasons only you know of.

It could be because you think that some people may be envious and tamper with your happiness, or it could be because you are a little scared that it may get stolen when you are walking on the street.

 Other times, it could be because you don’t want too many people questioning how much your fiancé or spouse spent on your ring.

Whatever the feeling of discomfort is, you may at least try and discard it.

First, your ring is only flashy because it is of good quality, highly polished, and sonic cleaned.

Second, because your ‘insecurities’ are actually a common reaction to your first piece of bling jewelry, and third because your engagement ring definitely needs to stand out over all other ring designs that you come across every day.


How do you know if your engagement ring is too flashy?

Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy

You may have come across the popular notion that describes ‘flashy’ jewelry as any jewelry item that is large or has too many crystals or jewels on it. More often than not, in the jewelry world, you are seen to have flashy jewelry when you wear more than a few jewelry pieces, either too many rings or several necklaces. However, the glamor on one jewelry piece, that is your engagement ring may be too much to conceal, hence flashy.

So, how do you know if your engagement ring is too flashy? When you begin to feel self-conscious about your engagement ring, then it is probably too flashy.  

If you start to feel as though you can’t wear your glamorous engagement ring to any occasion or as daily wear because you think it is too glitzy, the chances are it is probably too flashy.

Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy

What should you do if your engagement ring is too flashy?

If you feel that your engagement ring has too much bling, you should do the following;

  1. Redesign your ring

It takes a while to redesign a custom-made ring, but it may be the best decision you may have ever made. This way, you are sure to get the version of the ring you have always wanted.

If there is a halo on your ring and it seems too flashy, then it can be taken away for a more subtle look. If it has too many colored accent diamonds, you can get them removed for a calmer look.

Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy

  1. Trade it in

Sometimes, you can go back to the same jeweler who made your engagement ring and find something more subtle, one that suits your preference and sense of style.

When trading it in, you also have the option to keep the original diamond that your fiancé proposed with and get a more plain setting to go with it. That way, it may be less flashy.


  1. Sell the ring

If the last two options don’t seem to be working for you, the last resort would be to sell it. If the jeweler you got your engagement ring from doesn’t have a return policy, selling the ring would be a better bet.

Is My Engagement Ring Too Flashy

Also, this is a good option if you don’t like the diamond on your ring. Afterward, once you get the money, you can pick out your favorite ring.

However, this is a decision you would need to make with your fiancé.



An engagement ring is perhaps one of the most personal and sentimental jewelry that you may ever own.

For this reason, you may want to ensure that you are constantly wearing one that suits your sense of style and general preferences.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!