9 Easy to Hide Piercings for Guys You can Try in 2024

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Are you looking for Easy to Hide Piercings? You want to get a piercing because you’re a firm believer in self-expression, but you’re not keen to let the whole world know.

A lot of people, guys included, want to get piercings, but they don’t wish for particular people, relatives, colleagues, and bosses included.

Therefore, if you fall into that category, what discreet piercing would you go for? There are a lot more places that you can get piercings than you’d think if you’re not familiar with body art and piercings.

Here, we are going to look at some piercings that guys, and girls too, can get that would be easy to hide.


Easy to hide piercings for guys

Piercings are more common and widely acceptable among women, but more men are taking up piercings as a form of self-expression.

Therefore, on this list, some might resonate with you, others not so much.

The purpose is to find something that you feel works for you, and you’d be happy with it.


1.Tongue piercing

Unless you have the habit of sticking out your tongue, you’re guaranteed that your tongue ring will remain hidden.

Tongue rings are something both straight and gay men get. For some, it is not so much about their visual appeal but more about stimulation.

Even then, others do it out of spiritual ritual but yet don’t want to put something dramatic to show initiation.

Whatever the case, a guy would want to get a tongue ring, they are assured that it remains hidden.


2.Tongue web/frenulum piercing

If you want a tongue piercing that will most certainly be concealed, then you can get the tongue-web piercing.

The piercing goes on the tongue frenulum. That is the piece of tissue that connects the lower part of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

The good thing about it is that there are few blood vessels there so it won’t bleed much, and the pain level is somewhat lower.


3.Surface piercing

Though these tend to be somewhat more painful, surface piercings would be the go-to type if you’re keen to keep the piercing mostly out of sight, unless you’re undressed.

You can get it at a place that was symbolic to you or a place that you’ve always wanted to get one.

Some of the areas that people get are on the back of the neck. For others, it’s down the back or torso, and even on the wrist. Either way, it will be the easiest one to hide.


4.Dermal piercings

These are pretty much the same as a surface piercing.

The significant difference is that the surface piercing has an exit point while the dermal does not.

How it says is place is through putting a dermal anchor beneath one’s dermal layer tissue to keep it in place. What you only end up seeing is the dermal point.

Since there are only one single entry point and part of the jewelry that’s visible, these are indeed quite easier to disguise.


5.Labret piercing

Males certainly have an even easier time concealing a labret piercing.

That’s because their facial hair will do all the hiding for them. The ideal labret to put in the lower one as that tends to be easier to conceal.

With a clear retainer, it would be near impossible to tell if a guy has a piercing. They also take a relatively shorter time to heal, so you can opt for something else other than a retainer.

Be mindful of it during healing as well, especially where trimming or shaving is involved.


6.Septum piercing

What makes septum piercings easier to hide is the position in which you place the ring.

You can let the hooked part be on the outside, and even then, you can get jewelry that’s simple and not shouting.

When you’re in the company of your grandma, you can put it back in and then put it the other way around once you’re in the company of your friends.

Otherwise, a retainer is there to keep the hole open until you can wear something that to show off.


7.Ear piercings

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Now this one is a bit tricky because it depends on the kind of haircut you have. But one that you can hide just as quickly is the helix piercing.

You can get clear earrings that people won’t be able to tell unless they came up close.

If you don’t want to hide piercings that you have, but you want to make them look toned down, there are a ton of different earrings that you can get.

They are subtle enough not to attract a lot of attention.


8.Tragus piercing

If you get sideburns, then the tragus piercing will mostly be out of sight.

The backstop of the jewelry is usually inside, and out of sight, so they tend to be easier to hide. You can also always get a retainer for when you want to hide it.

Otherwise, a stud would do just fine. Remember to be mindful of it as well during healing as it’s somewhat concealed.


9.Navel piercing

Another place that would most certainly be easy to conceal is the belly ring.

Sure, it is not thought that men typically get navel piercings, but they are those who do it.

It is rare but, at the same time, something you can get if it’s something you want.

No one will, perhaps apart from your partner, will have to know that you do have it.



There’s a lot of piercings that you can get as a guy that is easy to hide.

Only remember to undertake proper aftercare to avoid infections and scarring as these are some of the things that can give you away.

If you’re not sure of what to go for, talk to a professional piercer as they are better placed to recommend a few things that you’d be comfortable with.

For more piercing tips, visit here for more posts. Do not forget to visit our home page for more.

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