My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap(Possible Reasons & Solutions)

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While an engagement ring is easily one of the most precious pieces of jewelry you get to own, there is something that can easily quash all the sentiment around that beautiful piece of jewelry – the fact that this expensive piece of jewelry might start to look cheap years down the line. What do you do when this happens? Because in as much as there is a lot that goes into picking the perfect engagement ring, you don’t always have to spend all your savings on getting the perfect engagement ring. Whatever your budget is, you need to make sure that the engagement ring you settle on always looks elevated.

Unfortunately, things like the cut, the carat size, and even the color of the ring would make even the most expensive engagement ring look cheap. If this is what you have to deal with currently, this article will help you make enhance and elevate the look of your ring.

So, whether you are looking for an engagement ring for your fiancé and don’t want her to end up with a  cheap-looking ring a few some years or if your fancy engagement ring looks unrecognizable after some years, this article shares all the reasons for the cheap look, and also the solutions for the problem.


1.Mismatched colors for the diamonds

My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap

This is the first reason why your engagement ring would look cheap. When buying your engagement ring, the diamond you settle on must match the metal band; but this doesn’t always happen, which means that in as much as the diamond appears to have met your criteria for the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight – all against your budget, not paying attention to some of these elements might be detrimental.

Essentially, the color of the diamond is crucial to how the diamond and the ring look after 5, 10, or 20 years. So, understand what different color grades mean. If, for example, the diamond is graded, K, L, or M, it often means that the diamond has some yellow hues/ tints, and the rock won’t be as bright. So, diamonds in these grades should be avoided.

For a picture-perfect diamond, you might want to choose a diamond that is sized down but whiter. The whiter and brighter the diamond is, the more expensive it looks.


2.Unbalanced Prongs

The second reason why your engagement ring would look cheap will be if the prongs the diamond is set on aren’t balanced.

If, for example, the prongs are too wide or too heavy, they would distract your attention from the gorgeous center-stone and make the engagement ring look cheaper.

My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap

You can avoid this by getting the engagement ring from the experts – whether you are buying a 0.25carat diamond or a 5-carat diamond ring. You don’t want a ring with imperfect settings that turn a great ring into what looks like a bad arts and crafts project.

For an expensive-looking ring, talk with your jeweler about the use of the sharp claw prongs. Though delicate, such prongs are very strong, and they will hold the diamond in place easily. A great-looking engagement ring doesn’t just come in the cut you wanted but is detailed.

This means that details like well-shaped prongs that are perfectly balanced or the use of the claw prongs will leave you with the perfect ring. These details also elevate the ring instantly, and even if the stone isn’t the biggest, details and good balance will always make that ring look expensive.


3.Poor quality metalwork

This is a common reason for cheap-looking engagement rings. Bad metalwork just screams cheap, even if that ring isn’t cheap.

You can avoid this by working with an expert. An engagement ring from a professional has its metalwork very well executed, and it will not look like some really bad knockoff.


4.Mismatched or Unmatched Center Stone Color and Diamond Halo

My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap

If you want to get a diamond halo for your engagement ring and for the elevation of the center stone, you need to make sure that the stones and the halo are matched perfectly. The small stones, also known as the melee, must be matched well. There shouldn’t be a huge contrast in color to the extent that your eyes are confused.

Matching the halo and the center stone colors perfectly will make your ring look expensive, and the center stone will also look larger – which really is the goal of the halo in the first place.


5.Setting the diamonds too high.

If the diamonds are set up too high, the ring will instantly look cheap. Unfortunately, this happens a lot, especially when you work with a jeweler who mass-produces the engagement rings made to fit diamonds of different sizes.

When this is done, there is often a lot of space left under the culet – the diamond’s pointy end, and this makes the ring look cheap.

This can be countered by working with an expert or a specialty store that pays attention to all the individual pieces they receive and make.

These pieces will be fixed from scratch, and the settings are all based on the diamond’s measurements.

By doing this, the setting is lower to your finger, hence a very comfortable look and an expensive-looking ring.

My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap

6.Compromising on your personal style

This is the other thing that makes the ring look cheap. This is important because a ring that doesn’t match your style will feel off on your finger, look off and cheap, and it just won’t work for you.

So, when shopping for an engagement ring, don’t compromise on your style. Find a ring you love, a ring that matches your style and just looks like you.

Share and talk about your aesthetic with your partner, and don’t be afraid or ashamed of picking a ring because it looks ‘wrong’ to them or your friend. The ring doesn’t have to be trendy; it has to be something that says you.

My Engagement Ring Looks Cheap

7.Wrong Fit

The engagement ring might be perfect looking, but if it doesn’t fit your finger quite right, it will look cheap. Plan in advance, get the ring resized as many times as you need it to, as long as it eventually fits perfectly.

Don’t wear the ring if it’s too small or big, and ensure that it is resized by professionals. The shank shouldn’t ever show that the ring was manipulated or cut.

To be safe, have the jeweler who made it resize it. It may take a bit of time, but it’s better this way.



If your ring looks cheap, check if there is any of the issues above, then follow the remedy recommended.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!