11 Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Rules (Related Questions)

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Rites of passage like marriage proposals, birth, weddings and funerals all have a traditional way that has been followed for as long as we humans have been in existence.

They may change with changing times but the principles always stick. Here are the engagement ring and wedding band rules.

As a bride-to-be, you want everything in and about your union to go as planned.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Rules

With tons of advice and free opinions from friends, family, associates, colleagues and anybody else who cares that you are getting married, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and on edge afraid to make a wrong move.

Fear no more because here are the rules.


How to Wear an Engagement Ring?

According to history, the first engagement ring was given in 1477 and since then, the trend was picked up and quickly popularized and propagated by the European aristocratic community of the time.

This ring is presented to a woman of marrying age by her fiancé in proposition of marriage.

If this proposal is positively and affirmatively received, then the man can slip it on her finger and they may proceed on to plan the wedding.


Which Finger do You Wear an Engagement Ring On?

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Rules

The fiancé, during proposal may be in bended knee, seated or standing just predominantly based by his style of doing things.

If his fiancée agrees to the proposal, the lady will extend her left hand and the man will slip the engagement ring on her ring finger.

It should stay on until the day of the wedding when the bride will temporarily remove it just for the ceremony and put it back on after.


How to Wear a Wedding Ring?

This ring that symbolizes a couples unbreakable and eternal love for each other in its round design and it is exchanged between groom and bride during the wedding ceremony.

Initially, since the time of the Roman era, it was only women who were required to wear them and they even had two rings to alternate with. One was for public view and another was worn privately at home.

This came to change about the 20th century and now both bride and groom wear their symbols of love.


Which Finger does a Wedding Ring go on?

Based on a folklore from ancient cultures that believed a vein of blood flowed directly from your left ring finger to your heart, all generations have worn the wedding ring on the left ring finger.

However, with technology and science, this theory has been disproved but the tradition is firmly rooted now.


How to Wear Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings are slightly different from the wedding and engagement rings.

This ring is given to the woman after a huge milestone has been achieved in the marriage. This could be anything like the first anniversary or the birth of your first child.

They feature a pure or high-quality metal paved with fine and bright crystal diamonds all around the length of the band producing as exceptional sparkle.

If you are a fan of color, you could alternatively go for rubies, or sapphires matched with diamonds for a different shine.


What Finger does an Eternity Ring go on?

Wearing your eternity ring especially if you already have two bridal set rings could prove confusing but it doesn’t have to be.

If your engagement ring is not big and flashy, you could wear your eternity ring on the third left finger just next to it or you could wear them together on the same left finger.

If it is a little overbearing or maybe they don’t match, you could wear it on your right hand on either the middle or ring finger. Your choice.


Which goes First Between Engagement and Wedding Ring?

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Rules

The engagement ring comes before the wedding ring as it symbolizes the promise and the publicly proclaimed intent to marry you and live the rest of natural life together.

It is mostly slipped onto the bride-to-be’s left ring finger. This ring must be switched to the right middle finger before the wedding to allow the groom to slip on the wedding ring.

The wedding ring is symbolic of sealing a fulfilled promise. It is slipped onto the bride’s left ring finger.

After the ceremony, the bride can wear both rings together on the left ring finger to have a combined effect of the two matching sets.


Can you use your Engagement Ring as your Wedding Ring?

Yes. If you and your partner see no need investing in a new ring for the wedding, you can very well use your engagement ring in place of it. Many couples have and continue to do so.

Even if you have both and you feel that your favorite to look at is the engagement ring, you are allowed to wear it on its own even after the wedding ceremony.

Just be considerate enough to rope your partner in on your decisions.


Do you Wear your Wedding Band on Top or Bottom?

You can wear them either way you like. There are no hard and fast rules to this question as it boils down to personal preference.

You could wear your wedding band on top of the engagement ring because that’s the order in which you received them or because you like how it looks that way.

Alternatively, the more traditional approach is to wear the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring to protect it and to keep it close to your heart.

Whether you are practical or sentimental, both options are a go.


Do you Wear your Engagement Ring When You Walk Down the Aisle?

Yes, but on the right ring finger. Traditionally, maidens should move the engagement ring from your left ring finger to your right hand.

This is in respect and observation of the process to follow where the groom will place the wedding ring on your left ring finger after saying vows.

This is done like so to ensure that the sacred ring of union is closes to the heart with no blockages. After the ceremony, the bride may then put on her engagement ring on top of the wedding band to protect it.

In the event that your engagement ring does not fit your right-hand fingers, have your trusted friends and family keep it safe for you until after the ceremony.


Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring Every Day?

Yes, you can wear your engagement ring everyday provided you consider a few factors first.

For starters, your diamond stone might be too big in size to want to lumber around town with it as you go shopping for groceries or while meeting up your friend for a quick lunch.

While it is awe-inspiring and very beautiful to look at, there might be some inappropriate time and places to wear it.

Another consideration is your daily responsibilities and chores. If you are constantly using your hands against water or dirty or rough surfaces, do not take it to work with you. External elements are likely to cause more damage to the ring and its quality.

Finally, if you got one of those matched sets of bridal rings, you will realize that wearing your engagement ring is necessary because it completes the look as it was designed.


To wrap up

Rules are great because they help maintain a certain order and familiarity to things. That being said, some rules were meant to be broken.

You have the rings in your possession and as long as your husband is alright with your decisions, you should wear them in whatever order and on whichever finger you want.

Following some ancient rules will not make or break your relationship.

Thanks for reading guys. For more wedding rings related information, please go to this page for more.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!