What Your Engagement Ring Says About Him?

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Often, an engagement ring is designed in a way that says a lot about the bride to be. But when your fiancé chooses a stunning engagement ring for you, what does that ring say about him?

Do you ever stop to wonder about the thoughts that race through men’s minds when they are buying engagement rings and what the rings could mean to them and about them? Can you learn more about a man from the choice of engagement rings they choose for their fiancé?

Keep reading to learn more about engagement rings and what the rings say about your man?

What Your Engagement Ring Says About Him

Symbol of love

A man who really loves you is will give you an engagement ring as a symbol of their love and commitment to you.

The ring symbolizes the beautiful journey that the couple is about to embark on, specifically after they decide to spend their lives together.

The engagement ring is shaped into a circular shape, and it has a deep meaning, symbolizing the fact that love has no end or beginning.

The engagement ring also represents infinite love transcending this life.

This circle also symbolizes the connections between everything in nature and how two people are brought together in a serendipitous and beautiful way.

What Your Engagement Ring Says About Him

What does your engagement ring say about him?

1.The ring symbolizes a lot more to men – Showing Off Wealth.

A large diamond ring, for example, says a lot about the man who financed it. There is no word that is used to define this, but it could be equated to the “the bigger the rock (diamond), the bigger the (size of) cock.” It would, therefore, be hard to deny the fact that the big diamond engagement ring represents the guy’s personal wealth, to an extent.

 In such cases, the man could be using the wife to show off their fortune – this isn’t something new or foreign, and the man would have their fiancé tote the ring everywhere, on their behalf as a way a spreading the word about the extent of their wealth.

Unfortunately, a marriage that only happens for superficial reasons would be toxic to both partners, and women who get big engagement rings often end up divorced.

Now, not to dampen the mood or your propositions, but men who propose with the big stones often end up with marriages that lead to divorces at a rate of up to 1.5 times.

What Your Engagement Ring Says About Him

2.He knows you too well.

Engagement rings come in different stone cuts, and they vary in color, clarity, carat size, and stone cuts.

But beyond the 4Cs, the most important consideration you need to keep in mind is that the cut of the stones vary, and they say a lot of different things about the person who wears the ring.

The brilliant round-cut, for example, is ideal for someone who prefers the more traditional look, while the Princess-cut ring is more a modern design with a contemporary feel.

The emerald cut exudes a great degree of refinement and elegance, hence suitable for a woman who has quite a discerning taste. The cushion cut is also quite trendy and feminine; and suitable for someone who opts for the soft look, with a great degree of sparkle.

These are just some of the diamond cuts for an engagement ring, and if your man gets a diamond with a cut that matches your personality to the tee, then it means that he is a keeper. You want someone who knows you, and if he gets it all right, then it means that you are the lucky one.


3.He pays attention to details.

The last thing you want is to be married to a guy who doesn’t listen or pay attention to the small details.

 Being able to choose a ring that matches your style, picking the right color and cut is crucial, and a man who is able to pick out all these specifics with ease, and perhaps from months of research, observation, and listening, tell you that you picked a good one.

So, the next time you aren’t sure about what to think of your man, look at the ring he picked out and how well he knows you.

What Your Engagement Ring Says About Him

4.He is proud

The sacrifice your man makes offers a great sense of pride to your man. If the proposal goes down well, then this ring will be representative of the man’s most prideful moment.



An engagement ring represents the intention to marry and commit to the love of their life. It is a symbol of love, commitment, and dedication, and as mentioned above, the circular design of the ring means an endless love without limits.

Regarding what the ring says about your man, you will be happy to know that for the most part, the ring shows his sense of style, love, attention to detail, and there are a few cases where the man uses the ring to show off.

If you aren’t sure about the ring and what it says about him, you could also look at the ring’s value and how much your man put into it, just for you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!